Monday, January 05, 2015

Hogsett Pushes Cash Haul To More Than $1.4 Million

Joe Hogsett may not have made the Indianapolis Star's list of 15 "movers and shakers" to watch this year, but he's gotten the attention of the folks who have everything to gain from having a friendly face in the Indianapolis mayor's office. Hogsett added more than $500,000 to his 2014 campaign receipts for his bid to become Indianapolis' next mayor. Added to the more than $916,000 he reported last month, Hogsett's total receipts now top $1.4 million with more than $1.3 million left in the bank to spend on his campaign as of the start of the year.

The Hogsett campaign went back to the well of its largest campaign contributors to fatten his war chest. His top contributor, Barnes & Thornburg attorney Jeffrey Mallamad upped his previous contribution another $10,000 to $120,000 total given to date. Lobbyists Lacy Johnson and Greg Hahn increased their total contributions to $25,000 and $20,000, respectively. Hogsett's law firm, Bose McKinney & Evans, has now chipped in $35,000 for the cause.

The Lake Co. Democratic Party sent well wishes and a $15,000 contribution. Hoosier Trust invested $20,000 with Hogsett. Jason Hesler sent $10,000. Former Mayor Bart Peterson found $5,000 to spare, while attorney Irwin Levin and Joe Smith, Jr. chipped in over $10,500 each. Ed Jolliffe spared $8,000, while Keith Lochmueller was among a number of new contributors kicking in $5,000 a piece. The vast majority of the contributions came from attorneys, lobbyists, contractors and consultants with business before the City.

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Anonymous said...

This early heavy cash haul is intended to tell everyone else, on either side, to stay out of the race.

Hogsett can raise more if he needs to, but there will be payback for anyone who makes his donors have to spend any more than they reasonably want to spend to buy this election.

That Hogsett was a U.S. Attorney should be enough of a threat to anyone with thoughts of challenging him.

I have to wonder whether there will even be any mayoral debates.

MikeC said...

So who is going to run from the GOP? Keller? Ike?

Anonymous said...

If a tree was felled in the forest, turned into paper, converted into a charter of a Republican Party that didn't field candidates, viable or not at all- does the party exist?

Anonymous said...

So what. It's a race against none. And what of the over sea trips our Mayor took and Governors? What about a vacant mansion for 8 years...What about all the TIF, Eric Turners of the club and pay to players the last 8 years. What about the untimely deaths of witnesses and whistle blowers. Balanced journalism. Appreciate being kept informed...But the City is ready for integrity and honesty which you proved by publishing amounts paid and from whom...Can't say so much the last 8 years with deals all over the place.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Why is he filing a report now? Why?

Anonymous said...

Warning shot, Paul. Legal filings are a form of communication.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Because he can, Paul.

Anonymous said...

Regarding city business, I know Indianapolis sent at least two police officers to the funeral of the NYPD officers.

Were the IMPD officers respectful of New York's mayor, or did our officers act disprespectfully and insubordinately by turning their backs on DeBlasio?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

DiBlasio deserves having backs turned on him. He's a Class A asshole. Even Anthony Weiner would have made a better mayor than that clown.

Anonymous said...

DeBlasio may be a clown, but he's doing the right thing getting the cops under his thumb.

The cops are really mad at DeBlasio because he ordered the police to take their focus off marijuana. He ordered the cops not to waste any time on marijuana and not to consider it even criminal.

Marijuana was a big, easy, payday for the cops, so when DeBlasio took marijuana away from them, he took away their padded activity and needless overtime.

DeBlasio also took away "stop-and-frisk," the policy that lets NYPD terrorize everyone for the sake of acting like bullies and an occupying army. NYPD liked pushing people around, and they aren't as good at stopping real crime, so when he took "stop-and-frisk" away, he forced them back into police work the NYPD tries to avoid doing.

When DeBlasio embarrassed the cops for being worthless who killed Garner over "loosies," he again hit them in the wallet, because he showed, one more time, that NYPD is just a bunch of bullies who spend their time harassing regular folks and not going after real criminals.

The cops like to play tough with an overweight neighborhood guy engaged in a victimless crime, but they don't like doing real police work or going after real crime.

Without the ability to play thug with the average person in the street, and to get paid overtime for doing it, the NYPD has suffered a huge blow to its ego, and DeBlasio is forcing them to do real work now, instead of wasting time by pushing everyone around.

Since the people became cops to push people around and to get fat, guaranteed paychecks, DeBlasio has removed all the reasons the people joined NYPD.

Good for DeBlasio.

If DeBlasio ran for president on a promise to go after American cops, I'd vote for him. The entire country needs police reform. We need an active Civil Rights Division of the DOJ that does nothing but arrest and prosecute local police.