Monday, September 25, 2006

Uncovering Indy Undercover

Indy Undercover has been making quite a presence in Indy's blogosphere since it arrived on the scene last month. The self-described law enforcement officer using the pseudoname Sgt. Joe "Just the Facts" Friday of "Dragnet" fame has been putting Sheriff Frank Anderson and Mayor Bart Peterson on edge with his insider look at Indy's law enforcement efforts, or lack thereof. As he describes his purpose:

With crime on the rise and only a fraction of the stories being reported in the media, this is a site dedicated to discussing crime and related issues from a Law Enforcement Officer's point-of-view. This site is dedicated to all LEOs on the frontline in Indianapolis Marion County and Central Indiana.

While the identity of this LEO has remained largely a mystery, his cover will be removed on October 1 according to a post he made this past weekend. He writes:

Indyu is told the powers that be are putting pressure on LEOs to reveal Indyu's identity. As Indyu has no desire to see officers put under any duress by the administration, Indyu will reveal its identity on October 1st. You may feel free to speculate as to who you think Indyu is, but the answer will come 8 days from now.

A lot of folks will be watching with baited breath for this announcement. The recent post has already drawn dozens of posts with a wide variety of speculating going on. Many commenters urge the LEO to reconsider his decision to uncover himelf.


Anonymous said...

I like Ike.

Anonymous said...

I read it today for the first time.
Slightly entertaining.

Unlike your site, and others I read every day, this site has an axe to grind. Big time.

I appreciate the value of blogs, under many circumstances. But half or more of IndyU seems to be vendetta-based.

That's never a good motive to write anything. Printed words have a habit of coming back and biting you in the ass.

If I were a fellow blogger, Id encourage them to spend more time on content and less-hateful posts, instead of worrying about the owner's identity. Knowing who it is won't change my mind.

IndyU is, unfortinately, falling into a trap I see with many blogs. Throw out some wild-ass charges, see what sticks, and then when people scream, say: "I'm just providing a forum for people to discuss things." Or limp words to that effect.

Really, in this case, and with far too many blogs I read, it's a drive-by posting...filled with gossip and inuendo.

I'm betting the owner of IndyU has strong ties to Vince Huber and the FOP.

Anonymous said...

Haven't read it, but I plan to this afternoon... given the tight rein that many companies have given to bloggers writing about their workplace, I hope that this IndyU person has a backup job in case he/she gets fired.