Monday, January 12, 2015

Rauner Picks Another Hoosier To Serve In His Administration

Illinois' incoming Republican governor, Bruce Rauner, has tapped another Hoosier with ties to former Gov Mitch Daniels' administration to serve on his staff. Over the weekend, a list of staff appointments made by Rauner included David Wu as Director of Government Transformation. Wu worked as a policy director for Gov. Daniels and later Mayor Greg Ballard, as well as a short stint at Angie's List. A press announcement touted Wu's work not only in public policy but also in international finance and traditional and digital media in diverse places, including Hong Kong, Singapore and Florida. Wu joins Barnes & Thornburg attorney Jason Barclay, who Rauner earlier named as his general counsel. Barclay served in a similar role for Gov. Daniels. We're still awaiting word on whether Mitch Roob, a native of Illinois, will join Rauner's administration.


Anonymous said...

Indiana is perhaps the most unabashed Tammany Hall going. It's been a long time since Illinois has been as sleazy and deep-down corrupt as Indiana is.

If you want dirty dealers, Indiana is the best training ground in the country.

My hope is that the Chicago press will make the connection between Indiana and sleaze and send some people down to Indianapolis to open the books and get the sleazebags on camera.

There's a Pulitzer in taking down Indiana. Chicago would definitely read it in the morning paper, especially if their state is being run by our filth.

Gary R. Welsh said...

The irony is that Rauner touted Barclay for his work on improving Indiana's ethics laws while working for Daniels. In fact, he helped ensure those laws were very weak, and when he returned to Barnes & Thornburg, he and Larry Mackey worked hand-in-hand in the cover up of massive public corruption cases in this state which would have been prosecuted by the feds in almost any other state in the country, including Illinois. It's no surprise that Hogsett's biggest campaign contributor is a Barnes & Thornburg attorney, Jeff Mallamad, who brought Hogsett into his labor practice when he formerly headed up that practice area at Bingham Greenebaum Doll. I'm praying Rauner hires Mitch Roob. Believe me, the Chicago media will have a field day with him.

Anonymous said...

What role, if any, did Wu play in setting up the Stingray cyber-spying operations in the Daniels and Ballard administrations?

Gary R. Welsh said...

By the way, Abdul-Hakim Shabazz has already asked for a job and been told, NO. Just kidding.

Anonymous said...

Illinois, unlike Indiana, has some standards, Gary.

Although I wouldn't be surprised to see Abdul ooze back across the border to run interference for Rauner.

There might be a Chicago radio station with a Republican slot to fill.