Thursday, September 21, 2006

Star Tries And Convicts Dickerson

Continuing its decades-long tradition of covering up Rep. Carson's misdeeds and public malfeasance while she is supposedly serving the people of Marion County, the Star's editors today try and convict her Republican challenger on a 15-year-old police report, which both he and the would-be victim's wife, deny happened. Innocent until proven guilty has no applicability to Eric Dickerson according to the Star's editors. Mr. Ryerson and fellow editors, have you no decency?

Mary Beth Schneider and colleagues participate in the smear job, which was kicked off by Star political columnist Matt Tully earlier this summer. This from the same folks who've sat on far more serious accusations against Rep. Carson and her associates simply because she screams bloody racism every time they ask her a question about any of these matters. Rep. Carson has been on the public dole for decades. Mr. Dickerson has never worked for the government or run for public office. Go figure.

Aside from the misdeeds and numerous acts of malfeasance while in public office, Rep. Carson, on virtually any day, spews inappropriate, rude and false statements about people with whom she disagrees. Yesterday, she flippantly tells a WTHR-TV reporter of the damning charges she first raised about her opponent, "I don't know that it makes him unfit, because there are others who serve in Congress." She just matter-of-factly says that there are other wife beaters who serve in Congress, not bothering to provide any basis for her assertion and without a care in mind as to how she is besmirching the legislative body she has served in for a decade.

The first time I met Rep. Carson was shortly after she was elected to Congress. I was helping put on a legislative conference for a law firm where I previously worked. Carson was part of a panel of speakers at the conference. She arrived late, with two associates holding her on either side, one of whom was Lacy Johnson. When she looked up at me, her eyes were glossed over and her speech was slurred. She was obviously either drugged or drunk. Among the people on the panel that day was Eric Miller. Now, I can understand her disdain for Miller, but she is an elected representative in Congress so she should accord herself accordingly--or one would think. Instead, she complained that she did not want to be seated next to "that man" so she was seated away from Miller as an accommodation. Throughout her presentation, she would never refer to Miller by name, only by whatever derogatory term came to mind at the moment. She munched on cookies during the panel discussion, not bothering to wipe away the crumbs that accumulated around her mouth. She occasionally babbled something, which was barely decipherable. She contributed absolutely nothing of substance to the discussion. Her performance was the worst on the panel by far. She left as she came, with Lacy Johnson and one of her associates on either side of her holding her up.

A couple of years ago, I attended the Grand Masquerade ball with friends. It's a fundraiser for the Damien Center, which provides much-needed services to people suffering from HIV/AIDS. Rep. Carson was the special guest for the event. She arrived in a red leather slack and coat outfit with matching shoes and purse. When she was given an opportunity to speak, she began her speech by talking about how Reagan was president when we first discovered the deadly disease. She delivered a bitter and partisan message to the folks gathered at this charitable event to raise funds for a good cause. Her most offensive comment, though, came when she said that Reagan didn't give a damn about AIDS until his best friend Burt Reynolds died from it. What? Burt Reynolds. Doesn't she mean Rock Hudson? In fact, Reynolds was once falsely accused by a tabloid of having the dreaded disease, and he fought back and won. Did her associates bother to correct her? Did she issue an apology? No, on both accounts. That's just Julia being Julia. We're all supposed to accept that. Never mind that her grandson she helped raised broke into a home and robbed two gay men, forcing them to drink bleach, burning them with an iron and then setting their home on fire before leaving--one of the worst hate crimes committed against gays in the history of our city. Let's not talk about her domestic disturbances, broken marriages and police runs to her residence. Don't ask Carson about her family values. Just let her cast judgment on everyone elses'.

I know for a fact that Carson's performance at the Grand Masquerade ball was communicated to Mary Beth Schneider at the Indianapolis Star. Schneider, in typical form, brushed it aside as she has for years, just as she and her colleagues at the Star have casually brushed aside every damning bit of information about Carson that has come across their desks. As a consequence, the people of the 7th District of Congress have as our representative a total embarrassment who has little respect among her colleagues and who has no legislative achievements of note to point to after a decade of service. She has one of the highest absenteeism rates in Congress. She typically has relied on her poor health as an excuse. Earlier this summer, she had a different excuse according to the congressional record. “Due to a fender bender on my way to vote, I was unable to record my roll-call votes 400 to 402. Had I been present, I would have voted ‘yes’ on all votes.” Just another one of those items that never made it into the Star. Rep. Carson is still in office because the Indianapolis Star has played the role of her enabler all these years, covering up her truly dark and disturbing side. The Star sadly continues in its role as her enabler with these latest developments in her race against Dickerson.


Anonymous said...

It's your blog, Gary, but...

You shoulda waited a little before posting this one. You're obviously angry, and I understand that.

I came to the same conclusion as The Star regarding Ms. Carson...very, very reluctantly, and sadly. I've witnessed her performances dozens of times in similar shape. I've defended her to Republican and independent friends, until I'm worn out. I've given her the benefit of the doubt many, many times, and prayed for her recovery from illness. And I've been proud of her staunch support of the gay community.

But when she delivered that file...she crossed a line. A huge line. I think she understands that, because she basically disappeared from public view for a couple of days.

Mr. Dickerson is trying hard to recast his image, and I'm afraid the paper had it mostly right (damn it) this morning. I just wouldn't have written the editorial if I were them.

The Star owns the ink, pal.

I don't ascribe as much crediblity to the paper as you do. To ignore and cover up on Julia's behalf for a decade would take a lot of work, because I know, as you do, that they've bene fed some pretty entertaining and damning info.

No, I just mark it up to laziness.

So, at the paper, we no longer have the Pulliams' hate-filled pro-Quayle far-right John Birch mentality and editorial philosophy.

As much as I despised it, that kind of editorial leadership, however skewered, took a lot of work. The current Star crowd, with a few exceptions, hasn't broken a sweat in years.

Anonymous said...

Advance Indiana and Anonymous - African Americans in the know refer to Julia Carson and Company as the Ghetto Mafia and she is their Queen.


Ghetto Mafia - 1] Inner city secret criminal society

2] a secret society of political terrorists

3] a secret organization composed chiefly of criminal elements and usually held to control racketeering , peddling narcotics, gambling, and other illicit activities

Carson supporters need to further investigate your candidate's background. You might be surprised with what you may find!

Gary R. Welsh said...

Jeff, and you think that's the explanation for the GOP slating a man who was convicted of firing a gun at a truck loaded with people?

Wilson46201 said...

ED is unemployed and he had lots of time to hit the local rightwing talk-radio circuit. Checkout CSpan - Ms. Carson was in DC working for all Indianapolis...

Gary is good on many issues but sometimes he lets his GOP label rise to the fore. Ms. Carson, like Gary Welsh, despises Eric Miller. She has fought the Miller minions and mignons for longer than GW has been in the state. Its hard being civil to such depraved monsters as Miller...

Ms. Carson simply misspoke about Burt Reynolds - yes, she was being 'mean' and partisan attacking GOP idol Ronald Reagan. Sometimes gay Republicans are caught in conflicting loyalties. Live with it. Gay-friendly legislators like Julia Carson get tired of having to constantly battle the GOP on major issues like employment, AIDS, marriage, military service. So please excuse Ms.Carson for occasional anti-GOP partisanship...

Anonymous said...

Their friends in the sheriff's department are fixing criminal cases by putting witnesses in the same jail cells as the accused murderers. Their friends in the coroner's office are botching autopsy records so prosecutors can't convict their friends. When will people wake up to what is happening in our community. Who do they think is causing crime to explode in our city? Who's getting rich off the drug business in town?

Anonymous said...

Wilson, I wish it were that easy. Because I'd love to give her the benefit of the doubt. She has, to a large degree, earned it. She's carried water for those less fortunate for three decades.

But this is not isolated. Far from it. And in those moments when you're brutally honest with yourself, you know it.

She has shown up at events looking like she just rolled out of bed. Disheveled. And, when she spoke, oddly incoherent.

The scene Gary described is one I've seen no less than 15 times in the last few years. Very up-close.

I'd still give her the benefit, through it all. Except...

She delivered that file to the paper. It was wrong. If she'd quickly stepped up and said "I'm sorry for the confusion this has caused, let's get back to issues"--then I'm right with her.

But she didn't.

She needs to rest. For a long time.

Dont' get me wrong--Mr. Dickerson's actions require a lot of scrutiny, and he has not earned my vote. This has been a very sad week.

I'm seriously considering writing in Andy Jacobs.

Anonymous said...

This editorial quote says it best:

"They also will have to determine whether Carson has resorted to the type of "below-the-belt'' campaigning she says she abhors."

That says it all. She doesn't like "mudslinging" as long as it's not towards her. If she attacks someone else it's OK.

And Wilson - he's not unemployed like you are. He's SELF EMPLOYED. Quite a difference there.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why Wilson even lobbed that "unemployed" thing out there. He intended it to be derogatory to ED...but it was insulting to many, who have no job because of this shitty economy.

Slamming Julia's opponents is so ingrained in her cadre, I don't think they even know they're doing it.

Pavlovian response.

Anonymous said...

I've heard Rep. Carson speak twice. Once (the first time) she appeared completely disoriented. The second time she was amazing - funny, sharp, and right on.

I'd still take her over any of the right wing Republican congressmen we have in this state - warts and all.

Wilson46201 said...

self-employed? ummm ... Dickerson just sold his car place ... he says he is campaigning fulltime for a job in Congress ... unless he bought something very recently, he owns no other businesses ...

I personally am happily and comfortably retired...

Anonymous said...

What we have with Julia is truly "Taxation without representation." Time for a change. Good bye Julia, good bye!

Anonymous said...

And now we have Wilson46201 showing his ignorance again. Eric owns a Maggie Moo ice cream franchise.

Anonymous said...

The previous owner's of the Indianapolis Star refused to exposed the corruptions in the Center Township Trustee office in 1996 when Julia first ran for the congressional seat.

The story was supposed to be ran prior to the Primary Election but got pulled.

Andy Jacobs appeared in Julia's TV commercials to give her some credibility.

Where is Andy Jacobs now? Let us see if he is willing to get in front of this dog fight.

Anonymous said...

The previous owner's of the Indianapolis Star refused to exposed the corruptions in the Center Township Trustee office in 1996 when Julia first ran for the congressional seat.

The story was supposed to be ran prior to the Primary Election but got pulled.

Andy Jacobs appeared in Julia's TV commercials to give her some credibility.

Where is Andy Jacobs now? Let us see if he is willing to get in front of this dog fight.

Anonymous said...

Andy is living comfortably in retirement on W 64th St. He and his wife, Kim, have two sons.

He is fiercely loyal to JC.

Anonymous said...

Julia Carson serves on the US House Banking Committee.

How many bank loans has Julia Carson had her banker friends call in for her non-supporters? To hurt thme financially. A favor for a favor is her practice.

Indiana has a high bank foreclosure
rate, what has she done to help?

This is too much power for a liar and a thief.

Anonymous said...


Wilson you misspelled "retarded".

Anonymous said...

Mr. Dickerson owns several other businesses. He is an entrepreneur. The car dealership was just the highest profile of his business interests.

Really, people, you should get your facts straight before you shoot your mouths off. Otherwise you're just making asses out of yourselves and destroying whatever credibility you have. Right now, from my perspective, there are very few of you who have very much of that on both sides of this debate.

Anonymous said...

I've never posted here before, but I have to defend Andy Jacobs. He's one the greatest leaders we've ever had as a state. He'll just as soon tell you his respect for George H.W. Bush as for Julia. Calling him retarded is beyond the pale.

As for Ms. Carson, I do hope for her legacy that she retires after this term.

Anonymous said...

Jeff said: "I can't help wonder if the Republican party new about this little skeleton,"...heheh, the GOP knows about EVERY skeleton in a candidates closet, and they use them. How do you think they maintain such tight party line voting in the congress? Now they can't really use this one if ED makes it there can they? Think they have more to keep his vote in line? As Rummy would say: "You betcha !"

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...not sure Iunderstand the song lyrics...

Need to get my Jibberish to English Dictionary.

I understand, from good Republican friends, that the GOP just finished a poll in the field, and preliominary results are available today. The poll was conducted through Wednesday morning.

It shows Ms. Carson up--but by nine points, and her negatives at nearly 50%.

Also shows: Brizzi up be five; Dems winning all other county offices in a cakewalk...all incumbent legislators winning with only Rep. Orentlicher close (he's up by eight).

That kinda feelsd like what I've been hearing. Lots of time left before election day, but who'd have thunk ED would get within single digits with seven weeks left?

Anonymous said...

de batty boy dun know.

Wilson46201 said...

some have alleged ED owns a Maggies Moos but what else does he own? Frankly, even that ice cream shop sounds dubious ... If he's such an entrepreneur what other businesses does he claim ? That car dealership was it ...

Anonymous said...

I didn't know what it was. Now I do. Thanks Jeff.

It's still jibberish.

And Wilson, why is it so important for you to know all Mr. Dickerson's businesses, if he has any?

It won't affect your vote. We know you've made up your mind already.

You love to stir, don't you? Leave it alone. The events of this week pale in comparison to your sophomoric rants.

Anonymous said...

FYI, Wilson, Dickerson owns Westfield Collision Repair,also. It's a state of the art body shop. You can take it there when you wreck your car after hearing the news that he won the election. If you're nice, maybe he'll give you a discount on an ice cream cone down at the mall. LOL.

Wilson46201 said...

Eric Dickerson himself doesnt claim to own Maggie Moos or Westfield Collision Repair --- somebody has bad info , it seems ...

Anonymous said...

Career Experiences

* General Motors Corporation – accepted a position as an engineer and test pilot with GM immediately following discharge from the Marine Corps. Over the course of 15 years held other positions such as developmental engineer, project engineer, liaison engineer, and accident reconstructionist. Ended GM corporate career as the Director of Public Relations and Advertising 1979 - 95.
* Rolls-Royce – Director of Public Relations and Advertising 1995 - 97
* NewsTalk 1430 WXNT, Indianapolis, IN – Talk Show Host 2004 - 05
* Eric Dickerson Buick, Indianapolis, IN – Auto Dealer 1999 – Present
* Maggie Moo Ice Cream Treatery, Indianapolis, IN 2005 – Present

Just some of many he has posted on his web site.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - Your time would be better spent investigating the nasty divorce of Julia Carson and her former retired military husband, filed in July 1988.

Reasons he divorced her: Deception, fraud, falsifying, bank records, changing his military pension, changing beneficiaries on insurance policies made out to his grown children from his first marriage. At the time she was the one who needed financial support. The divorce filing appeared in the Indianapolis Star while she was in Atlanta attending the Democratic National Convention. Carson was taken into custody by police, but was released for a $1500.00 theft of a delegate’s travel money from her purse. If there is a record, I am sure the City of Atlanta has it since they reimbursed the Indiana delegate the money to avoid a national scandal. One of Rev. Jesse Jackson’s State Coordinators caught stealing money from a white female’s purse from Indiana. You did not see this headline because it was covered up.

What do you think of a wife who immediately runs to the bank, removes her husbands name off of all financial documents assuming he will not recover from being hospitalized for an illness, but he does recover?

When he discovered what she had done, it took him 4 months to find an attorney to handle the divorce. The divorce attorneys in this city did not want to be involved handling the ugly divorce of Senator Julia Carson.

The judge ordered Ms. Carson to bring all financial records and receipts to court and to account for all money spent. Do you know that she walked into court with 2 shopping bags of papers stuffed in the bags? The papers were not in any kind of order. Just sloppy.

Ask her about her domestic incidents, the arguments, and fights she had with him when she discovered he was leaving her for a younger woman. Her neighbors on Park Avenue witnesses several fights in the street and told people about it.

I know that you will find her dysfunctional marriage to this man more interesting than her opponents. The divorce record is on file.

Anonymous said...

Carson's Experience:

Teenage wife and mother

Surfside 7 Bar - waitress

UAW Local Office - Secretary to President Miles LLoyd

1973-1974 Congressman Jacobs - Secretary

1975-1976 State Rep District 45

1977-1990 State Senator District 34

1984-1985 J. Carson's Boutique

1991-1996 Center Township Trustee

1997-2006 10th and 7th Congressional District

2007 - Retired