Thursday, September 28, 2006

Is Dickerson Another Victim Of Democratic Racism Against Black Republicans?

An idea that became etched in my mind back in the early 1990s has been re-affirmed by recent political events here in Indianapolis in the Carson-Dickerson congressional race and in other states where African-American candidates are running for public office as Republicans: Democrats practice racism against black Republicans. Although African-Americans were traditionally Republicans because it was the party which freed the slaves, fought for the enactment of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, integrated the armed services and supported the enactment of the first federal civil rights act, most blacks and Democrats today expect blacks to be Democrats. And if they are not, they are scorned, ridiculed and worse.

The defining moment for me on this point was the nomination of Clarence Thomas by President George H.W. Bush in 1991 to the Supreme Court and the ensuing efforts of Democrats to derail Thomas at all cost. Liberals made it clear from the outset of his nomination that they would “bork” him just like they did to Reagan’s controversial Supreme Court nominee, Judge Robert Bork. Unlike Bork, Thomas didn’t have a long paper trail to dissect, and when it became apparent that Thomas would win the support of enough moderate Democrats to win nomination, the Democrats resorted to the worst of smear campaigns to destroy Thomas.

Democrats would rely on a years’ old sexual harassment claim of Anita Hill, a former employee who worked under Thomas at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in their smear effort. Ignoring the fact that Thomas’ accuser was herself an EEOC lawyer who hadn’t bothered to follow any of the legal procedures over which she was supposed to be an expert to assert her claim in a timely manner, and that the only witness who could be produced to support Hill’s claim was a woman Thomas had fired because she called a fellow EEOC employee a “faggot” because he was gay, Democrats nonetheless pushed a claim which could never be legally proven as grounds for defeating his nomination. Thomas’ angry reaction to the Democrats’ witch hunt was understandable. He accurately described the effort against him to members of the Senate Judiciary Committee:

. . . as far as I'm concerned, it is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves, to do for themselves, to have different ideas, and it is a message that unless you kowtow to an old order, this is what will happen to you. You will be lynched, destroyed, caricatured by a committee of the US Senate rather than hung from a tree . . .
Despite their best efforts to stop him, Thomas narrowly escaped defeat and was seated on the Supreme Court. For others it wasn’t over. In my home state of Illinois, a respected moderate Democrat, Senator Alan Dixon, was visited upon in the worst way for daring to support an African-American to the Supreme Court who did not “kowtow” to the “older order” of the ideal African-American. He lost in the Democratic primary to a State Representative Carol Mosely-Braun, an African-American Chicago legislator, who I knew from working at the Illinois House of Representatives as being both corrupt and dishonest. Dixon’s vote in support of Thomas’ nomination was attributed to his unexpected primary loss to Braun. Illinois voters figured this out and voted her out after her first term.

While candidates of both parties are known to sling mud at one another, it seems some of the worst is reserved for use against black Republican candidates. It’s happened in many past elections, and it is happening again this election year. In Maryland, Democrats are unleashing a ferocious attack against Lt Gov. Mike Steele, a black Republican who is seeking the Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Paul Sarbanes (D). Black Democratic leaders there claim the use of “racially tinged attacks” on Steele are justified because he is a “conservative Republican.” The Washington-Times reports:

Such attacks against the first black man to win a statewide election in Maryland include pelting him with Oreo cookies during a campaign appearance, calling him an "Uncle Tom" and depicting him as a black-faced minstrel on a liberal Web log.

Operatives for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) also obtained a copy of his credit report -- the only Republican candidate so targeted.

But black Democrats say there is nothing wrong with "pointing out the obvious" . . .

This week, the News Blog -- a liberal Web log run by Steve Gilliard, a black New Yorker -- removed a doctored photo of Mr. Steele that depicted him as a black-faced minstrel.

However, the blog has kept its headline "Simple Sambo wants to move to the big house." A caption beneath a photo of the lieutenant governor reads: "I's Simple Sambo and I's running for the Big House" . . .

In neighboring Ohio, Democrats have been relentless in their personal attacks against Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, a Republican candidate for Governor in that state. They created a fake MySpace site for Blackwell which includes numerous racially tinged comments. The site says, “My nephews call me Tom.” “Help a brother out. I have court dues.” In reference to “Who [Ken] would like to meet”, the site reads: “Ohio voters and in particular the white female ones. Ted Strickland's belt buckle.” A picture of Blackwell with former First Lady Barbara Bush is captioned: “How’d she taste?” His favorite TV show is listed as “Amos & Andy.” His favorite book, not surprisingly, is listed as “Uncle Tom.”

And then there’s Indianapolis where Rep. Julia Carson (D) reserves her most ferocious attacks for her African-American Republican opponents. The respected Butler University professor Marvin Scott saw years’ old sexual harassment allegations ala Clarence Thomas dug up by Carson supporters late in the campaign to smear him. And this year, we have seen negative allegations raised directly by Rep. Carson about Eric Dickerson’s personal finances and a 15-year-old unproven charge that he beat his wife. The facts and circumstances indicate that Carson and her supporters will do just about anything to destroy Mr. Dickerson in her quest to make him the 6th opponent she has vanquished to win the right to continue representing the people of Indianapolis in Washington.

At this point, it is worth taking a look at what happened earlier this year in Mike Steele’s Senate campaign and comparing it to Carson’s campaign to smear Dickerson. A Democratic Senate Campaign Committee worker pleaded guilty to misrepresenting herself as Steele by using his social security number to obtain his personal credit report. As reported by the Washington Post:

The episode took place in July as both parties started investigating the backgrounds of candidates in Maryland's marquee races this year.

According to the prosecutor's statement, which Weiner said was accurate, she used Steele's Social Security number to access his credit report on a Web site designed to let people view their reports.

Weiner pretended that she was Steele, even creating an e-mail address -- -- needed to obtain the report, the statement said. She also agreed to the "terms of service" on the site, which included a warning "not to impersonate another person."

Observant AI readers will recall that when Carson operatives nefariously obtained the 15-year-old police report on Dickerson hidden away in files from public view from local law enforcement authorities, in their zeal to smear Dickerson, the report was posted up on the Internet via Taking Down Words site without bothering to redact the social security numbers of Dickerson and his wife from the report. Horrified that this information had been posted on the worldwide net for consumption, Dickerson was first alarmed that he and his wife might become the next victims of identity theft. He immediately contacted the local social security office, but he was advised that neither he nor his wife could change their social security numbers to protect themselves from identity theft; instead, he was advised to notify at least the three major credit reporting agencies to put them on alert.

Regular AI readers will also be quite familiar with the daily musings of one of Rep. Carson’s most loyal political supporters and former Center Township Trustee clerk, Wilson Allen. For months now, Allen, in daily comments on this site and elsewhere, has dropped numerous items of a personal nature concerning Dickerson for public consumption. They’ve centered on a variety of topics, including other businesses, homes and property Dickerson allegedly owned besides his Buick dealership. Wilson often reminded Dickerson supporters of their candidate’s admonishment to “be nice” and not “beat up” on your opponent in the months prior to last week’s disclosure of the Dickerson police report. The Indianapolis Star confirmed it obtained the 15-year-old police report from a Carson volunteer. When Dickerson appeared on Abdul In The Morning to explain the 15-year-old incident a day after Carson told the Star’s editorial board that he “beat his wife to a pulp”, Wilson quickly posted this quip a full two hours before Taking Down Words posted the police report furnished by the Carson campaign volunteer:

BUT, Things are seldom what they seem, Skim milk masquerades as cream; ighlows
pass as patent leathers; Jackdaws strut in peacock's feathers. BUT. Black sheep dwell in every fold; All that glitters is not gold; Storks turn out to be but logs; Bulls are but inflated frogs.BUT, Drops the wind and stops the mill; Turbot is ambitious brill; Gild the farthing if you will, Yet it is a farthing still.

Is it not fair to ask if Ms. Carson’s campaign, which appears to have had possession of the Dickerson police report for months, with both Dickerson and his wife’s social security numbers on it, did what the Democratic staffer did in Steele's Maryland Senate race and use that information to obtain the Dickerson’s credit reports? I raised this issue with Mr. Dickerson in a telephone conversation I had with him earlier this week. Before the police report surfaced on the Internet with he and his wife’s social security number, he admitted to being taken aback by information bantered about concerning him on the Internet by Allen and other anonymous bloggers over the past several months, who claimed to have knowledge of his personal and business affairs. With the knowledge that these folks had his social security number for months, his suspicions have been raised as well. Given what happened in Maryland just a few months earlier, AI thinks U.S. Attorney Susan Brooks would be well-advised to investigate whether the Carson campaign, or someone acting on their behalf, illegally used the Dickersons’ social security number to obtain his confidential credit history.

Ms. Carson's racist campaign against Dickerson, like all the other racist campaigns mounted by Democrats across the country against black Republicans, must be called out for what it is. While the media is quick to jump on allegations that a white candidate, such as Senator George Allen (R-VA), is a racist because of statements he allegedly made decades ago as a college student, the current racist actions of Democrats against black Republicans is largely ignored. Rep. Carson is the first to scream racism whenever anyone attempts to criticize her. Well, turnabout is fair play Rep. Carson. Your campaign against Eric Dickerson is racist. And you should be ashamed.


Wilson46201 said...

fwiw, I recently bought a cute T-shirt with a drawing of a scowling monkey and the slogan : "Who You Calling Macaca?"

Anonymous said...

Your theory deserves merit. But please don't throw the Clarence Thomas mess into this. I woe the day he was confirmed. He's written almost nothing since he's been on the Court, and what he has written has been fluff, at best. I think he read Archie comics in law school or something. He will not be attending any Mensa meetings soon. Lightweight.

Locally, this blog and others have been filled recently with some pretty ridiculous events. Most of them involved black leaders. I have a theory, which probably dovetails yours in some respects:

Carl, Julia, Tony, are making much more money than they ever could in the private sector. In short: the gig is good. Cash is King. Julia actually owned a fashion shop once, and she stocked such hideous clothes that the shop had to close Especially if they can help relatives and friends get public jobs.

Spend 15 uninterupted minutes with any of them, and you'll likely walk away troubled about the future of government service.

And they guard these public jobs with their lives. They smash anyone who dares doubt them.

Flames are fanned by buddies who have made it big (Bill Mays, etc.), they move to capitalize wherever they can.

And, dare you insinuate that they are trying to do something that is against ordinances or rules, the immediate retort is "You're a racist!" Their cheerleader Amos Brown leads the charge.

Somehow, some day it has to stop. I hold no hope that it will be soon.

It's an attitude of goverment belonging to certain few folks. It's arrogant as hell...and the ultimate hilarity is: their actions are exactly what they accuse opponents of being: racist.

The whole power struggle thing is a cunundrum wrapped in a riddle

Wilson46201 said...

My cryptic quote was from Gilbert & Sullivan's "H.M.S. Pinafore" ... delightful lyrics!

Anonymous said...

Great post AI. It makes sense to me that Carson folks couldn't help but make use of the Dickersons' SSNs and take a peek at their credit report. They've done worse.

Anonymous said...

The comments Wilson has posted on this blog and other blogs have truly been frightening to anyone who might be thinking of running for office. Who would ever want to run for political office knowing that there are creeps like this who are going to be following you around everywhere like a stalker just waiting to prey on you? I've seen Wilson walking around with his camera everywhere. He's has to be one of the most repulsive human beings on the face of the earth. He belongs in the company of Carson and her crooked crowd.

Anonymous said...

A guy that used to work with Wilson at the trustee's office told me that he didn't even bother to bathe before he came to work. Everybody complained about his body odor until finally someone took him aside and explained to him that he had to start taking showers because he was grossing everybody in the office out.

Anonymous said...

Julia Carson has no shame. In fact, her unkept appearance, sloppy manner of speaking and unethical conduct is an embarrassment for black professional women.

The congresswoman is known for dirty tricks and smear tactics across the board. She has lied, cheated and stolen her way to the top. She uses other people in the worst way and then dumps them.

1972 State Legislator she used domestic workers and senior citizens, uses scare tactics, loss of benefits social security and Medicare.

1988 Pro Choice a woman’s right to choose and abortion rights.

1990 She used the Nation of Islam to win the Center Township Trustee Office, later distance herself from them.

Julia Carson benefited from the demise of the first black statewide elected official.
In 1993 Dwayne Brown, Clerk of the Supreme Court, had planned to run for the 10th Congressional District now the 7th, was smeared by John Schwantes of the Star Newspapers with reports of 4 white girls and one black, alleged to have had a foot fetish, and later charged with ghost employment by Jeff Modisett, Marion County Prosecutor, an associate of Julia Carson.

These rumors and lies were believable, but not true. Brown was forced out of office by and indicted and convicted for ghost employment. The Democrat network behind the scenes was Evan Bayh, Bill Moreau, Jeff Modisett, Andy Jacobs, and Julia Carson.

Wilson Allen is an insecure white homosexual male and her number one spy puppet does her research and background checks on her adversaries.

1998 Gold Medal for Rosa Parks used to gain national notoriety; this did not benefit any of her constituents.

2000 She used homosexuals and same sex couples to garner votes.

2006 - Victims of Domestic Abuse a new class of voters, results aren’t in on this group yet.

Throughout each of her campaigns she has played the "race card" against another white Democrat or Republican, for black opponent’s character assassinations.

It is time for to take out the trash and give Carson some of her own medicine.

Wilson46201 said...

When one runs for a major public office, one should expect basic public records will be checked to see if you are who you say you are ... a responsible employer verifies applicant information.

Wilson46201 said...

Wow! The AnonyMice and the Batshit Crazy Twins are out in full force tonight!

"John Hancock" is more than an insurance company...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Don't get to cocky Wilson, sooner or later you will get caught breaking the law, and I will be there to put the handcuffs on you!

Authorization has to be given for a third party to access an individuals credit report. A party may be sued for a violation of privacy.

Wilson46201 said...

No credit reports needed to be accessed to observe oddities in public documents and records ... I am not unaware of the law - my boring life has been devoid of arrests and lawsuits ...

Anonymous said...

vote her out said....."Wilson Allen is an insecure white homosexual male" say that like it is a bad thing. Awwww Gary, ya had me until you brought up Blackwell. Ohio has just the polar opposite problem that you have been discussing about Carson/Dickerson. That power shoe is being worn by the Republicans there and it is just as ugly.

Wilson46201 said...

Why is it that in a county 24% African-American, there is only one GOP Black elected official? Ike ain't nothing to brag about either.

I'm sure Jocelyn's and Darla's rants will sure help KennyBoi Mehlman's GOP outreach to African-Americans. AI is doing it's part to encourage Black voters to vote GOP - a healthy debate is always productive ! The comments here will really seal that deal, for sure!

Gary R. Welsh said...

Lori, I have a lot of issues with Blackwell's positions myself, but that's not an excuse for the racist attacks on him.

Wilson46201 said...

Lori: that nutcase that posted about me being an insecure homosexual male as a putdown was either Jocelyn Tandy or Darla Y. Williams - the Black Republican principal spokespeople in Indianapolis it would seem.

btw Gary, where was the support for the HRO from your friends, Black Republicans? Flip-flop Ike? We know Clarence Thomas' record on gay issues (he abhors folk like Gary). That evil woman Carson whom you abhor is usually credited for being the "Ghetto Mafia Queen" that forced that vote through.

Anonymous said...

Advance Indiana:

Wilson is wrong as usual:
The Democratic Party has done more to enslave minorities and African Americans today. The leadership has no respect for educated blacks who are financially independent, and are not dependent on social programs for their survival.

Given the larger percentage of black votes this Party receives, African Americans should be more advanced in the 21st Century.

Elected Republicans who are African Americans - 2 Superior Court Judges, Reuben Hill and Cynthia Ayres; 1 City-County Councilor Isaac Randolph.
Numerous appointed officials on the federal and state levels of government.

Public office is not for everyone, there is more to the job than the title, knowledge of government and service to constituents.

Regardless of party affiliation, candidates have to be recruited or volunteer to seek an elective office, it is not mandatory.

Historical fact: In the 1800s the first blacks elected to serve in Congress or state legislatures were Republicans.

Over 70 years ago, it was difficult to find African Americans to run on the Democratic Party's ticket. After the Roosevelt era with its social programs, blacks began to vote Democratic. In time, there will be more black candidates on the Republican Party's future slates.

African Americans in Marion County are quietly leaving the Democratic Party. Most of them are college graduates, entrepreneurs and skilled professionals compared to the ones the Democratic Party selects for their slates.

Presently in Marion County 5 African Americans are on the ballot; Superior Court Judge Reuben Hill, Eric Dickerson, 7th District Congress, Atty. Darla Williams, Center Township Small Claims Court Judge, Kent Smith, Center Township Constable, Linda Ivey, Center Township Trustee

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that The CC Democrats will stand behind a Black Democrat and chant that he is innocent until proven guilty. That it is just a police report, that it has not gone to trial and he has not been found guilty.

"Council President Monroe Gray said all people in this country are innocent until proven guilty."

I guess just all DEMOCRAT People are innocent until proven guilty.

It seemed those same black Democrats and t heir supports had no problem declaring Mr. Dickerson guily by police report alone.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Wilson, If you read AI, you know that I've been critical of Randolph for his flip-flop on the HRO. I've also been critical of some of Thomas' decisions on the court, particularly in Lawrence v. Texas and Romer v. Evans. Whether I agree with them on the issues is irrelevant. You are making the same argument other Democrats are making: they deserve the racially-tinged attacks because they are black Republicans. As to Julia, she has been lauded by me in the past for expressing her support of GLBT rights as you well know. However, as I've said before, you cannot separate her actions from her words. Also, I don't speak for Ms. Tandy or Ms. Williams. I haven't met either one of them. I haven't discussed with them their views. My knowledge of them is what has been expressed by them here and elsewhere. You are quick to judge them, but I haven't heard you say anything of the sort about Sherron Franklin and Mary Moriarty-Adams--two Democratic council members who expressed extreme homophobic positions during the debate on the HRO.

Wilson46201 said...

That list of Black Republicans on the ballot is quite, quite revealing.

1. Judge Reuben Hill is in a guaranteed winning slot (aint Marion County Judge elections peculiar?) So the GOP will have just one winning candidate. Just one. In a county 24% Black. Pitiful.

3. The 3 Center Township candidates were drafted by their party since nobody even filed to run in the Primary. Those are guaranteed losing races - those candidates are sacrificial lambs.

The Black Democratic candidates are too numerous to count - most will win. African-Americans know the GOP is not supportive of their interests - that's why Bush got 8% of the "Black vote".

Dickerson is running in the party of Bush, Iraq and Katrina. Such an albatross would sink even a Horning or McVeigh. He is such a loser that Republican Party is giving him little or no financial support - they've written him off. Look at the whole-hearted and massive support white candidates like Blankenbaker, Hoffmeister and McVeigh got from the GOP. Look at how Republicans support Scott and Dickerson. Pitiful!

Wilson46201 said...

yes, 2 Democrats on the Council voted against the HRO - 2 Republicans were 'traitors' to the GOP anti-HRO position. The ordinance passed DESPITE the 12 Republican votes against it. The one Black Republican on the Council voted against it after promising LGBT folk the moon and the stars and a real good time in order to get elected.

The GOP: not good for gays or Blacks.

Sir Hailstone said...

Why do you always pin the Katrina bit to the GOP? It's funny Mississippi, Florida, and Alabama recovered or are recovering quite nicely if you must know. Louisiana is not because they are politically a third world banana republic with a bunch of corrupt controlling Democrat politicians - namely Ray "Chocolate City" Nagin. Louisiana was corrupt since the days of Huey P. Long and will continue down the road of corruption.

How did that money end up in William Jefferson's freezer anyway?

Wilson46201 said...

ummm... in Saran-Wrap ?

Anonymous said...

Interesting how an unknown white Republican Andy Horning got 30% of the vote in Center township in 2004.

I wonder how much better a well know black Republican will do in Center township ? 40% ? 50%? more ?

Take those votes away from Julia and she loses her whole base of support.

I have been out and about with Mr. Dickerson for just a few short weeks. It is amazing how many democrats have come up to him and his volunteers and have said they have voted democrat all of their lives but they are voting for him this year. They say it is time for Julia to step down. They are tired of her and her antics and stunts she pulls. Even if just 10% of them do what they say it should be enough to defeat Julia.

Anonymous said...

Wilson, typos are one thing, but your 8:08 post skips from Point #1 to Point #3. How batshit crazy is that?

The county Dem organization continues to cower in fear at the very hint of Center bolting and not doing their job for the county-wide party.

As if they ever have done their job. Consistently, Center votes at a clip substantially lower than any other township. In short, they're a paper tiger, turnout-wise.

Why anyone would stand behind Mr. Gibson publicly now puzzles me. His case is being adjudicated and may take months. A simple written statement would've sufficed.

Re: Judge Hill. I was under the impression there were no judges on the fall ballot--that the primary was their true "eletion," thanks to a sweetheart backroom deal cut with the two party chairs and the legislature.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:35:

African Americans who have chosen to be candidates this year.

The question regarding the number of Republicans compared to the Democrats.

The only candidate filling a vacancy was Linda Ivey, for Trustee. The others were on the Primary ballot.

2) Double standard - The same city-county council members would not comment on the illegal bar/restaurant in the Julia Carson Government Center, but they can call a press conference for one of their drunken colleagues. Are they endorsing this kind of behavior?

Innocent until proven guilty is fine, but the same respect and courteously was not given to Eric Dickerson just one week ago.

His charges were dismissed 15 years ago, but the Ghetto Mafia Queen Julia Carson personally delivered the police report to the Indianapolis Star as if it was an indictment for being a wife abuser.

Political corruption in high places. I guess the domino effect is in order here. If one falls, all will fall. So prop him up, lest we all fall.

Voter ID and computerized voting machines will give us an accurate count at the end of the day.

Eric Dickerson will win on November 7th by a close margin.

Wilson46201 said...

For the benefit of 'new ed volunteer' and others: Center Township is 54% Caucasian - why would a Black candidate like Dickerson be more competitive? Or did you make a racist and ignorant assumption that Center was overwhelmingly Black?

Eric blithely told a reporter that my very own precinct votes 400 Dem to 10 GOP. I wish!!! Not quite - its only 2 to 1 Dem-to-GOP. It seems ED hasnt studied some basic demographics of where he wants to campaign and represent...

Anonymous said...

Jocelyn, do you have ADD or something? If so, meds are available, dear.

The point made in the 10:35 post was the mystery of the vaunted Center Township Dem "machine" that turns out all the votes we hear about.

It's folly.

Try to stay on message dear--you're hard enough to follow when you're coherent. Let alone rambling on about something else altogether.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Mister Overseer Wilson!
Kudos for keeping all us darkies down on the democrat plantations!
You're the best man!
Keep up the good work of makin evertyone think the're stuck in the '40's. I'll surely vote for Julia!

Anonymous said...

We can end all this crap fast. Time for a face to face debate. Dickerson and Carson, on a stage and they can give Julia a podium to help her stand.

Eric said it at Holy Angels 103rd Community Forum Friday night, "name the time, name the place, no conditions" that will end this.

Quit hiding Julia! If my congress person can't stand up and speak then you can't be my congress person. I need REAL representation!!!

Anonymous said...

To Advance Indiana

My Response to Anonymous 8:16, 11:30, 6:54:

I have over 40 years combined experience in the area of civil rights and political involvement. At age 15, I was elected President of the NAACP Youth Council, one of the largest memberships in the nation, and have served in other capacities since then, my last office was president of the women's auxiliary.

I didn't begin my interest in government and politics as an adult, I grew up in it. I am sure Wilson already has a copy of my ten page resume.

The main reason I have been attacked by Wilson and other Carson supporters during my entire time with the Democratic Party. I became a threat to "?".

Holding elected officials accountable has always been a requirement for support regardless of Party or Race.

My background is in Civil Rights. In 1999 after the May Primary Election, I chose to leave the Democratic Party because of its changes in the Party's Platform.
The Democratic Party has taken the black vote for granted and my people are beginning to abandon the Party.

The majority of voters in Center Township have always been white, not black, but the Party placed more emphasis on getting out the black vote than they did in the white community.

The Democratic Party and Labor Union have spent a great deal of money and time registering voters and getting out the vote in the black community. After the 60s Civil Rights Movement, blacks pushed for more representation within the Democratic Party because that is where the majority was at the time.

For the record. Party affiliation is only the machine that gets a candidate elected. Not much difference between a Democrat and a Republican in today’s political arena. The difference is in the Party's platform and most voters do not know what their Party really represents.

Democratic coalition over the years has included; Irish Catholics, Jews, blue collar union members, Civil Rights Organizations, pro-abortion supporters, homosexuals, abused women, and dependent welfare recipients.

The majority of voters today consider themselves Independents, voting for a person and not the Party's slate of candidates.

The purpose of an "attack dog" is to keep more qualified contenders out of the race.

Wilson "ghost employee" Allen has been well compensated for his time and efforts, before and after retirement. As you can see, he began commenting on these blogs before many of us were aware of these sites.

My message to Wilson and others, you can not stop the exodus of black voters from the Democratic Party. After 70 years of support, where are the results?

Anonymous said...

Advance Indiana;

The "race card" is the only Democratic weapon left to use to hold on to black votes.

When President Bush took office he invited African Americans and other minorities to join the Republican Party and he encouraged them to become more involved.

Although on local levels this invitation was not readily embraced, the marching orders did come down from National HQ.

Later, the Democratic Party began to really push the "race card" and began labeling Bush and other Republicans as racists and the black activist in the Party as "sell outs", attempting to destroy their credibility within their own community.

Democrats began questioning all gestures of commitment to expanding the Party to include more minorities.

When the President first met with a different group of a black clergy in Texas, he was criticized by the old guard and Democrats. Black Democrats accused him of selecting new leaders for us, forgetting the old guard voted for Al Gore and John Kerry.

When he appointed General Colin Powell as Secretary of State and Condoleezza Rice, National Security Adviser they were labeled "Toms" or "sell outs" by Democrats. It didn't matter that both were more than qualified for the jobs. His appointments placed African Americans in non-traditional leadership roles in this nation on a higher level.

U.S. Senator Evan Bayh refused to vote in favor of Ms. Rice for Secretary of State, this appointment made her the most powerful woman/black woman in the world. This black woman speaks 7 foreign languages fluently and is more qualified than the average white candidate for the office.

Yet, Evan Bayh thinks he is qualified to be president and needs the black vote to get there. I guess he would have supported a Cynthia McKinney or Julia Carson type for SOS.

Yes my Democrat friends, the Republican Party does offer better opportunities for advancement and upward mobility.

Rather than to hand you a fish forever and make you totally dependent, they teach you how to fish and to become independent.

This is the difference between Republicans and Democrats!