Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ann's Little Secret

Awhile back, AI commented on how pathetic the Indiana Week In Review panel had become, and that a good house cleaning was in order. As AI put it at the time, "That means no lobbyists and no attorneys who are frequently asked to comment on matters which clearly pose a conflict of interest. That means both McDaniels and DeLaney have to go." AI picked up a little fact this weekend that brings that point home.

At the time AI made that post, one of the topics of discussion was the Carson-Dickerson race. Ann DeLaney, who ran unsuccessfully against Julia Carson in 1996 for the right to succeed retiring Rep. Andy Jacobs (D), a close friend and former boss of Carson's, was particularly outspoken in her defense of Carson and her attacks on Dickerson. She has also been dismissive of the whole issue of the "bar/private club" in the Julia Carson Government Center as if it's not a big deal.

Reading through the latest issue of the Indianapolis Business Journal this weekend, AI learns that DeLaney has been successful in her recent effort to raise much-needed funds for a cash-starved domestic violence shelter, The Julia Center, where DeLaney serves as executive director. Aiding DeLaney in her financial woes was none other than Center Township Trustee Carl Drummer. The IBJ's Tom Murphy writes:

The office of Center Township Trustee also started spending about $6,000 each week to help house qualified township residents there. The trustee, an elected position, provides care for the poor.

That's quite nice of Drummer to kick in an additional $312,000 a year to the domestic violence shelter, whose annual budget is about $3.1 million. Note that the timing of DeLaney's plea for help in August to address a budget shortfall came a short time before Marion Co. Democratic prosecutor candidate Melina Kennedy began attacking Carl Brizzi for allegedly having a poor record on prosecuting domestic violence cases. That helped explain why The Julian Center was experiencing a demand for services. DeLaney, in fact, blamed the center's budget shortfall, in part, on an explosion in the demand for space by battered women and their children. Kennedy's attacks were followed up very soon with Carson's false accusation to the Star's editorial staff that her Republican opponent had "beat up his wife to a pulp." It all fits together rather nicely doesn't it?

DeLaney, who earns $48,000 for her part-time job as the shelter's executive director, is also a bankruptcy trustee for the U.S. District bankruptcy court in Indianapolis and a partner in the family law firm with her daughter and husband. Sen. Evan Bayh (D) helped speed DeLaney's appointment as bankruptcy trustee through while President Bill Clinton was still in office. DeLaney had virtually no bankruptcy law experience compared to other more qualified candidates at the time. Her son-in-law was overheard to say at the time of her appointment that the part-time trustee's gig would generate at least $120,000 a year for DeLaney. Speaking of her trustee position, did anyone receive a solicitation in the mail this week from DeLaney on her bankruptcy trustee letterhead? Just asking.


Wilson46201 said...

so AI is officially coming out against folk who work to deal with domestic abuse? Is your partisanship now on the side of domestic violence?

If you support beating your wife and biting your children, vote for Eric Dickerson.

If you are against domestic violence and abuse, vote for Julia Carson.

Is that your argument?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Only you, Wilson, would draw that conclusion.

Wilson46201 said...

The shelter on North Meridian has long been known as the JuliaN Center. Aren't you familiar with major social service agencies?

The Trustee/Julian pact was done before anybody had sought Dickerson's criminal history.

One of Dickersons supporters here claimed Ms. Carson was pandering for the votes of domestic abuse victims just like she had earlier pandered for the votes of homosexuals[sic].

It's always good politics to be on the side of the angels !

Jeff Newman said...

Ann DeLaney irritates the crap out of me. I'm an NPR junkie, but when the Week in Review comes on I can barely take it.

While she is, in my mind, an annoying partisan gasbag, I'm still trying to find the scandal here. Seems like a bit of a stretch bordering on conspiracy theory to connect her work with a domestic violence shelter to the Carson/Dickerson mudslinging.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Jeff, My earlier contention that DeLaney is conflicted as a panelist on Indiana Week In Review is demonstrated here. She has relationships with these folks that makes it impossible for her to speak objectively about anything, even from a partisan standpoint. Whether there's more to it than that, it's open to speculation. But if you watch the show much, you know that DeLaney is constantly questioning other people's motives because of their ties to certain interests.

Wilson, the IBJ article indicates that the $6,000 the trustee's office started spending on the shelter began after DeLaney made her plea for help in August. If I'm mistaken, it's because I'm relying on the IBJ report.

Wilson46201 said...

I have an elderly Great-Aunt Grace who voted for Goldsmith against Rex Early in that primary coz Rex Early was too nice to that awful Ann Delaney on TV ...

Wilson46201 said...

OK - Ms. Carson was being a little too slangy & used hyperbole with the phrase 'beat his wife to a pulp'. The actual police arrest record merely stated:

"At that time we spoke at length with Paula and could see bruises, cuts, scrapes and contusions on her arms, elbows and legs. All those came during the fight and where Eric Dickerson attacked her and tried to strangle her and poke her eyes out and punched her several times. During the struggle with his wife, Aisha, the daughter had tried to stop her father from beating up her mother and was subsequently bitten by her father on the right forearm, causing a set of teeth marks on the skin."

Does it require 'organ failure' for it to be domestic violence for Yoo?

Gary R. Welsh said...

And Paula Dickerson said:

I am not a battered woman; I am not living in an abusive environment; nor are any of my children neglected or abused.

One incident has taken place last weekend that has catapulted our whole family into a category where legally we do not fit, or belong.

I have been told that an "angry touch" constitutes not only battery, but abuse.

Be for real! If that were the case, every husband and wife would be behind bars at one time or another . . .

Wilson46201 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Gary R. Welsh said...

Wilson, you can forget laying anymore of this crap out here. You will not be allowed to post anymore of your unsubstantiated claims on this matter on this site. Again, the charges out there against your lady's past conduct are far worse than any of the crap she or you have shoveled in this campaign agains him.

Wilson46201 said...

A Jocelyn/Darla accusation does not the truth make ... particularly with no paper trail!

Anonymous said...

Did I just see what I think I saw? AI nuke one of Wilson's posts?

Red letter day!

Anonymous said...

Altho Ann is a fellow Dem, I've always wondered why Evan was such a fan. In the first gubernatorial transition, she ran the show, and pissed off nearly anyone who had time to offer help.

It was on her watch the Jack Crawford was offered the first Lottery directorship. He was, in her words, "clean as snow" and a good former Lake Co. prosecutor.

But it was common knowledge Crawford was having an affair with his secretary, whom he brought to Indy and who later brought him down.

I am sick to death of her shrill nonsense on that show.

And, in real life, she's every bit as bitchy as she appears on the show.

Sidebar: Gary, can't you just put Wilson and Jocelyn on triple secret probation? Their rancor has become (yawn) so predictable.

Anonymous said...

Advance Indiana:

Your insight is appreciated, I agree with your analysis of Ms. Delaney. She called in on Amos Brown's show the day the Julian Center had its fund raiser and thanked Carl Drummer, Center Township Trustee for his support publicly. In fact, this did occur during the heated discussion about the bar/restaurant. As you know, timing is everything.

I am sure they had not counted on Mrs. Dickerson coming forward to refute Carson's allegations.

Carson's neighbors know about her fights with her estranged former husband in the middle of Park Avenue before he filed for divorce. Why didn't she explain her situation to the public? If she was attempting to shed light on the subject, her first hand experience would have been more meaningful as a congresswoman.

Their minions keep confusion and distractions going all the time hoping that no one is intelligent enough to connect the dots.

Each of the cowards who have logged in as anonymous are Carson Democrats who want to silence anyone with historical information about the corruption inside the Democratic Party and its so called leaders.

The Ghetto Mafia's position is;
Only their forced opinions are credible, don't question the information, and accept it as truth.

They practice these antics all the time. People have left the Party because of it. These practices literally turn people away. Their goons have used intimidation and harassment to control the easily influenced in the party.

The average person desires to be involved in local politics, but they do not feel they have to tolerate this kind of abuse from individuals they don't know.

Battered women are the newly recognized oppressed group that the Democrats are hoping will vote for them, since African Americans are gradually leaving the Party due to lack of results.

Between now and November 7th, the insults and accusations will get worse before they get better.

The comments on these blogs are proof of their desperation to control the political outcome in this election.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the mud-slinging and unsubstantiated claims -- from both sides toward the other -- is off the chart here.

But, AI, if you are going to ban one person, you need to ban the other side, too.

Anonymous said...

Indiana Week in Review is entertainment...not objective and unbiased political commentary. Jim Shella knows what he is doing. The moment it ceases being entertaining the panel will change. The model is well understood and replicated in virtually every market where such shows appear.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Anon 3:44, my comment directed towards Wilson concerned the 15-year-old Dickerson incident. The charges in that case were dropped by a Democratic prosecutor, Jeff Modisett. I will not allow him to continue to throw out additional charges concerning that incident which can never be proven in a court of law. As to the charges Ms. Tandy has made, I can tell you that my research of the Indianapolis Star archives has found news stories that back up most of the incidents she has referenced in her comments. People would be startled to see what all has been reported in the past. It's just that it gets reported in isolation without any follow up. Reporters have no sense of perspective on her. They would be well-advised to do as I have and research what's been printed in their own newspaper over the last several decades on these various matters.

Jeff Newman said...

There is one small problem here, which is most of these charges are made by a person with an axe to grind: Jocelyn-Tande Adande.

Would Eric Dickerson really want this person to be his spokesperson? That's pretty scary.

It's also interesting that so much of this is playing out on Advance Indiana of all places. Just a couple of posts ago it ripped into Eric Miller, which Gary does frequently.

But Tandy-Adande marches lockstep with Miller and his minions, and is an activist enemy of the GLBT community. Here are some gems from her:

"Fornication, adultry, incest, pedophilia, homosexuality are all sex sins. These are not the only sins, but they are relevant to this debate."

"To settle your debate on these issues, please support your beliefs and lifestyle with scripture from The Holy Bible. If you are a non-believer that Jesus Christ is the Son of God Almighty, and the only Savior who can redeem all of us for the remission of our sins, then my views have fallen on deaf ears."

"Exactly what is normal sexual orientation? Pedophilia, bestiality, homosexuality, or heterosexuality?"

Gary, this woman is a vile homophobic friend of Eric Miller who absolutely despises you and me as gay men and actively campaigns against us at every turn. She is an unwelcome blight on your blog as far as I'm concerned, and I filter all of her opinions through her homophobia and hate, which renders them useless to me.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Jeff, allowing Ms. Tandy to post on this site is not an endorsement of her views on a person's sexual orientation and you know that. I have always allowed people with counter views to post on this blog, unlike some other blogs. I would note that Taking Down Words does not filter Ms. Tandy's comments either, even though Jen takes issue with much of what she writes. And it is not just taking place here. She has also posted at Ruth Holladay's Blog, Indy Undercover, Indiana Barrister and a couple of other blogs, none of which are censuring her posts.

Wilson46201 said...

fwiw, Eric dickerson personally assured me that Jocelyn Tandy was not a part of his campaign. Smart man!

Anonymous said...

Eric Dickerson is his own man and speaks for himself.

Anonymous said...

Response to Jeff and Anonymous 3:44:

No axe to grind, I just demand justice and accountability. Interpret that anyway you like.

Soon my site will be up and you will not have any edited versions of my comments.

What if I told you that I am writing about incidents which I have actually been involved?

The truth is not mudslinging, but the truth has been hidden from view for too long.

I can stand on my own, and I will defend my right to print the truth. You don't have to read it.

I began writing comments when I discovered that Wilson Allen was throwing my name around on these sites about 5 weeks ago. That is when I began responding to his false accusations and rumors.

I am a trained political strategist and my services are in demand. The insults I have received on these blogs only prove that I am effective at what I do.

Wilson, once again, people in the know will tell you anything, and you are stupid enough to believe what they say. They know you are Julia Carson's spy puppet.

I am sure Julia wants to know who I'm helping. She knows I am good at what I do, because she has learned from me. Figure that one out!

Unless you are voting Republican this fall, do not concern yourself with which candidate I am officially working for. It is none of your business.

Anonymous said...

Egad, certainly AI can discern a difference between Joelyn-Tandy Adande making a series of very serious criminal allegations (theft, vote tampering) against Rep. Carson and Wilson Allen without one public record to support her fabrications and Allen’s stomach retching ill-tempered response to Jocelyn.

Truth be told, AI may possibly be able to affirm the existence of old newspaper accounts mentioning some of Rep. Carson’s old civil matters—nasty divorce, late taxes; however, none of those newspaper stories involve a criminal arrest record of any kind, do they?

Eric Dickerson has a criminal arrest record. Big difference, it matters and he made it worse by failing to acknowledge the truth!

Gary R. Welsh said...

I'm aware of no criminal arrests in her past; however, she has engaged in conduct which I believe could have been criminally charged. These all occurred while she was in public office. One could argue that she got special treatment. Note that Dickerson has never held a public office.

Anonymous said...

Response 46038:

Julia Carson has received special treatment and still does. Yes, what I know is criminal Class D Felonies.

Enough said until later.

Anonymous said...

AI, are you serious? Expecting Ann Delaney or Mike McDaniel to be OBJECTIVE on IWIR? That's what they're there for, to be partisan mudslingers. If they wanted objectivity, they'd have the Star, wait, that doesn't work either.

It's not just a stretch to suggest that Ann's fundraising for the Julian Center (a truly GOOD cause, if ever there was one) was connected with either the Carson or Kennedy campaigns' announcements--it's an outrageous suggestion. (By the way, the typo calling it the "Julia" center--well played.)

AI, you're normally reasoned and reasonable, but this is too much. It's a personal smear, and an extremely exaggerated connection, desperate to link two disparate issues, sort of like six degrees of Kevin Bacon. It's also a smear on the good name of the Julian Center and the great work they do. Shame. Shame.

And now that I see your blog is infested with the mad ravings of Jocelyn and Wilson as well, I'll be moving on. Some rational person needs to move them along, and obviously you're not willing to do it either.

Gary R. Welsh said...

misemici, your point is misplaced. Of course, DeLaney and McDaniels are supposed to be partisan. That's not what's at issue. It's there personal conflicts of interest concerning the topics being discussed on the show. Don't confuse the issue.