Thursday, January 22, 2015

Former Hawaii Governor Picked By Rauner To Be His Chief Operating Officer

Obama posing with former Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle while both mockingly display the horns of Satan
For those of us who knew Obama presented a phony biographical narrative when he first ran for president in 2008, his Hawaiian home state's then-Republican governor, Linda Lingle, will never be forgiven for the key role she played in the cover up. She was a vocal critic of anyone who questioned Obama's biographical narrative despite overwhelming evidence that virtually his entire life story as described in his autobiography, "Dreams From My Father," had been concocted out of whole cloth by ghost writer and renowned terrorist Bill Ayers.

Lingle claimed her administration had confirmed a record in Hawaii's vital records documenting Obama's birth in Hawaii, although the state kept all of those records under lock and key and the short-form birth certificate produced by Obama was exposed as a bad forgery. In April 2010 after Donald Trump took up the so-called birther cause, Obama produced for the first time an alleged long-form birth certificate issued by the state. Document experts soon established that document was a forgery as well, and the state's Health Department officials, who answered to Lingle's successor, long-time Obama friend Gov. Neil Abercrombie, refused to document its authenticity, only saying there was a recording of his birth in the state's health records, which means little since Hawaii law, unlike other states, permitted parents to record births of children that had occurred outside the state. Later, Abercrombie's health director, Loretta Fuddy, the first non-physician to hold that post, turned up dead from a suspicious, soft plane crash landing on the water near the shore, which claimed her life while the pilot and every other passenger aboard the plane escaped with only minor or no injuries at all.

Lingle was Hawaii's first governor of Jewish ancestry, who served as Maui's mayor before her election as the state's first Republican governor in 2002, a post she held for two terms. The former St. Louis resident is now turning up in Chicago politics where she has been named as chief operating officer for the administration of Gov. Bruce Rauner, a nominal Republican with very close ties to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D), Obama's first White House chief of staff. Rauner, of course, was Emanuel's chief benefactor, helping him score a nearly $18 million fee on a business transaction he steered to a Chicago investment firm where Emanuel was employed for a mere 18 months between serving in the Clinton White House and succeeding Rod Blagojevich in the House of Representatives when Blavojevich gave up his congressional seat to become Illinois' governor. Emanuel scored the multi-million dollar investment banking fee despite having zero prior business experience prior to joining the investment firm. It looks like Rauner is now taking care of Lingle just like he did Emanuel for her role in paving the way for Barack Obama.


Anonymous said...

I've met more convincing drag queens than Lingle. Is she really a woman?

Gary R. Welsh said...

LOL! I think she's supposed to be the alter ego of Orly Taitz, although I'm pretty certain they both answer to the same masters.

Hoosier in the Heartland said...

According to this site: Signs of Satan, neither Obama nor Lingle is displaying the "sign of Satan".