Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mays Whines About $100,000 Investment In Bar

Millionaire businessman Bill Mays and his partners broke all the rules to land their "private club/bar" for "African-American professionals" in the Julia Carson Government Center and now he wants you to feel sorry for him because he invested $100,000 in the backroom deal. The Star's Will Higgins writes:

Millionaire businessman Bill Mays is known as a savvy dealmaker, but there's one investment he'd like to have back right now: the six figures he put into his would-be bar and restaurant in the Carson Government Center.

"If I'd had any idea of all this controversy," Mays said, "I'd have never put my $100,000 up. I'd have gone to Europe. I'd have invested it in Fishers."

Instead, Mays' investment has drawn fire, in part because the plans initially called for paving over an adjacent playground. Some people also have raised questions about the appropriateness of a bar in a building where the people's business is done.

This is where Mays comments become very offensive, just as when Center Township Trustee Carl Drummer said when this deal first became public that this would be a place for "African-American professionals" to network. Quoting Mays, Higgins writes:

Mays thinks the place -- on the ground floor of a seven-story affair with a wide range of private-sector tenants that occupy the majority of the building -- would be a boon to the neighborhood and a welcome addition to the black-owned hospitality scene.

"You try to do something nice, upscale," not another nightclub that stays open into the early-morning hours, he said. "There is not another establishment in the black community as nice as that place. So you have African-Americans that have to go to holes in the wall. Don't even have windows."

But wait a minute. Higgins has to remind Mays that it is against the law to discriminate. "The law, of course, says people can go to any restaurant or bar they want to, regardless of their race," Higgins writes. "Technically yes," said Mays, "but let's get real. In practical terms, folks like to be in an atmosphere they're comfortable in." Can you imagine the public outrage if a prominent white businessman had made that same statement? Amos Brown would be screaming bloody racism for weeks.

Higgins, who notes that the investors "had declined to discuss their enterprise" since it came to public attention, also discussed the project with Lacy Johnson. "This is a labor of love," said Lacy Johnson, the largest investor. "Making money was never our intent," Johnson said. "We wanted to reinvest in our community." Johnson and Mays claim that the investors collectively invested $500,000 in the project. Higgins writes:

Johnson, Mays and a handful of others ponied up about $500,000 to convert the empty space in the government building's ground floor.

Work on the place looks complete. The interior is done in browns and terra cotta. Abstract paintings hang on the walls. The bar is made of granite. There are tables and sofas and an outdoor deck.
Higgins notes that the project must still gain approval from the Metropolitan Development Commission. The Metropolitan Development Commission, thanks to city-county councilor Lonnell Conley's wife, Judith, signed off on the project in record time, ignoring the fact that the private club/bar had already been built without first obtaining the proper permits and rezoning/variance approvals and in violation of numerous building code requirements. The Commission is merely considering an appeal brought about when community activist, Clark Kahlo, raised objections to the obliteration of Polin Park to make way for a parking lot for the establishment's employees. Higgins' article makes no mention of these illegalities, including the stop work order the DMD issued against the private/club bar in June after receiving an anonymous tip.

Even more disappointing is Higgins failure to reach out to people in the neighborhood who have strongly opposed this project. Instead, Higgins writes, "Its critics include Eric Dickerson, the Republican candidate for the 7th U.S. Congressional District, who has railed against the idea of putting a bar in a government building." He adds, "Several neighbors have objected, too, although Shary Johnston, executive director of the area's neighborhood association, recently wrote to Center Township Trustee Carl Drummer to express support for the effort 'to bring a quality restaurant to the Mapleton-Fall Creek Neighborhood.'" Hmmm.

Mays and Johnson try to pounce on the fact that they've withdrawn their plans to pave over the former Polin Park as removing the initial public opposition. Of course, there are no plans to restore the playground equipment and the land's use as a park, which met an untimely demise early on in the project without any public input.

Higgins also runs down what other public officials think about the project. Councilor Patrice Abdullah, who sought a delay in the hearing on the appeal, says his constituents oppose serving liquor in a government building. Mayor Peterson, who is very close to Lacy Johnson, said, "I don't have any intention of getting involved in that." That's because he's no doubt been ordered by Johnson to keep his mouth shut about the project. Rep. Carson also said she remained opposed to serving alcohol in the building. "I just think we have other things to do at the government center," she said. Of course, Tully told us yesterday that the investors told him she really supports it so I guess we should disregard that statement.

Higgins also fails to inform his readers about what the terms of the lease are. If the Star hasn't obtained a copy of this public document, it is not doing its job to keep its readers informed. Higgins mentions Drummer's failed efforts to get a Starbucks, McDonalds and a Dunkin Donuts in the space, notwithstanding the low rent in the building. He says the building commands rents of between $8 and $12 a square foot.

This is a start, but we need more information than Higgins provided us today. Keep digging Will. There's still much more to be reported.


Anonymous said...

What kind of entre is he serving with that whine?

Waaaa waaaa waaaa

Trying REALLY hard to drum up sympathy for a man who feels "slighted" by an under-the-counter deal gone sour.

(His second one...tomorrow morning, in front of Judge Kiel, The Savoy is being drawn into court for operating illegally.)

He and Carolene turned The Recorder into a sappy newsletter, and now he is one of the investors who didn't get what they wanted from their buddy Carl?

And, pardon me, but does his remark about potential bar patrons sound just a tad racist?

Methinks he doth protesteth too much.

Tully's Friday column promises to reveal more of the investors' arguments.

That ought to be great.

Thanks again, AI. And to the original remonstrator.

No thanks Judy Conley, Carl Drummer, Lacy Johnson, and others who make money off their trolling for public-backed or enabled enterprises.

A pox on your houses.

Wilson46201 said...

That park never was a City Park. 300 East had as a major tenant a daycare center. There was a spit of land to the west of the building, the daycare center bought and installed playground equipment for its clientele. Somebody then had the bright idea of opening up this stuff for general neighborhhod use but that never really ever worked out. A principal problem was the traffic swirling around it. It was hardly ever used by the neighborhood folk. The daycare center closed up shop several years ago.
Last April the Parks Dept scooped up the free, abandoned playground equipment for use in other locations.

The GOP decided to kick off a Congressional campaign with Eric Dickerson using as stage props 2 nieces of Darla Williams. Those "aggrieved, deprived children" live 3/4 mile away from 300 East. Never did find out where the other two cute kids actually live. Of course, there's no talk about Iraq or gas prices or Katrina. A township zoning issue is a fine election year distraction. The "park" had been gone for four months before Dickerson even noticed this critical Congressional matter. Is he calling for a national "No Park Left Behind" bill?

That "park" was on Township land with privately owned (and abandoned) playground equipment. It failed and the City acquired used playground equipment which can be actually used by children somewhere. The land is green.

Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT writing AI! Really, the arrogance of Mays is amazing, threatening to take his money to Europe of Fishers.

After talking to someone at the HobNob who is a Carson supporter, the argument FOR the bar restaurant is a golf course is a public place. (Before anyone gives me crap, this man - and I know his name - told me he supported Julia.) Yes, but I don't do my BUSINESS there. They also will say that OVER IN WASHINGTON, DC you can have a drink in public buildings BUT THIS IS INDIANAPOLIS.

I also talked to Tully at the HobNob, thanked for the article. But after my discussion with the man mentioned above, I think we know what the investor's arguments will be.

Wilson46201 said...

Prohibition aka Temperance was quite the GOP election issue 100 years ago --- even got the Constitution amended about it. Quite the failure, eh?

In 2006, the Prohibitionists are at it again --- serving liquor in a government owned building? Oh horrors! No matter that it is already being done all over the country, state and city --- Center Township must be protected from Demon Rum! Especially in an election year when the GOP is running from 6 years of failure.

"No Park Left Behind" !

Anonymous said...

I've been following AI for awhile and Wilson has finally pushed me over the top into a response. What a piece of work this guy is ... always trying to deflect the issue away from the cronyism and illegal shenanigans that has taken place with regards to this bar.
What has occurred here, by any reasonable definition, is shameful, and only the most partisan perspective (that would be Wilson's) would state otherwise.
AI and the other blogs, as well as the ever-vigilant Mr. Kahlo, are to be congratulated for shining the light on this egregious abuse of power and forcing the Star to finally take a hard look at what has occurred (though it needs to be harder still).
Then there's the coroner's office ...

Wilson46201 said...

Lots of 2006 election cycle sound and fury indeed! The only allegation of illegality is the lack of a work permit by the tenants. That doesn't sound good, I agree. Of course, the place can't open until it's dealt with.

The elected Center Township Board had no problems with the new restaurant coming in. The elected Trustee acted well within his powers to sign the lease. Of course, the lease is a matter of public record. No big secret there...

Now that Eric Dickerson has taken the usual GOP wedge issue of "gay marriage" off the table (good for him!), it seems that Prohibition and "No Park Left Behind" will be his principal election planks. He sure is ducking Iraq, Katrina and other fiascos of 6 years of GOP incompetence ...

Anonymous said...

Higgins mentions Drummer's failed efforts to get a Starbucks, McDonalds and a Dunkin Donuts in the space, notwithstanding the low rent in the building. He says the building commands rents of between $8 and $12 a square foot.


Maybe if the above companies had a bar as part of the plan they would have fit tight in ?

Anonymous said...

Wilson - If I want to go and get a drink at those places "No matter that it is already being done all over the country, state and city " please let me know when and where so I can meet you there to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

OK Wilson, once more, s-l-o-w-l-y so you can get it:

Illegal or not, this entire kerfuffle was avoidable. Cronyism is the "crime," here.

Can you lease tell me what township baord meeting this matter was discussed at? Not that I trust these folks--they let him drive around in a $30,000 unmarked police crusier at taxpayer expense. So their judgment is clearly flawed. Zoom-zoom...gotta chase those township aid folks in my police car...zoom zoom.

Boys with toys.

Can Mr. Drummer please provide a copy of the lease for all to see?
His original response to inquiries was: that's not public.

Was that township board meeting complete with a discussion of public notice and bidding procedures?

Was Ice Miller used, at taxpayer expense, to start the rezone process? If so, whoever paid for them got bad advice, because the permits were not in order.

And, lastly, your argument about the playground equipment is at least 50% incorrect. The original daycare center there donated the equipment to the daycare center landlord. The playground argument is really only part of it Wilson.

Who is the token white investor in the new bar?

Anonymous said...

If you want the latest Cnt. Twp. line, tune into Amos today at 1.

Anonymous said...

Wilson46201-For your information Atty. Darla Williams and Linda Ivey, republican candidate for Center Township Trustee are property owners and legal residents of the Mapleton Fall Creek Neighborhood.

You live on the near eastside of Center Township. Have the gang move the bar into your neighborhood since you support these people. Your neighborhood could use some new development.

Let the alcohol, drugs and guns run rampant in your block.

For the record: When this building was purchased at auction for $350,000 by Carson as the Trustee, the goal was to relocate the Center Township Small Claims Court, and The Center Township Assesor's office into the building, However the white majority in the Democrat Party opposed this move due to the crime ridden neigborhood that it was then, and the lack of accessible public transportation for their employees who did not drive.

She moved the Congressional office into the building, the bookkeeping department from the Mass Avenue fourth floor, which sits vacant today to justify the purchase. Lots of wasted space in that facility.

Carl Drummer was using the annex building as his personal garage and was storing his collection of vintage automobiles in the vacant building. I doubt if he paid the Township a storage fee. Need to check that out!

The female employees stated that they would be afraid to wait for buses during the winter months in the dark to go to and from work.

When this deal fell through, they started dealing with businesses to justify buying a building to be in her name without having the approval of the Township Board first. The marble sign had been ordered up front before anyone knew about it in January 1997.

This was a done deal without any public notice thanks to Carl Drummer's when he first took office.

Big spenders of the taxpayers aren't they? Yet, they both claim to have saved the taxpayers money by cutting services to the needy.

Increased spending for the Township: 3 sets of utility bills, security guards and equipment, building maintenance costs, plus lots of unused space
in each of the three properties.

Carl Drummer purchased the former Fall Creek YMCA Building for $1 million of our tax dollars, there is unsed space in that building.
This was done over the protest and
picket lines to save the "y" by both blacks and whites in the community.

This deal was made behind our backs with certain blacks on the Greater Indianapolis YMCA Board, Rep. Bill Crawford and Carl Drummer in 2003.

Now how is that for good stewardship?

Anonymous said...

Wilson46201 - You are one of her main puppets.

Former Employee of the Trustee Office:

Julia Carson is a liar! She had toured the bar when it was under construction in the building. There is no way in "hell" that she didn't know what was going on.

When confronted with unpopular issues, she leaves her gang members holding the bag.

All she cares about is staying in control. She has used so many people in the Democratic Party to get ahead, making promises and cutting deals behind closed doors, and then she distances herself from them when the issues are exposed. She has really hood winked the black church! You can not have tow masters.

The biggest con artist in politics in this city, a “political prostitute”.

She has lied, cheated and stolen her way to the top to become the "Ghetto Mafia Boss Queen".

The black community wants to retire her but don't know how. It is to the advantage of Ed Treacy and other white Democrats to use her and her dirty politics to keep this gang together, and get them paid.

The black vote has been taken for granted for too long by this group. No one has benefited from their election to public office.

Not one real problem in this community has been solved by them over 40 years in control. They play on the minds of senior citizens (scare tactics re: social security benefits),they will vote, welfare programs instead of long-term solutions to poverty, the uneducated (don't understand the issues and ignorant to the duties of the elected office), and the hopeless (don't know who to turn to), disenfranchised voting rights (she really doesn't want a large turnout in black community, just enough to win), the race card (attempts to incite and anger blacks to go against her opponents whether there is just cause or not, she plays the victim when attacked to rally her gang) etc.

Only a select group of African Americans are allowed to benefit from their influence. The black community as a whole has not benefited. They have endorsed numerous proposals and projects in this community without our approval or from their constituents even after objections are raised. Information has been learned usually after the fact, signed, sealed and delivered. Traitors to their race!

What is the Democrat Party going to do upon her death? What are they going to do when they can longer use her to keep this community divided and play the race card when white opposition to her conduct in office is exposed. Amos Brown thinks she is a "sacred cow".

Check out her campaign finance reports. She will do whatever it takes to get re-elected.

Check out her resume. She has lied on it too!

Anonymous said...

How much is Wilson paid to sit at home and do Julia spin on the blogs?

Queen916 said...

Wilson46201 - Tell the truth! It seems the Julia Carson syndrome has rubbed off on you too!

The Township Board Members were upset that he signed a lease and approved this business transaction without a prior notice. Linda Journey gave him a real scolding for his actions. Carl Drummer did give them an apology and promised not to make the same mistake in the future.

I was there and you it, the Township Board Meeting last week and by the way, there seems to be fat in the budget for maintenance, upgrades to the security system in the Julia Carson Government Building, like cameras in the elevators to be installed, etc. Holding down spending for poor relief, while maintaining a multi-million dollar surplus in the bank.

How many office building have security cameras in the elevators?

The second budget hearing by the Township Board is today at 5:00 p.m. at 300 Fall Creek for their final approval for the 2007 budget to be recommended to the City-County Council for approval. If you are interested be there.

Queen916 said...

Wilson46201 - Tell the truth! It seems the Julia Carson syndrome has rubbed off on you too!

The Township Board Members were upset that he signed a lease and approved this business transaction without a prior notice. Linda Journey gave him a real scolding for his actions. Carl Drummer did give them an apology and promised not to make the same mistake in the future.

I was there and you it, the Township Board Meeting last week and by the way, there seems to be fat in the budget for maintenance, upgrades to the security system in the Julia Carson Government Building, like cameras in the elevators to be installed, etc. Holding down spending for poor relief, while maintaining a multi-million dollar surplus in the bank.

How many office building have security cameras in the elevators?

The second budget hearing by the Township Board is today at 5:00 p.m. at 300 Fall Creek for their final approval for the 2007 budget to be recommended to the City-County Council for approval. If you are interested be there.

Wilson46201 said...

I've been retired from paid employment for over a year. I am not paid by the Carson campaign and do not speak for the Carson campaign. I do not speak for Carl Drummer either.

All my writing is my own and is not authorized by anybody except me!

And I approve this message ...

Anonymous said...

So, the trustee has that huge building on Mass Ave, the Carson Building, and the Y.

Heat, cool , secure and maintain those three complexes. See how much it costs.

Efficiency? Pshaw!

Carl has all these collector cars, and he was able to do that on a trustee's salary? And formerly, on a trustee's security director's salary? Hmmmmmm. And now we hear (true?) that he stores them in a publicly-owned building?

Has he no shame, no moral compass, no sense of propriety?

These folks have been sucking at the public trough for too long. They are treating public cash and access as their own fiefdom. It would be one thing if it were efficient, but this is nuts. They've forgotten to whom they report and for whom they work.

It's sad this is coming to light at election time. Wilson and his friends will dismiss this as election year politics. It's not.

It's way too serious for that.

Time for these folks to lawyer-up. Those 7 little words no one wants to hear:

"You have the right to remain silent."

Storing personal autos in a public facility, negotiating public facility leases without proper approval, conflicts of interest...come on, Carl, here's your chance.

Wilson46201 said...

I assume Eric Dickerson and his trusty sidekick Darla Williams will be at Jocelyn's board meeting tonight ...

Anonymous said...

Wilson, you may not be on Julia's payroll, but your lips seem to move in synch with her hands.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of ‘backroom deals’, Gary, what behind the scenes deal did you cut with the likes of homophobe Queen916 & Co.? Did it go something like this …?

GLBT focused Advance Indiana won’t challenge or mention Queen’s other well known homo-hating agenda if/because Queen agrees to senselessly RANT on-and-on-and-on in support of AI’s larger agenda to flack for GOP candidate Eric Dickerson.

Bashing long and well-known supporters of the GLBT community of Democrats—such as, the Honorable Julia Carson—in order to get your guy Dickerson a few extra votes in a race he doesn’t stand a rat’s ass chance in winning is just plain stupid. Don’t believe this waaaay outsider, then by all means do check-in with the GOP shakers who refuse to promote your guy in any meaningful way … maybe they’ll even admitt that doing so only strengthens the vote in other Democratic countywide elections they REALLY can’t afford to lose.

The issues you keep trying to play partisan politics with—tax abatements/give-a-ways to private businesses/admonishment of the ‘good ole boy network’—are of serious concern to the average citizen but are understood by all, but the brain dead, to cut across party lines … So why not stick with the issues at hand and ditch the GOP suggested guerilla tactics.

Anonymous said...

46038 is channeling Sarge Visher...

Anonymous said...

for what it is worth, 46038, no one can control Jocelyn (queen).

She's viewed as either nuts or prophethic. Pick your poison.

Wilson is just Wilson. Blindly loyal to this political machine that will, mark my words, eat itself before long. It's already eating its young.

Lighten up. AI serves a good purpose. I don't always agree with him, either, especially when he tries to fan the Dickerson flames, but it's his blog.

Start your own if you don't like it.

Anonymous said...

Polin Park was a park. It was on Indy Parks web site with a park manager and amenities listed: playground. Do a google search on Polin Park. They have since taken it off the web site, but it's still available if you do the google search.

Also, I was told that there is no kitchen in this Bar/Club so I don't know how it can be represented as a restaurant. Someone should ask to see a menu.

Anonymous said...


Take your concerns and comments on any and all issues impacting the black community elsewhere. This blog's owner doesn't give rat's ass about the black community.

Don't give his blog 'play' no matter what the bait. He doesn't CARE!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:10 / 2:13 : BULL

Anonymous said...

now 3:44 is channeling Amos Brown.

Intersting afternoon, AI.

Queen916 said...

Too Julia Carson Supporters:

Go ask your Ghetto Mafia Queen if the information on these blogs is true or false?

You can kiss where the sun don't shine!

You're the ones who lack knowledge and information about what is really going on.

For your information I have gotten used to character assassinations started by her and her goons for over the last 25 years. Even though I don't approve of it.

Guess what, I know who and what I am and you can't define me!

Finally some of her anonymous friends have signed in. Yes, all crooks must stay anonymous.

People who don't want to be harassed or intimidated for speaking against this gang must sign in as anonymous.

I stand for truth and service to my people, what you stand for.

In spite of the slanted polls by Channel 8, Eric Dickerson will be the winner election night.

The real poll is Election Day.
The black community wants a change!

You "sickies" bring it on! or better yet tell Julia to bring it on! Personally, I have had enough of her shenanigans anyway.

AnonByChoice said...

The original title of this thread was Bill Mays's feigned surprise at the lack of welcoming arms.

I'm still trying to amass all the sympathy I can...I have spent the day doing so.

Alas, no luck.

No sympathy.

If he wants a barometer for neighborhood acceptance of one of his bubblebrain ideas next time, he can write me a check for, oh $10K, I'll tell him, and save him $90K if it doesn't work out. Clearly he has no internal barometer for these things.

Gary R. Welsh said...

46038-I don't even know who the hell Queen whatever is? Frankly, I don't want to know any of you based upon the discourse you carrying on among one another. I'm really not interested in your ongoing little battles within the Democratic Party. If you have something to say about the subject matter of the post, then speak to it. Otherwise, and this goes for all of you, I will end the practice of allowing anonymous post. You can either identify yourself, or you won't be allowed to make posts here.

Wilson46201 said...

'bout damn time!

I'm a volunteer moderator on a major national liberal blog and its damn hard work keeping a political discussion thread civilized. Cut'N Run anonymous commenters can try to disrupt. Egregiously off-topic "spamming" is a distraction too.

I do sympathize with AI. Good local political blogs can be quite, quite useful. Information can be shared and loonies can get exposed. Reporters can get tips and leads from local blogs.

Queen916 said...

Update: Center Township Board Meeting has been rescheduled for Monday, 9/18/06, 5:00 p.m. at the 300 Fall Creek Building regarding the 2007 Budget for the Township.

Wilson46201 said...

... actually, the meeting never was scheduled for today. Oopsies!

"No Park Left Behind" is such a hot topic that only poor Jocelyn showed up all by her lonely self ...

Anonymous said...

Gary, check your site stats and you’ll find that I have had NO part in any of the previous discourse your blog entries have generated concerning the downtown restaurant/bar, and NO, I also don’t have any firsthand experience with any of your other commenter’s. That aside, it would be good to stop the anonymous comments. That would be in everyone’s best interests.

Ok, gotta run now, but do know I’ll be checking back-in to follow along. Even if you don’t care to know ‘this average citizen living out in Fishers.’ … what a riot!

Queen916 said...


The Mapleton Fall Creek Neighborhood Association met tonight at Phillips Temple Church.
Channel 59 News was there.

Atty. Tim Oaks with Ice Miller represented the investors for the bar/restaurant, along with the designer for the bar. Mr. Oaks was told to request a continuance for the variance until the residents of the neighborhood have been informed of all the details surrounding this project.

The majority of the residents were not aware of this project until the first article appeared in the Indianapolis Star in August.

A request was made for the investors to come to the next meeting on Thursday, Oct 12th, 6:30 p.m. The neighborhood will vote on whether they want to have a bar/restaurant or a family restaurant in the building.

I had to raise the subject of the liquor license. Atty. Oaks stated that he was not aware of a petition being filed and that another attorney was handling it.

Actually, the members had to pull information from him. He avoided answering our questions and was vague about who was paying the legal fees, the Trustee or the investors. He referred me to Carl Drummer.

Councilor Abdullah was present as well. He informed us that he has already notified the Liquor Board that he will remonstrate against the petition for the liquor license, but, he will support the will of the area residents.

Wilson you are wrong as usual!

Anonymous 46038 - You live in Fishers or Lawrence Township and I live in Center Township. This issue directly affects the property owners in this neighborhood. By the way, I am not anonymous. Anonymity protects individuals from harassment.

Queen916 said...

Advance Indiana - Thank you for your coverage of issues and information not readily accessible in the local media.

Queen916 - I am not anonymous, my name is Jocelyn-Tandy Torkwase Adande
African name Torkwase (means Queen) Adande (means the challenger) a lifelong resident of Indianapolis in Center Township.

Former political columnist for the Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper and In Touch columnist for the Indianapolis Star, WTLC Talk Show hostess.

I am a veteran community/political activist and self-employed business woman. IUPUI Graduate

Wilson46201 - Knowledge is power, and I have too much for your small brain.

The park had to be removed to allow for the liquor license which will not be supported or approved.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Queen 916, thanks for the information on the neighborhood meeting. I'm curious if there was any comments about the letter the neighborhood association president supposedly issued to Drummer in support of the project?

Anonymous said...

The Star has a good article by both Tully and the editorial about the bar and how it is not a good idea.

The editorial touches on the lack of permits and how it has been pushed through anticipating no resitance.

Queen916 said...

Yes, the letter given to Drummer was signed by Shary Johnston who is the president of the CDC and not the neighborhood association and it was read by the Mrs. Warner, president.

Councilor Abdullah stated in his remarks that prior experience with neighborhood CDC's, they do not speak for the area residents. Therefore, the letter does not actually speak for the association.

Both Mr. Abdullah and I have previously served as officers in neighborhood associations over a long period of time. I do agree with him, that often the community development corporation in an area will bypass the wishes of the neighborhood association and give their support to projects and proposals without informing the neighborhood association and its members who actually live in the boundaries.

The makeup of the CDC membership is small in number, and the majority of their board members do not live in the area. The small staff members are paid employees.
In fact, I am told that Ms. Johnston does not live in Mapleton Fall Creek.

Drummer read this letter to him Township Board last week and I told them the same thing. The letter carries no weight on the matter. The homeowners and businesses in the neighborhood need to have their say.

Ms. Johnston's support for the project is does not carry the weight that he needs, the support from the area residents will determine the outcome for the variance and liquor license.

Slick, sly, double-talking attorneys; Atty. Oaks did not have the answers for the tough questions raised by residents. In fact, he really played dumb.