Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jeers By Varvel

Star political cartoonist Gary Varvel's parody of the bar in the Julia Carson Government Center using the theme from Cheers is priceless. Varvel even includes a written explanation:

While most of the cartoonists around the country drew a Steve Irwin cartoon, I was intrigued by the proposed bar at the Julia Carson Government Center. I enjoy rewriting lyrics but I am really slow. I mean, it takes me a long time. Anyway, you're probably wondering who these guys are. From the left: Center Township Trustee Carl Drummer, who runs the Center and kind of spearheaded the idea of a bar in the building; Lacy Johnson III and City County Council member Lonnell Conley, husband of Metropolitan Zoning Commission hearing officer Judith Conley. For the details read the editorial. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Priceless! I usually detest his cartoons, but this one is a gem.

Anonymous said...

Now to top it off he should have them smoking ( Since it is a private bar ) and the poor people in the township looking in through bars.

Anonymous said...

Dont' forget about the peashakes.

Anonymous said...

Oh hell yeah the peashakes.

God knows they're "entitled." Part of black culture.

Under that logic, let's plant cotton in the vacant lots downtown.

The Council Prez and others who argued for peashakes truly deman the excellent work done by other African-Americans in this city. It's embarrassing.

Queen916 said...

EmI stand by my statements, we don't need a bar in a neighborhood that has worked hard to rid their community of the dope pushers. Smoking pot, snorting cocaine in their cars prior to going inside to have a drink does occur in the parking lots of these establishments. Many of these people are users. Over time the pushers are present to supply the drugs. Violent acts have occurred outside many of these bars or night clubs.

This is a residential neighborhood with children at play. We do not need drunken drivers going through the neighborhood when leaving this establishment.

Too much alcohol and drugs (the root for many crimes) in the African-American Community: Peyton's Place on Indiana Avenue is for sale. It is located in an area that will support a bar/restaurant for these people to kickback in after work and will not be disturbing anyone. This location is already zoned for this kind of business and the investors would own the building. No interference from surrounding property owners.

Parks: Talbot Park has a basketball court where older teens hang out. Broadway's Park is further south of the area. You and your buddies don't seem to care about the toddlers in the neighborhood whose grandparents walked them to Polin Park to play in a safe area close to their homes. They may or may not own a car to transport them to other parks. I have talked to some of the residents and they do not want this bar and feel powerless to do anything about it.

You along with others are attempting to force our people to accept this establishment like it or not! Talk about community involvement, poor people fighting the system! They do not need to be "beat down" by black elected officials who happen to be members of the Democratic Party! The Party that takes their votes for granted.
Mayor Bart Peterson is going to have to get involved in this because of his oversight of the Department of Metropolitan Development. "The whole process was violated by them using their connections. It is shameful!

The Trustee should have maintained the park for the area residents younger children along with the Parks Department for the area residents instead of supporting a private bar for the area.

I find it hypocritical for elected officials to claim that they are concerned about our youth and would remove a park for parking for a bar.

1. Crime - Lack of money to pay for drugs will get you hurt or killed forcing users to steal or do whatever it takes to pay the bill. The Savoy bar/restaurant is being fought by the Nora Neighborhood Association. Reported auto break-ins and other crimes have gone up in that suburban neighborhood. The Vault in downtown Indianapolis, Club Mecca is closed just to name a few have each had problems in the parking lots or outside the clubs with patrons.
-Who is supplying the drugs and recruiting the pushers?

2. Unemployment - The job market has changed, and many of our people did not change with it. Skills are needed to secure employment today unless you work for minimum wages

3. Education - The high drop out rate for our children did not happen over night. The elected officials you praise all the time on your show did nothing to curtail this dilemma when it began.
They have been in office for more than 30 years.

4. Youth activities - The people you support did not fight to keep the Fall Creek YMCA open.
Remember - Bill Crawford and Carl Drummer went behind our backs and cut the deal, at the same time Atkins Boys and Girls Club closed. We threatened to boycott United Way and received no support from you and others for failing to fund programs in our community for our children.

Community involvement: For too long the people elected to serve our interests have been planning and plotting to provide recreation and entertainment for themselves and their associates. "Lip service" is all that has been given to date. Center Township has been controlled by elected Democrat officials and African Americans have been displaced outside to other counties while our so called elected official set quietly by and allowed it to happen.

You or no one can tell me about the condition of the city I was raised in. Stop blaming the Republican Party for the deterioration and demise of African American families and institutions.
Our Democrat officials have done more to destroy the fabric of the black family with welfare programs that did not work. Misappropriation of funds by the administrators causing the programs to be shut down and discontinued.

The fight is on Amos to block this establishment, and you and others will not be able to discourage us from fighting it. Put the bar in your neighborhood or why don't they put it in their neighborhood. You don't live in Center Township and nor does the investors!

Regardless of the political office being sought, all issues are relevant in a campaign when voters and taxpayers bring the issue to candidates who will listen to them. Eric Dickerson will be our next congressman after November.

Stop campaigning for Julia and Carl on your show. Greed and lust for more power have taken them over; while members of your listening audience want a change of leadership. They nor you are not the only voices that people listen to.

Each of us are entitled to his/her own opinions. You seem to "brow beat" callers who disagree with you on your show, listeners are beginning to turn you off.

By the way; my comments are not personal, I am taking care of business for my people!

ail to Amos Brown at WTLC-