Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Carson: I Didn't Mean To Bring Up Wife Beating Charge

After walking into a meeting with Indianapolis Star editorial writers, calling her Republican opponent a wife beater, dropping off a copy of the police report and then walking away, Carson now tells WTHR-TV she really didn't mean to bring up Eric Dickerson's domestic violence record. WTHR reports:

Congresswoman Julia Carson says she didn't mean to bring domestic violence into the upcoming campaign when she mentioned her opponent's 1991 arrest to the Indianapolis Star editorial board.

"I don't know that it makes him unfit, because there are others who serve in Congress," said Carson .

Carson considers domestic violence a significant issue, saying her mother was a victim of abuse.

WTHR notes that it has been unable to confirm the incident reported in the police report with the responding officers, one of whom is FOP President Vince Huber. Would Rep. Carson care to share with us the names of the other wife beaters serving in Congress with her? I'm sure they will be pleased with her disclosure, as if Congress' reputation wasn't already bad enough.

UPDATE: Abdul Hakim-Shabazz has interviewed Vince Huber. Huber does not remember the arrest. Abdul writes, "In a phone conversation Wednesday night, Huber told me that the only way he would remember something from that long ago would be if there was something that occurred during the incident that stood out, such as a stand off, severe injury or very bizarre behavior by the abuser or victim." Huber nonetheless sticks by the report because he never writes anything untruthful in a police report--only what he's told by the parties. That's the best news the Dickerson camp could have expected to hear from Huber. Abdul adds, "I find it rather ironic that the same people who complain about the criminal justice system and how unfair it is to young Black men who have been convicted of a crime are so quick to throw an older Black man under the bus for a crime he was never convicted [of]."


stAllio! said...

first off, the star said it received the police report from a "carson campaign volunteer"... not carson herself. (though it still doesn't look good that they got it from her campaign.)

second, the incident that wthr says it can't confirm with police is dickerson's claim that someone pointed a gun at his son. read the wthr article again: it's pretty clear.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Your point is well taken stAllio, but that last paragraph was there before they updated it with the gun pointing incident after tonight's broadcast. It was clear before the update that they were referring to the old police report--as it reads now, it would appear to refer to the gun incident. This often happens when you link to online stories--they are often modified after you make your original post. I can't say for sure what they are referring to, only that it was there before the gun incident was added. Carson is always accompanied by a campaign person at these meetings; she goes nowhere alone. Wilson was boasting about having a copy of something interesting before it was posted on Taking Down Words. He calls himself a volunteer.

Anonymous said...

I spoke with Vince. Check my blog at or

Anonymous said...

Miss Carson now freely admits to droppping off the Dickerson arrest report, at The Star.

The Star confirms this.

So, regardless what anyone thinks of the two candidates, Miss Carson's action is undisputed.

And disgusting.

Wilson46201 said...

When Eric Dickerson showed up at his big "No Park Left Behind" campaign kickoff driving his official campaign vehicle with expired paper plates (issued 4-5-06 in Florida) it was obvious that some things might be odd. Basic oppo research was then done - those arrests popped up. Didn't Eric think anybody would ever look at his history and public records?

By the way, RV7 finally got registered and plated on August 16th - it's street-legal now ...

Gary R. Welsh said...

And Carson has repeatedly been delinquent in the payment of her property taxes and forced the taxpayers to fork over the money to clean up her crack house--all while she was a paid servant of the people. It's a matter of public record Wilson as the Star has reported in the past.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Wilson knows the exact day ED's plates were legal.

(Checking the back seat of my car now )

That is indeed spooky.

Gary R. Welsh said...

And Wilson, do you have that list of wife beaters serving in Congress to share with us. You seem to be the resident dumpster diver over there. Maybe WTHR has a job for you. I understand their best investigative reporting over there comes from dumpster diving. I forgot, you already do their work for them for free.

Wilson46201 said...

... and the same old anti-Carson smears get hauled out by the GOP every election cycle ... hasn't worked yet, has it now?

Yhere's only one notable GOP Congresscritter (I believe from PA) who settled recently for trying to choke his mistress, but not his wife!

Gary R. Welsh said...

I'm telling you folks that these people are absolute skunks. And nobody epitomizes the people who surround Carson more than Wilson. If you go back and study post after post on this site, you will find Wilson's mischief at play over and over again. He thinks he's really smart, but he's really stupid because he doesn't do a very good job covering his tracks. During the May primary, Carson had a victory over her Democratic opponents in the bag, but Wilson and Carson's campaign wasn't taking any chances. I kept getting these phone calls and e-mails telling me that Kiser doesn't have any signs up anywhere, but if you drive by his campaign headquarters, there are stacks and stacks of campaign signs. Then a few hours later, our boy Wilson is caught red-handed in broad daylight driving around town pulling up every Kiser yard sign in sight. Real classy. As if that actually made a difference in Carson's primary win. But he did anyway. Why? Because he and her supporters have always resorted to the lowest common denominator when it comes to running their political campaigns. They don't know how to do it any other way. Then they wonder why no one wants to get involved in politics. You fight with a skunk and guess what? Everyone winds up smelling like a skunk--just the way the want it.

Anonymous said...

A note: lots and lots of people, prominent and not so prominent are not only deliquent on their taxes for vacant lots and homes, but they're also often sited for not keeping the lots clean, or mowing them, etc.

People who have vacant lots and homes can also easily forget about them.

So, acutally, it's no big deal when someone is sited by the City for back taxes, or a clean up notice. It happens all the time.

The people here who keep banging that horse about Julia, are wasting their time.

Wilson46201 said...

Me? Driving around town? Who saw me driving? Anywhere? Me driving around snatching Kiser signs?

I don't own a car. I don't drive. Never have. It isn't worth the hassle. I've never had a drivers license ever.

Damn, Gary - you must awfully desperate to come up with that invented slam. Your allegation will provoke chuckles among your readers. It really was a silly thing to say...

What next? I beat my girlfriend? LOL

Gary R. Welsh said...

Get your facts straight anon--this property was quite near Ms. Carson's own home on the near northside. It was a public nuisance and a known hangout for crack addicts. She disobeyed orders from the city to clean it up. The city, under then-Mayor Goldsmith, had to spend taxpayers dollars to clean it up by demolishing the abandoned house. The city sent her a bill, and she ignored it. She only paid part of the expenses after the media reported on the matter. And she complained that she didn't have to pay what she paid. That's not typical at all. Nice try though Wilson.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Whether you were getting a ride from someone or driving yourself is irrelevant. There was an eyewitness who is much more believable than you. And don't you remember, you joked to me about doing it because you thought it was funny thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Does Wilson earn his living drawing social security disability benefits as so many of Carson's supporters seem to be doing these days? Guess it beats earning an honest living.

Wilson46201 said...

I never rode around with anybody either, tearing down Kiser signs. Just never happened. Sorry to disappoint!

I will admit to doing so back in 1992 because the opponents signs were on wooden laths and the driver needed stakes for his tomato plants. I was promoting agriculture!

But keep playing Gary!

(fwiw, Gary's really a nice guy - he's just playing a badass tonight to keep his GOP street creds)

Wilson46201 said...

ah yes, the typical GOP bugaboo of what Jesus called the lame, infirm and elderly. Republicans seem to disdain them - not too Christlike, eh?

I am happily and healthily retired living on pensions and my Democratic-initiated Social Security.

My big benefit now is getting half-fare for city busses!

Anonymous said...

stallio! I will write slowly so you understand, Julia is the one who gave the police report to the Star.

Now that we have that correct, Julia and her people are desperate. She is going to lose the race and all her people will have to find a real job.

See you all in Wilson's photos!

Queen916 said...

Advance Indiana - When I first discovered your blog about 4 weeks ago. Wilson46201 had began to mention my name in his comments.

I told you so!
Ghost employment was a common occurrence when Wilson worked as the Clerk for Center Township. Julia Carson would dispatch him to do research and monitor the internet for information. Wilson was paid by the taxpayers for work that he did for her political campaigns and other candidates she supported.

That is when I began to respond to his comments. Todays comments confirms my previous statements regarding the conduct of Julia Carson and Company.

Wilson to date has not admitted or confirmed his participation in the election fraud, but they know that I have the facts and proof.

Ha! Ha! Reasons I have been attacked by them on the blogs.

The only way I would believe anything they say is under an oath or written affidavits sworn to under the penalties of perjury .

Queen916 said...

My, My, My, Julia Carson finally came out of hiding after reading the blogs. Ironically, her explanation is a lie. That's the same old game, I didn't know what I was doing.

You have always piggybaked off of controversial issues when you attacked your opponents. Domestic violence, spousal abuse; WTHR has been running their series on the subject for a month or more.

You made the decision to kick off your campaign as a publicity stunt only.

My response is, yes you did Julia, you knew exactly what you were doing and you wanted to do damage to Dickerson's campaign. You didn't plan on the wife speaking out about the event.

Don't bring on the innocent, meek and mild performance. Now that you have been found out, you are attempting to change your negative image. Too late!

Admit it, you and Wilson's plan backfired this time.

Anonymous said...

Whether Wilson drives or is driven, the campaign sign incident mentioned by AI happened.

The documented case happened at a school on E. 10th St. right beside Woodruff Place. He ripped down two signs and placed them in a dumpster.

It was stupid and overkill. His candidate was enroute to a record win.

Anonymous said...

Wilson should read a copy of Indiana Election Laws some your actions are Class D Felonies.

Destruction of candidates campaign literature, falsifying voter registration, casting illegal ballots, voting in precincts where you don't live, etc.

Wilson46201 said...

ummm ... I've lived in the same precinct for 31 years now where I vote in person in every election. Never voted absentee in my life! As a precinct worker I have found the Election Law book fascinating reading during long, slow election days...

Try again, Darla or Jocelyn...

Anonymous said...

"I don't know that it makes him unfit, because there are others who serve in Congress," said Carson.

She means "others who have been arrested" not "other domestic violence perpetrators."

Once again you hear what you want to hear and not what people actually say.

stAllio! said...

sorry i wasn't able to respond earlier. i've been having internet problems.

anyway, here's what it says in the latest star story:

A Carson campaign volunteer obtained the arrest report from the Indianapolis Police Department. The Star obtained its own copy from the prosecutor's office.

it doesn't get any more clear than this. according to the star, julia did not give them the arrest report. she told them about it, but she didn't give them the document.

you're entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.

Gary R. Welsh said...

The operative words there Stallio is "latest Star report." Recall that when the first online report went up Schneider said the records had been expunged, and that all she had was the police report furnished to her by the Carson volunteer. The Star pulled down that version and reposted the next day. That's because she learned that there was an archived file still in existence in the Marion Co. Prosecutor's office. She did not have those documents until after she put out her original online story. That's a fact Jack.

Anonymous said...

The Star posted that Julia left the file in their office when she was there Monday for an editorial board meeting.

Later, they, like Julia, retreated from view.

Later online versions of the story involved the re-located prosecutor's file; NOT the original file Julia left at the paper.

It is uncontroverted that she dropped off the original file.

Those, my dear Stallio, are facts.

And it will be her undoing, one way or another. Probably not at the polls, but for sure, in the minds of her constituents.

Put your ear to the ground--that rumbling you hear is some of her longtime supporters raising walking away from her.

So very, very sad.

chi chi man's friend said...

u wan mi fi stop gary?

name the other blogs that blogged buju???

Gary R. Welsh said...

Sorry, I don't negotiate with terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Indianapolis has lost so much credibility because of Julia. During her rare appearances in the House chamber, on C-Span, or wherever, it's an embarrasment to admit to being from Indianapolis.
The city deserves better representation and I certainly hope they get it this time.
The bible says we will all be judged, so she has good reason to be scared.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have a wife beater in office than a lying cheating thief.

Anonymous said...

She may not be a wife beater,but she is a lying,cheating,vicious,self-serving, thieving,deceitful wolf in sheeps clothing!She is envious of any woman(especially Black women) who has anything going for her.If she can't control them,she will tear them down.That's why she surrounds herself with subjects like Wilson to bow down and kiss her "selfish rump." Pucker up Wilson.I know she supplies you with plenty of Chap-Stick and other perks(like being in her presence).Some of us know your dirty political secrets too.Her enemies became her friends,but that only goes to show that the company you keep when you come into power, reflects the real you. It's true that politics make strange bed-fellows.She can now remove the phony mask that hid her dark secrets and dark soul.But now that the mask is gone will God blow her cover,as Katrina blew the cover of the Bush Adminstration? I hope so!