Thursday, September 07, 2006

GOP Resorts To Gay Bashing To Save Sodrel

An increasing sign of desperation is surfacing in national Republicans' efforts to save the sinking campaign of Rep. Mike Sodrel (R) against the man he defeated two years ago, Baron Hill. A press release put out by the National Republican Congressional Committee today attacks Hill for being "against protecting marriage from homosexual activists." The use of the term "homosexual activists" can only be interpreted as a sad effort to stir anti-gay bigoted sentiment among 9th District voters. The press release reads as follows:

Democrat Congressional candidate and former Rep. Baron Hill continues to pick the position opposite of where voters in the Ninth District stand. This time, Hill is against protecting marriage from homosexual activists.

In a debate with GOP Rep. Mike Sodrel, who co-sponsored the Marriage Protection Act in Congress this summer, Hill said, "I'm opposed to gay marriage but I don't think it should be handled by amending the Constitution of the United States . . . [P]eople like myself who just simply don't support a constitutional amendment but believes in traditional marriage of putting me and others on the spot. But I believe that the last time we amended the Constitution for something like that was for Prohibition and then we had to later on repeal that. We shouldn't be amending almost a sacred document like the Constitution of the United States for things like this. We can handle it at the local level."

"There's a reason Baron Hill is a former Member of Congress-he consistently takes the position opposite of the voters in the Ninth District," National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Ed Patru said. "Baron Hill opposes the gay marriage ban that Mike Sodrel co-sponsored, and he's against protecting marriage from attacks by homosexual activists. It's just another reason Baron Hill will remain a former Member of Congress."

The NRCC should be ashamed to defile the name of the Party of Lincoln--the party that freed the slaves and brought equality to women--with such a pathetic, bigoted message to the voters of the Ninth District. The NRCC is once again relying on good-ole fashioned bigotry to divide and conquer. I've got news for you folks out in D.C. People here in Indiana are more concerned about the issues that matter--the War in Iraq, the War on Terrorism, the price of gas at the pump and their economic station in life. Try all you want to divert the public from these issues, but it isn't a winning strategy that is going to save Mike Sodrel or any other GOP candidate this year. People are only left to conclude that you've run out of ideas when you have nothing better than gay bashing to talk about.

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Anonymous said...

Why are you surprised, Gary?

The national Repub party is headed by a president who is working overtime to obfuscate real issues. Flying around the country telling us if we don't support his War on Tara, we're Hitleresque and unpatriotic. To him, it's really that simple.

He's stopped talking about the war, for the most part. It's just the War on Tara.

Wedge politlics is elevated to an art form by the national Republican Party.

May their foundations crumble.

Oh yeah--didya see, that Bush trumpeted today's turnover of military authority to the Iraqi Army?

I guess we can leave now. Last American troop out, turn off the lights.