Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Paula Dickerson Denies Domestic Abuse Charge

WTHR-TV reported on tonight's 11:00 news cast that Paula Dickerson, wife of GOP congressional candidate Eric Dickerson, denied allegations contained in a 15-year-old Indianapolis police report that her husband struck her and her daugther during a domestic dispute. Quoting Ms. Dickerson, WTHR reported:

Under no circumstances did my husband hit me or my children.

Further, WTHR reports that Ms. Dickerson will join her husband for a joint press conference tomorrow to set the record straight. What a strange turn of events. What are we to make of this police report that Democratic operatives produced and the news media relied upon--a police report which allegedly was prepared by an officer who responded to the scene with FOP President Vince Huber 15 years ago? Is it for real? Why were others unable to retrieve this report when they searched for it, along with other court records, only to discover the records had long since been purged? Will this turn out to be as phony as the Donthatehimgirl.com entry Democratic operatives were circulating around the Internet as fact in an effort to destroy an African-American member of Gov. Daniels' administration? I guess some folks will do anything to destroy an African-American who dares to identify himself or herself as a Republican.

Per Abdul Hakim-Shabazz' comment below, please tune in to his radio program in the morning on WXNT/1430 AM between 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. to hear portions of an exclusive interview he conducted with Ms. Dickerson tonight. He promises it's going to make a bunch of people look like idiots.

UPDATE: Regardless of what the alleged police report says, Paula Dickerson was very emphatic in her exclusive interview with Abdul that the assertions therein are untrue. In the exerpts of the interview played by Abdul this morning, she did not attempt to sugarcoat her husband's state of mind and the fact that she was very upset at him for confronting her at the door when she arrived home with a handful of groceries and he began yelling and screaming about his totalled corvette. She described a very chaotic scene with she, her husband and older daugther yelling and screaming, while the smaller children began crying. The son who wrecked the corvette was not at home she said. She was at a loss about the alleged injuries to her listed in the report. She noted that she is a very light-skinned person of mixed ethnicity, and that she gets red splotches on her skin when she becomes exercised. She was adamant that she is not the typical abused wife who is afraid to leave her husband because of financial dependency. She is a college-educated woman with a teaching degree, and she has always been able to obtain work if she wanted it throughout her marriage to Dickerson she explains. As for Rep. Carson telling the Star editorial board that her husband is a wife beater, like the good Christian Ms. Dickerson says she is, she will turn the other cheek. She will leave the political questions to her husband and others to sort out.

I would observe that the Indianapolis Star paper edition today includes no mention of this story, even though Mary Beth Schneider had an online story posted yesterday at indystar.com which confirmed Rep. Carson first raised this issue during an interview with the Star's editorial board. The lack of a story speaks volumes. Now, that online story has disappeared from the Star's website. What I believe is happening is that the Star is taking a much deeper look into the circumstances surrounding the surfacing of this issue in light of Ms. Dickerson's denial and the dubious nature of alleged police report Democrats produced to the media yesterday. This issue could boomerang big time against Carson and the Democrats.

NOTE TO DEMOCRATS: You might want to white out the social security numbers of the Dickersons the next time you post a document about them on the Internet, unless of course you want to add further insult to injury by making them the next victims of identity theft and unwarranted searching of their financial records. Per Jen's comment below, she has since redacted the SSNs from the police report posted at TDW. It was an innocent mistake she explains. Thank you to TDW for taking care of this matter. And on a personal note, I don't hold TDW responsible for this mess in any way. Any partisan blogger would have done the same thing and posted the document. My beef is the manner in which it was brought to light. I don't think Ms. Carson has any monopoly on purity to be digging up old dirt on her political opponents and throwing them out for public consumption.


Anonymous said...


I spoke to her for an hour tonight. She told me the same thing. We're running portions of the interview between 7:30-9:00.

A bunch of people are going to look like idiots on this one. And it serves them right.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Thanks Abdul for staying on top of this. The University of Indianapolis political science professor who McAnally interviewed tonight was right in asking why Carson would bother to drag something like this out in a campaign she had in the bag by all indications.

Anonymous said...

I met Mrs. Dickerson tonight.

She is truly a beautiful, well-poised, highly-educated, articulate confident black woman. She and Mr. Dickerson are so proud of their children, whom they raised remarkably well and she takes great pride in her family and her privacy.

Julia better be glad Mrs. Dickerson isn't running for Congress, she can stand up with best.

One thing is for sure, you better never come into her house and holler at her, even if the son totalled your beloved corvette.

Anonymous said...

...and even if you are "Eric Dickerson". lol.

Anonymous said...

It's the Clarence Thomas thing all over again. Why can't an African-American be a Republican without being completely ostracized by his own people? Democratic African-Americans behave like an American Taliban by demanding that all black people stay on the Democratic plantation. This has got to change.

Anonymous said...

Hope this turns out well, but...

Don't "go there" with the Thomas comparisons.

Queen916 said...

To Julia Carson:

It is time for you to go!

Rumors and accusations do not have to be true, only believable. This tactic has been used for a number of years by Julia Carson and Company to destroy an opponent’s credibility before an election.

Dirty tricks, sabotage, break-ins. You have prevailed for more than thirty years.

You have been very well connected and protected. Your sins and vices have been covered up or kept from public scrutiny.

Well Julia, it's your turn to have your life investigated and turned inside out looking for the dirt, the muck and the mire. Turn about is fair play.

I have the facts, and you know it, Ghetto Mafia Queen!

When you or your minions respond to the charges, do so under the penalties of perjury, otherwise your answers will not be acceptable.

Skeletons in your closet, there may be some dead bodies!

Anonymous said...

Someone over on Indy Undercover was discussing the police report archiving system -- where most information has been purged over the years, there's a little-used microfiche system where old reports are still stored, and that appears to be where this report came from.

They actually described how they were able to look up this report on microfiche, which would seem to lend some credence that it's real.

Jeff Newman said...

It is an awfully convincing looking document, and it seems like it shouldn't be to hard to verify it's veracity.

TDW and anyone else who has it posted, regardless of what you think of Dickerson, the Social Security numbers and D/L numbers really should be redacted, it's not cool to post that stuff online about anyone.

Sir Hailstone said...

Hmm .. it seems according to WTHR-TV and David McAnally's report that he just did some searching on a computer and there was the database record of the report in the system. The camera showed the text of the "narrative" on the screen (old mainframe looking terminal emulator)

Now maybe the original handwritten officer reports are on microfiche but the info that TDW and others are going by is on the computer.

Jeff Newman said...

Another thought about this...

If we were to give E.D. and his wife the benefit of the doubt and believe that there was no physical abuse, isn't there still cause for concern here?

Wrecked car or no wrecked car, I'm a little uneasy with the thought that a potential member of congress has such an uncontrollable temper that he has been arrested for a domestic disturbance (he doesn't dispute the arrest right?).

OK, so it was 1991 and perhaps he can maintain that he's mellowed, but it can't be written off to youth--the man was 42 at the time.

Anonymous said...

Just listened to Mrs. Dickerson on Abdul's radio show.

A few observations:

1. Has ANYone called Vince Huber to ask if he recalls the police report, and if so, stands by it? He has the second biggest mouth in Indy when it comes to complaining about the Mayor. He's strangely silent on this.

2. Mrs. D. is credible. If she's lying now, she's very, very good at it.

3. Domestic violence is a very serious issue. Its victims are everywhere. This whole issue needs to be rooted out and truthfully told, whatever it is.

4. Where is Rep. Carson? She planted this file on the media. And now she's silent? (This question requires a Julia answer, not a Wilson answer)

5. Excellent post by Ms. Minneart. I believe every request for information, from that mircofiche file, needs an FOI request form. Can anyone tell us who requested the (old) information?

6. Excellent point about redacting SS numbers. I think TDW posted it in the interest of accuracy, which is appreciated.

Anything can be edited easily with PhotoShop and other computer programs.

I'm stunned that JC would stoop to this action (dropping off a file and commenting that "Dickerson is wife-beater, you oughta check it out").

If she did indeed drop off the file personally, it's time for her to go. And that's sad.

If she did it, it's hugely poor judgment unworthy of a Congresswoman. Embarrasing.

And kinda surreal.

Anonymous said...

I wanna hear what the daughter has to say -- the one who actually called 911, because mom's credibility doesn't wash with me - she never picked up the phone.

There must have been a reason why the daughter did that, and if she felt strongly enough that she wasn't safe to call the police, then I'll bet she still has some feelings about whatever "allegedly" happened.

Anonymous said...


I didn't notice the SSNs on the document until someone pointed it out on my site this morning. They've been redacted. It was an honest mistake, and I've fixed it.

Just for the record, you know as well as I do that this document was and is publicly available, which means that anyone who has 16 cents to spare could go get the exact same thing I posted, SSNs and all.

Anonymous said...

Star online now has an updated article. Apparently some documents were found in the prosecutor's storage after all. Basically said everyone involved recanted.

Queen916 said...

Calling Wilson Allen 46201- Hey, are you the one that found the file for Julia? This is your area of expertise for her, research.

You and her other supporters should stop calling other people "losers", you obviously don't know the meaning of the word.

It seems your smoking gun has exploded. This was shameful! Where is your boss?

Julia has gone into hiding now that this plan has backfired. First, the facts surrounding the sale of his business being distorted, now an old police report that does not have the court file to substantiate her allegation of a "wife beater".

By the way, Jeff Modisett was the county prosecutor then. She and Jeff were very close, she took him around the black community, had him running in and out of the Center Township Trustee's office, knowing that his presence with her would further intimidate the employees.

If fact Wilson, remember the illegal Pac committee in the office. She forced employees to contribute money on payday to this Pac. I filed the complaint for the employees with Jeff Modisett's office and they set on it, and never brought charges against her.

If her allegations were true about Mr. Dickerson's actions in the police report, I am sure Jeff Modisett would have prosecuted him to the fullest for domestic abuse. The charges were dismissed.

She is bold and brazing when she thinks everything is going her way.
Now she is ducking the press, Coward!

In politics, when the truth is on your side, you really don't have much to worry about. 5 years ago, this smear would have destroyed a candidate’s campaign for lack of information from the other side being published.

I knew Dickerson campaign was gaining support that is why she shot her best shot at him this early.

Thank God for Abdul, Mrs. Dickerson told her side. Now are you going to accept her recall of the events?

Julia Carson's credibility was already low, now she's close to batting zero. It is her turn to do some explaining!

I had already prepared the bloggers on earlier blogs about you and Julia's tactics. I am not surprised!

Tell her I said so Wilson.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Thanks Jen. Duly noted.

Anonymous said...

AI: nothing new comes from Queen's keyboard except long-winded rants.

Can her 15 minutes be up, please?

Or at least limited to 50 words per post? It's getting tiring.

Anonymous said...

For the record, Queen...Prosecutor Modisett and Ms. Carson were NEVER very close.

Quiet, professional respect was about as far as that relationship went.


Otherwise, why would she sit idly by when he ran for re-election, after having prosecuted Mike Tyson, while many black leaders professed they were going to 'sit on their hands' and not help Jeff? She'd have helped him if we believe your accusation.

He lost. And to this day, some Center Twp. Dems crow about their ability to elect or defeat a candidate, based on that contest. Never mind the facts don't back them up...that's the urban myth.

Anonymous said...

"Otherwise, why would she sit idly by when he ran for re-election, after having prosecuted Mike Tyson, while many black leaders professed they were going to 'sit on their hands' and not help Jeff?"

So in the black community, it's OK to commit rape? Especially if the rapist is well known like Mike Tyson or Kobe Bryant, or murder like OJ Simpson?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm a little confused.

Julia says Eric is a wife-beater. She has a police report and mug shot to back it up. The report is signed by Vince Huber, the President of the Fraternal Order of Police. The report documents bite marks on the daughter, bruises, contusions and red marks on the wife.

Eric and his ex-wife, Paula, say that he didn't lay a finger on any family members. They agree the police were called and remember the incident.

But that means someone is lying. Either Huber (a staunch Republican, himself) lied when he filed the report (and therefore, Paula Dickerson and their daughter lied to Huber then when they told him what had happened) or the Dickersons are fudging now... But didn't Eric lie when he told Abdul that it was such a small matter he didn't even hire a lawyer when court records clearly show that he did?

I have to say, I'm getting rather worried about Dickerson's credibility now...

Queen916 said...

Anonynous 12:14 You are wrong, wrong, wrong!

Facts: Jeff Modisett was defeated not only for Mike Tyson, it was the indictment of Dwayne Brown, Clerk of the Appellate Courts that defeated him.

Evan Bayh and Jeff Modisett set him up and Julia Carson benefited.
One of the best kept secrets of the Democrat Party.

I was his adminstrative assistant and campaign manager when they set him up. I can write a book on this subject.

The black community did not listen to the so called black leaders who did support his reelection and so did she.

One hour on WTLC stating the facts surrounding the indictment and his conviction, one week before the November Election on Monday, Oct 31, 1994.

Modisett was dumped by black voters. There was nothing Julia Carson could have done.

Julia Carson did introduce jeff Modisett to black precinct committeemen. Andy Jacobs was his honorary campaign chairman.

In fact, it is a myth what she can really do. New computer voting machines and voter ID have changed the dynamics of vote getting for her machine.

Absentee ballots is her only program now.