Monday, January 19, 2015

Kravitz: Patriots May Have Deflated Footballs

The Indianapolis Colts got it handed to them in the AFC Championship game in Foxborough, Massachusetts yesterday where the New England Patriots stomped them 45-7, but did they play fair? WTHR's Bob Kravitz says NFL sources tell him the Patriots are being investigated for deflating footballs used by the team in the game. Kravitz says officials took a ball out of play at one point and weighed it. Why deflate a ball? A deflated ball could be easier to throw and catch in the poor weather conditions that existed during last night's game. If an investigation confirms deflated balls were used, it could result if lost draft picks for the Patriots according to Kravitz.


Flogger said...

You can be sure this will be the Top News for the Indy-Mega-Media. I suspect more ink and talk will be devoted to this deflation story than the Media will devote to honestly investigating the ROC, or the new Judicial Center.

I lost total interest in Professional Sports back in 1980's when cities began building Sports Palaces for Mega-Billionaires. Collegiate Level Coaches make more money than the Professors educating students to be Doctors or Rocket Scientists. Sports has tried it's best to cloak itself as Mom and Apple Pie, and fanatic Patriotism.

Cheating has always lurked beneath surface of sports, scuffed baseballs, spit-balls, hollowed out bats, steroids, grading scandals in Colleges, etc. Perhaps the most useless Congressional Investigation was into steroid use.

Anonymous said...

Now we've heard everything from the whiny Colts.

For the home of piped-in crowd noise and the most rigged in games in Football history to be complaining about another team is what psychiatrists call "projection."

The Colts would never have played the Bears in the Super Bowl if the
2007 AFC Championship Game wasn't rigged, from start to finish.

The Colts are a cheating joke team with joke fans in a joke city who only got a Super Bowl win to make it easy to lead a very dumb city into building a new stadium at taxpayer expense.

The Colts were given free pass interference calls, all night.

Just admit it, Indy, the Patriots are a better team, and Boston is a better city.

Indianapolis is an inferior place with inferior people.

Anonymous said...

Bob Kravitz is such a joke who has just brought such national embarrassment to Indianapolis that he should be out of a job.

The entire country is laughing at Indy on comment boards because of Kravitz. He's bad for Indy and bad for Indy's business. He should be fired.

C. Roger Csee said...

And maybe they gave the Colt's players wedgies when they tried to catch a pass.
And maybe they had people use mirrors to flash light in the Colt's players eyes so they couldn't see well.
And maybe they short-sheeted the Colt's players beds the night before.
And, and, and.
So...why couldn't the Colts players catch them easier, then?

Anonymous said...

The balls Luck threw were sure easy for the Patriots to catch. Were the Colts deflating balls, too?

Anonymous said...

"Indianapolis is an inferior place with inferior people"
No doubt Indy's not at the top of many "best places" lists and if you read this blog often you know there are some questionable folks here. But overall many of us live here because this is where we want to be. Most of us are good, honest and hard working people. And not too many hold high regards for the self-centered mindset of some east coast types like yourself, Anon 8:53, and that has nothing to do with football. Anon 8:53, you are an asshole.

Anonymous said...

Don't get mad at me because your Colts are inferior to Brady, thus making all Indianapolis residents inferior to Boston residents.

Anonymous said...

i'm from indy & i'm not dumm.

Unknown said...

I second that .