Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Rand Paul Taps Rauner Campaign Manager To Manage Presidential Campaign

The Washington Post says Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has hired Chip Englander, fresh off a big win managing Bruce Rauner's gubernatorial campaign in Illinois, to manage his 2016 presidential bid.
. . . The move underscores Paul's unorthodox approach to presidential politics and his expected candidacy, with plans to put an emphasis on outreach to the poor and younger voters while also courting conservative activists in early-primary states. 
In an interview Tuesday, Englander argued that Paul’s unconventional positions would lay the foundation for a potent Republican coalition. Paul has articulated mostly non-interventionist views on foreign policy, while taking hardline stances against tax hikes and President Obama’s health-care law domestically. 
“America has intractable problems and it’s going to take a transformational leader to fix them,” Englander said. “Senator Paul is going to be the bold, transformational figure in this race.” 
The hiring of Englander comes as former Florida governor Jeb Bush and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney are moving closer to launching their own 2016 campaigns and connecting with donors and Republican officials. 
Rather than bringing on a consultant well-known in Washington or one with ties to his father, former Texas congressman Ron Paul, the Kentucky Republican has enlisted a youthful outsider to coordinate his efforts. Englander, 33, who spent much of his early career working in California politics, last year managed Republican Bruce Rauner’s campaign for governor in Illinois, guiding the wealthy businessman through a competitive primary and then to a decisive win in the general election - in part by outpacing Democrats in some urban areas and steering clear of hot-button social issues. 
Stafford cited the work of Englander in helping Rauner win a blue state where Republicans have had scattered success as a key reason why Rand Paul settled on him. He also focused on Englander's management of Rauner's sprawling network of volunteers and a campaign budget of nearly $70 million . . . 
Illinois State House reporter Rich Miller said of Englander's hiring:
"I developed a healthy respect for Englander over the course of the past year. He grew from a brash outsider with a distinct chip on his shoulder (pardon the pun), to a competent, even visionary professional who also put together one heckuva team."


Anonymous said...

Rand can't count on his dad's base.

Jeb will come off as the smartest person on the stage.

Israel will back Jeb/Romney.

I'm not sure Rand will go any farther than Huntsman.

Marycatherine Barton said...

It appears that Rand and Stafford are a match made in heaven. Will there be a President Paul after all?

Marycatherine Barton said...

oops. I meant Rand - ENGLANDER.