Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Carson Campaign Accuses Dickerson Of Being A Wife Beater

During an exclusive, live interview with Eric Dickerson this morning on his WXNT radio talk show this morning, Abdul Hakim-Shabazz dropped this bombshell story in the 7th District race for Congress. Dickerson tells Abdul's radio audience that he was contacted recently by a Star reporter about an accusation his Democratic opponent, Rep. Julia Carson, had leveled during an interview with the Star's editorial board. At the conclusion of that editorial board interview, Dickerson tells us that the reporter says Carson volunteered the statement that Dickerson was a wife beater.

As Dickerson explains to the radio audience, the reference made by Carson was to a 1991 domestic violence arrest. Dickerson explained that he had just returned from an out-of-town business trip when he learned upon arriving at his home that his teen-aged son had taken his corvette on a joy ride and totalled it, nearly killing himself. Dickerson admits that he became extremely upset and did a lot of yelling. He assures his listeners that he did not strike any family member. During the heated moment, however, his then 12-year old daugther became frightened and called police. When police arrived, they told Dickerson he would have to go down town with them, and they booked him on a domestic violence charge. A subsequent investigation of the incident resulted in the charges being dropped, something that is not unusual in domestic disputes of this nature.

Dickerson is not surprised, but extremely disappointed in Rep. Carson for bringing up this issue. He had talked to her as recently as Saturday and the two of them had agreed to run a clean campaign. Then he learns just two days later from the Star reporter that Carson had referred to him as a wife beater. Abdul added to the discussion that Carson's supporters have been circulating a mug shot photo of Dickerson taken at the time of the arrest around the Internet in an effort to stir the issue.

Abdul asks Dickerson the question of why Carson's campaign would feel it necessary to resort to negative campaigning against him given what appears to be an insurmountable lead Carson holds over Dickerson according to a recent WISH-TV poll. Dickerson first reminds his radio audience that at this same point two years ago, then-candidate Mike Sodrel was trailing former Rep. Baron Hill by 25 points according to one poll and yet he still managed to upset Hill on election day. Dickerson also thinks his campaign is hurting Carson and some of her supporters, and they are getting desparate. He, of course, is referring to the criticism he's directed to the private club/bar a number of close Carson political supporters are building in the Julia Carson Government Center where her congressional office is located.

In light of the police report that has since been posted, the temptation to use this story against Dickerson is understandable, but I don't think it was appropriate for Carson to accuse Dickerson of being a wife beater to the Star's editorial staff as he asserts she did (assuming that part of the story is true). She has been the first to cry foul when her past opponents attacked her for such issues as failing to pay her property taxes and maintaining a nuisance in her neighborhood by failing to clean up an abandoned house she owned that was being used as a crack house. In the case of the latter, city taxpayers had to shell out more than $13,000 to clean up the house because she refused to do anything about it. Only after the news media reported on the incident and the bill owed to taxpayers did she dig into her $150,000 a year congressional salary and pay the debt.

It should be pointed out that when Dickerson first protested against the private club/bar in the government center, he specifically made a point of saying that he did not blame Carson for it and did not think she bore any responsibility. Nonetheless, Carson accused Dickerson of engaging in negative campaigning. Who's doing the negative campaigning now? Carson doesn't need this issue to defeat her opponent, but that's pretty much what we've come to expect in politics today.

Taking Down Words has posted up the police report from the incident. It doesn't look pretty, and it doesn't comport to Dickerson's story that he did not lay a hand on any family member. He will have a tough time explaining this one. He indicates that the charges were dropped, which means the statements contained in the police report were not proven in a court of law. My comments have been revised. I have to say that I'm extremely disappointed in Mr. Dickerson and what appears to be a complete lack of candor on his part in describing these events. I truly felt that he was someone in whom I could trust based upon my past communications with him, but now I'm left thinking otherwise. I am truly saddened by these turn of events.


Anonymous said...

The Carson Center bar issue is not, and should never have been, a 7th Congressional district campaign issue. Eric was wrong to try.

It allowed some of Julia's supporters to claim, with some weight, that ED was reaching. Because he was!

But the child abuse allegation is the heighth of arrogance.

Those of us who have been subjected to the arrogance and abuse, and threats, of the Center Township Dem power structure, know these allegations have been in JC's file since at least March.

Sixteen years old or not, these charges could have been juicy.

I am stunned that JC did it herself, instead of sending one of her henchmen (deniable plausibility) to do the work.

THAT was the true tactical error here.

She's old, she's feeble and she's a little scared. If she'd left this alone she might have cruised to victory.

But this is low. Really low.

She's earned the right to retire gracefully. Looks like she'll go kicking and screaming.

I still think she'll win...but this changes the landscape dramatically, and it wasn't necessary.

Homework, Julia...do your homework better.

Eric handled himslf like a gentleman.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny that Abdul scooped the Star's scoop.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Julia has been busy this weekend. She took it to another "low level" sunday when she entered the pulpit at a local church, a 501c3, and campaigned.

During that campaign speech she accused Eric of being broke and drivin' round in a raggitty car.

She's shameful.

Ben Fulton said...

Is there any evidence other than Dickerson's statement that Carson actually did make this claim?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Dickerson was extremely honest and open about the 5th/3rd loan issue that got dug up earlier in the campaign. Everything he said there proved to be true. It would be a big mistake for him to speak anything but truthfully about this matter. If he's not telling the truth, I'm sure that will come to light. Abdul confirmed that the arrest, including his mug shot, was being circulated around the Internet by her supporters.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

FYI - Maybe Abdul didn't "scoop" the Star.

Anyone ever think the Star looked into the allegation and found there was very little to substantiate and made the responsible decision not to put it in the paper?

Anonymous said...

Abdul also said this morning that there is someone -- "everyone knows who I'm talking about" -- who was caught with something in the trunk of his/her car.
Enlighten me ... to whom/what was he referring?

Wilson46201 said...

BUT, Things are seldom what they seem,
Skim milk masquerades as cream;
Highlows pass as patent leathers;
Jackdaws strut in peacock's feathers.
BUT. Black sheep dwell in every fold;
All that glitters is not gold;
Storks turn out to be but logs;
Bulls are but inflated frogs.
BUT, Drops the wind and stops the mill;
Turbot is ambitious brill;
Gild the farthing if you will,
Yet it is a farthing still.

Anonymous said...

Like Ben, I’m also questioning the sequence of hearsay reporting:

Basically, on the Adul show this morning, Eric Dickerson said, that a Star reporter said, that Carson said, that a police report said, that Eric Dickerson was hauled-in on a domestic abuse charge after Dickerson’s daughter called 911 for help… AND, Carson supporters are now passing around his mug shot, taken during said trip downtown, on their weblogs.

No evidence JC said what is being reported ... and no link to a single blog where said mug shot has been posted ... hmmmm

Anonymous said...

There had been rumors circulating for a while that something big was going to drop on Dickerson. Turns out this was it. I called and asked him to come on the show. He agreed. Scoop? No. Important story, I think so.

Anonymous said...
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Gary R. Welsh said...

Anon 8:24, the Atlanta story is quite interesting, but I've never heard that before and the substance of your accusations are very serious. If you are willing to identify yourself and sign an affidavit showing that you have first hand knowledge of it, then I will restore your comment. Until then, I'm going to delete it.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Without elaboration, Abdul communicated to me concerning those who are questioning whether the conversation took place between Carson and the editorial staff at the Star: "I stand by my story."

Sir Hailstone said...

"Will the Dems fuck it up if they get control?"

Yes they will. Look out for record taxes, and increasing job losses due to the policies of a liberal Congress. Nancy Pelosi & Co make the communists under the old Soviet regime look like moderates.

Anonymous said...

Good to know that Abdul is willing to stand by the story as reported on his show; then again, maybe he’d do better yet to follow AI’s lead by identifying the Star reporter and having that person sign an affidavit attesting to the accuracy of their reporting ...

Anonymous said...

If you'd like to read the police report, it's posted on Taking Down Words.

I still don't think the entire story is out there yet, but the report is a bit more telling than Dickerson was this morning.

It was a smart move to go on the offensive, but he doesn't appear to have been telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Anonymous said...

Response to Advance Indiana - There are several people to date who can verify the incident in Atlanta, Julia Carson herself, Richard Hatcher, Rev. Jesse Jackson, the 1988 Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia, members of labor unions who were delegates, Mr. Livengood, lobbyist For the Restaurant Association, former State Chairman, and other National Delegates to the Convention. there should be a record of all delegates to the national convention.

Mary Beth Schneider is the Star reporter Julia Carson contacted.

Untold history regarding the actions of Ms. Carson. Ask her, see if she will sign an affidavit, under the penalties of perjury, for each charge made on the internet by bloggers.

Between now and the election, she should be more then willing to explain the charges without her mouth piece, since she never has answered the questions when asked.

It matters not to me if her supporters do not want truth about her, but the other voters have a right to know the truth.

Yes, I will sign an affidavit under the penalties of perjury.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I don't give a dam what happened 16 years ago. That has nothing to do with who is fit to serve us today, and Julia is not only "not fit", she's an embarrassment and is the Queen of the Ghetto Mafia.

The black race rejects the notion that "we" must be perfect and even if we used that criteria, he's more perfect than Julia.

stAllio! said...

it's funny that gary blasts carson for saying something "without bothering to gather the relevant facts" while gary himself is working on third-hand information. then the police report comes out and it has passages like this:

At that time we spoke at length with Paula and could see bruises, cuts, scrapes and contusions on her arms, elbows and legs. All those came during the fight and where Eric Dickerson attacked her and tried to strangle her and poke her eyes out and punched her several times. During the struggle with his wife, Aisha, the daughter had tried to stop her father from beating up her mother and was subsequently bitten by her father on the right forearm, causing a set of teeth marks on the skin.

perhaps abdul and gary should have tracked down the police report before declaring eric's innocence?

what really gets me, though, is that gary thinks he has "come to know [julia] well enough that I know that it is nearly impossible to shame her". so you two used to be best buds?

Gary R. Welsh said...

When I make a mistake Stallio, I'm not afraid to own up to it. I have little respect for people like you who hide in anonymity and take shots at people all the time. Why don't you come out of your closet and expose yourself like a real man?

stAllio! said...

there's a difference between anonymity and pseudonymity. my identity is hardly a secret: i've been profiled in local media and my "real" name appeared in INtake. which you would know if you had bothered to "gather the relevant facts" before attacking me.

Anonymous said...

Funny that the police report couldn't be located when Republicans requested it, but it made its way into the hands of Democratic operatives. Indy Democratic law enforcement chiefs playing politics with the police department again?

Wilson46201 said...

so the GOP knew of Eric's domestic violence arrests but took his word that he touched nobody? interesting indeed...

Queen916 said...

The Two Faces of Eve:

Voters shall not be distracted from the real issues in the 7th District campaign.

Eric Dickerson will be our new congressman in the District when this is over.

Julia Carsons only attacks when she feels vulnerable. I am surprised that she did not have one of her flunkies call the newspaper like she has done in the past. Usually, they smear anonymously, so that it can't be traced to her.

I should know, I have been one of her victims for years. I can swear to it. However, I fight back!

Bottomline: Julia it is time for you to go!

stAllio! said...

gary: i know i've been extremely critical of you in the past month or so (and also in this comment thread), so let me say now that i applaud your decision to revise this post now that you've read the police report.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Thank you Stallio. The whole thing is just awful.

Anonymous said...

1988 Domestic Violence;

A Glass House:

Attempted to steal the military pension and other benefits from her husband when he was hospitalized. She thought he was going to die.

He filed for divorce in July 1988, while she was in Atltanta, published in the Indianapolis Star.

When he recovered and discovered what she had done.
Ask Julia Carson about her last divorce and how she became violent and stood in the middle of Park Avenue throwing rocks and banging on his car and screaming obscenities as he drove away with his younger girlfriend.

A public record is on file.

The neighbors on the block witnesses her performance.

Anonymous said...

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones!

So John Livengood and and other members of the Democrat Party new about the incident in Atlanta, and about her divorce and said nothing.

What's up with that?
Carson serves on the U.S. House Banking Committee, she has friends at fifth/third bank.

Don't use your influence to meddle in Dickerson's business.

Wilson46201 said...

... lots of AnonyMice sputtering mad today trying to defend the indefensible!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Wilson. Why would anyone defend this? It is still embarrassing that Julia Carson represents me in Congress (or anywhere, for that matter). But there is no way that this Republican could ever vote for Dickerson now. I am very disapppointed by that, but I can see no way that my mind will change. But to be clear, I will also never vote for Carson.

My only question now: Is there a third-party candidate in this race? Or will people like me need to skip this race completely?

Wilson46201 said...

there is one official write-in candidate in the 7th District in addition to Ms. Carson and Dickerson. This write-in candidate (Plemons) is a gun nut and tax protestor with firearms arrests...you don't want to go there!


Anonymous said...

Wilson Allen 46201 - Since there seems to be a public paper trail on both major candidates, they are even.

Now let's start over with 7 weeks to go.

She's a thief and he's called a wife beater. Both sound terrible.
oes to show you that no one's perfect!

Wilson46201 said...

Ms. Carson is called a thief by Jocelyn Tandy who has fruitlessly been throwing these charges for many, many years. Never any proof or arrests, just a lot of hollering by a perennial candidate and loser. In Dickerson's case, you can read the actual police reports...

Frankly, Jocelyn Tandy has been the laughingstock of Indpls politicos for years. She's a nasty homophobe too!

Anonymous said...

3:28 You must be kidding. Is this really what our political system has devolved to? Both candidates are bad, so they're "even???!!"

If there was ever a good case for "none of the above," this is it. Those of you continuing to pander for either of these two candidates are either disgusting or stupid, or both.

Sorry, Gary, to be so blunt; but I started the afternoon with disappointment about Dickerson and am ending with disappointment for my fellow bloggers. Regretfully, every one of these idiot comments probably comes from someone who votes regularly. And that, my friends, is pretty scary.

Anonymous said...

Wilson46201-There are court records on Carson, there are witnesses all over the place.

Jocelyn Tandy Adande is not the only person that knows about Julia's dirty tricks, ask Burnetta Tanner, Yvonne Watkins, Lula Journey, Taylor Seath, Byron Davenport, Odessa Shobe, Bernice Hobbs, Cordelia Lewis, Tony Duncan,
several are deceased and more.

They are not responsible for media black-outs on Julia Carson all of these years.

Queen916 said...

Wilson46201-Do you have syphillis of the brain?

It seems that Carson supporters have a serious problen with the truth, ethics and morals.

You should have been arrested when you and Tony Duncan stole votes from other candidates.

Wilson46201 said...

Jocelyn, a number of the folk you named would just as soon spit on you as look at you ...

Dickerson and Carson are the nominated candidates --- not Jocelyn Tandy. Get over it!

Queen916 said...

Advance Indiana:
Julia Carson can dig into everybody's background and use the infomation against them when it is convenient. Her positions can command media attention, while at the same time, they are slow to report her vices.

Information on her has been reported to news media along with public records and the information was blocked from getting out.
She has always had a contact at th paper to feed her information to.

She is the incumbent and it is time for voters to examine her entire poltical background. Most of it has been covered up. The people do want a change, and the only poll that counts is on election day.

Wilson Allen, you are correct Eric Dickerson is the nominee for the Republican Party and he will win in November.

Wilson46201 said...

I warned Eric about Jocelyn being a jinx to any campaign - he personally assured me she is not involved ... just like he told Abdul he never hit anybody on Agust 23, 1991...

Wilson46201 said...

the story has hit the Indpls Star now in addition to Ch. 13 ...

Gary R. Welsh said...

Show us the police records of these alleged events with Carson, and they will be put out for public consumption. Carson's campaign has set the standard. Let's see how she fairs.