Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tully's Rundown Of November Election

Star political columnist Matt Tully devotes one of this three per week columns to this November's election in today's paper. His "CliffNotes version" is packed with as much information as one could accomplish in let's say 15-20 minutes. It's not what we would expect from the top political columnist for the state's largest daily newspaper. Only the obvious is touched upon. There's nothing surprising or inciteful for those of us who are already paying attention to what is happening. I guess you could call it Politics For Dummies.

Tully tells us that there are three hotly contested congressional races in Indiana catching the eye of national pundits. He offers this as a stunning tidbit: "If all three incumbents lose, Indiana would likely have more Democrats than Republicans in its congressional delegation for the first time in 12 years. That would be quite a change for a state often labeled a Red one." It's not at all stunning. Indiana for many years had more Democratic congressmen than Republican, and it even had two Democratic senators for several years during the 1960s and 70s. Red state Indiana also recently had Democratic governors for 16 consecutive years!

Tully does manage a good line on his discussion of Bosma's efforts to maintain his slim 52-48 majority in the Indiana House of Representatives. "House Republicans have turned to prayer (let us preach from the podium) and the outdated Domino's Pizza playbook (BMV service in 30 minutes or less!)," he writes. But just what races you need to watch this fall you don't learn from Tully. He could have began right here in Marion Co. Isn't the Orentlicher-Densborn or the Buell-Barnes matchups key races? Or how about one-termers Troy Woodruff, Billy Bright and Jackie Walorski? Aren't their seats all in play?

"Democrats won't win the Senate this year," he writes. Now that's really going out on a limb. Unlike the House, he does identify one key race. "A key district to watch is outgoing Senate President Pro Tem Robert Garton's in Columbus," he writes. "Garton lost in the primary, but his Republican vanquisher, a guy who has endorsed public flogging, is no sure thing," he adds. By the way, he's talking about Republican Greg Walker. His Democratic opponent is Terry Coriden. And there is a viable Libertarian in the race, Kenn Gividen. Tully could have at least thrown in one local Senate race. Isn't Democrat Russell Brown giving James Merritt a real run for his money right here in Marion Co.?

And on the Marion Co. scene, you're going to have to settle for hearing Tully tell us for the umpteenth time that the race for prosecutor between incumbent Carl Brizzi (R) and challenger Melina Kennedy is going to be a tough one. Oh, and forget those statewide races Tully tells us. "Republicans appear to have those wrapped up," he ganders.

Keep up the good work Matt. As long as your bosses are satisfied with your work product, who cares what your readers think.


Anonymous said...

Excellent, excellent post. I've been sdaying for a long time that nobody at that paper is breaking a sweat.
It's sad for such a big newspaper.
Tully's columns are getting smaller and less and less thoughtful.
Sounds like a high school sophomore talkign to his girlfriend in the driveway.

Anonymous said...

There are blogs better than Tully's "column." Freedom of speech and fact finding is done better on this site than by "legitimate" reporters.

Tully? *yawn* The Star? *yawn*

Anon 943 - well said!

Sir Hailstone said...

Whatever Gannett is paying Tully, it's too f$%&#ng much!

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to compare how many comments Tully gets on his blog depending on if the post deals with the 7th district / Julia Carson / Eric Dickerson and all of his other post.

Hmmmmmmmmm . . . .

Anonymous said...

Oh, AI, sure you’re not just a bit grouchy with Tully for the morsel he dropped in the last sentence.

“On the other side of the aisle, GOP Chairman Mike Murphy said the loss of Republican voters to suburban counties has forced his party to turn into "guerrilla fighters."”

That tidbit alone made the article worth the read for this woman in the street …

Gary R. Welsh said...

I got a chuckle out of that. I don't think anyone is breaking a sweat over there to get anything done.

Anonymous said...

quick, someone call the fire department Matt just typed a few paragraphs....his keyboard is blaze...

Anonymous said...

Matt has another rip-roaring column today.

About 21 paragraphs of jibberish. Not one ounce of reporting energy spent on gathering the info.

He writes cleverly...and almost makes you think he went to the federal court in Chicago yesterday. I'm betting he didn't. And if he did, he could've spent some time interviewing paritcipants from both sides and reflecting on their comments.

Read it--see if you don't agree, that he heavily implies he was there.

I'm guessing he wasn't.

Regardless, another lazy column.

Here are some subjects for you, Matt, if you want to actually work over the next few weeks:

1. Indiana House Speaker Bosma's re-election race.

2. Statewide candidtaes for SoS, etc.

3. Potential Republican 07 mayoral candidates.

and more.