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Feds Seized Epstein's Pedophile Snuff Images Eight Years Ago: Prince Andrew May Have Been Filmed

Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein
Prince Andrew (left) with Jeffrey Epstein in New York's Central Park
It's been painfully obvious the federal government and most of law enforcement across this nation have been suppressing evidence of elite pedophile rings that have served the most powerful people in government, business and entertainment for decades. One of Bill Clinton's closest pals, billionaire financier and convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, received only an 18-month sentence for soliciting sex with a 14-year old girl six years ago. During that investigation, law enforcement seized videos found on a computer at Epstein's Palm Beach, Florida home of various persons having sex with prostitutes, including some of whom were underage girls. Epstein allegedly had hidden cameras buried in the walls of his homes' guest bedrooms where he recorded his prominent guests' sexual encounters. New evidence is coming to light as a result of a civil lawsuit filed by a 30-year old woman, Virginia Roberts, who claims she was held as a sex slave by Epstein and forced to sleep with Britain's Prince Andrew during multiple encounters in New York, London and the Virgin Islands.

What is particularly troubling is the evidence seized on Epstein's computer occurred in 2006. According to the Daily Mirror, Epstein may have images of Prince Andrew having sex with Roberts, as well as the sexual encounters of many other guests who took part in VIP orgies he threw at his luxury homes. One of the orgies in which Prince Andrew took part occurred at Epstein's exclusive island compound in the Virgin Islands where Roberts alleged other underage girls had sex with Epstein's guests. After Epstein's release from his 18-month prison sentence, Prince Andrew reportedly joined him in New York to celebrate his freedom. Roberts claims in her lawsuit she was sex-trafficked to "many other powerful men, including numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well known Prime Minister, and other world leaders."

The Royals are vehemently denying Roberts' allegations. Prince Andrew has been friends with Epstein for many years. According to the Daily Mirror, he was photographed partying with Epstein during a trip to Indonesia in 2001 on a yacht surrounded by topless women. A former handyman for Epstein told the Daily Mirror the Prince enjoyed massages from prostitutes hired by Epstein during frequent visits to his home in Palm Beach, Florida. "Juan Alessi said the Prince enjoyed daily massages from young women and often emerged 'smiling' after rub-downs." The Daily Mirror added, "Alessi also told how he witnessed parties at the ­waterfront mansion at which the Prince was present while young girls frolicked in the nude." A furor in Britain over Prince Andrew's relationship with Epstein forced him to step down from his role as a trade envoy for the country.

A separate lawsuit filed against prosecutors by a Jane Doe concerning Epstein's case alleges the government broke a law requiring their notification and consultation regarding the terms of his plea agreement before it was accepted. The U.S. Attorney's Office in South Florida still has the video images seized from Epstein's Palm Beach home, which apparently resulted in no other prosecutions, except for an 18-month sentence given to a former butler who worked for Epstein for attempting to sell a journal he recorded of Epstein's illegal activities. An odd team of lawyers came together to defend Epstein in the case that let him off with only an 18-month sentence, only 13 of which he served, including Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz and the former special prosecutor in Clinton's impeachment case, Kenneth Starr. A grand jury which heard evidence only returned one indictment for felony solicitation of prostitution. In one civil lawsuit filed against Epstein, a victim alleges Dershowitz also sexually abused a minor furnished to him by Epstein, an allegation Dershowitz has denied.

InfoWars' Alex Jones has frequently reported over the years about a widespread practice of pedophilia among the global elites around the world. It is certainly true here in Indianapolis where some of the most prominent and powerful people in our community have sexually abused underage boys for years with the full knowledge of federal and local law enforcement in Indianapolis. This goes back to at least the 1970s when pedophile Joe Miller and his pals furnished underage boys to influential business and political leaders, all of which got swept under the rug even after it came to the attention of law enforcement. Miller's wealth, power and influence only grew over the years before he took his life in August 2010. Local media refused to report on the illegal drug business he operated for decades from which he amassed his fortune or his penchant for having sex with underage boys both prior to and following his death.

While still in his late 20s, Miller escaped prosecution for molesting two Johnson County boys back in the 1970s, along with his drug dealing, while he worked as grand jury bailiff under former Marion Co. Prosecutor James Kelley, who Miller told police investigators he had worked as his gay sex slave, frequently traveling with him to other cities here and abroad. Kelley was never prosecuted for his wrongdoing in office, information which was used to prevent him from prosecuting corrupt police and politicians. He agreed not to run for re-election and received a comfortable job working for the federal government in Washington following the end of his term in office. It is my belief that the reason we are often betrayed by so many of our elected officials in this country is because they are nefariously entrapped into these perversions once they attain political office and are then blackmailed. Epstein's recordings were more likely made for purposes of blackmailing influential persons, not to satisfy his own prurient interests. I'm sure his recording came in handy to allow the Wall Street Banksters to rape and pillage this country to the detriment of average Americans.

See below one of Alex Jones' latest reports on pedophile rings among the elites.

One of the nation's most shocking and under-reported national pedophile rings dating back to the 1970s, The Franklin Scandal, is thoroughly reported in a book written by Nick Bryant, which discussed the pedophile ring based in Omaha, Nebraska run by a convicted credit union fraudster, Lawrence King, who had deep ties to many of the most influential people in the Republican Party. This pedophile ring furnished underage boys to some of the most powerful men in Washington, many of whom are still alive. There were even allegations of underage boys forced to perform for powerful men at the elite Bohemian Grove, where at least one boy was shot in the head during the filming of a snuff film. That was just one of the several murders, suicides and unexplained deaths involving young victims. Federal and local law enforcement in this country went to great lengths in the 1980s and 90s to cover up the reach of this scandal in order to protect some of our nation's most powerful and influential men.

Shockingly, one of the alleged victims turned up working as a White House press correspondent during the administration of George W. Bush. Jeff Gannon, who had no prior experience in journalism before being granted White House privileges, was forced to give up his press credentials when the Washington Post exposed him as a gay escort who operated a website called Many believe Gannon, also known as James Guckert, was actually Johnny Gosch, a 12-year old West Des Moines, Iowa boy kidnapped in 1982 while he was delivering newspapers and who may have later been sex-trafficked in the Omaha-based pedophile ring. Gannon first agreed to take a DNA test to prove he wasn't Gosch but later reneged on that promise. Thereafter, he dropped out of sight never to be heard from again. One of Gannon's protectors at the time was high-profile New York private investigator Bo Dietl, who the family of IU student Lauren Spierer foolishly wasted money hiring to help them solve her disappearance in Bloomington a couple of years ago.

Listen to Parts 2, 3 and 4 here, here and here.


Anonymous said...

I highly recommend "Conspiracy of Silence" (the un-aired 1994 Discovery Channel documentary:, also, on this subject.

Flogger said...

Perhaps no institution is more useless than the British Royal Family. You have to go a long way to find a more dysfunctional family. The dysfunction is papered over by enormous wealth and Media that for the most part spends it's time licking the boots of the Royal Family.

There was a good movie made years ago with Peter O'Toole titled the Ruling Class. It was satire, but close to the truth.

The ancient Roman historians exposed the excesses of various Roman Emperors. Speaking of Romans, Roman Polanski managed to escape justice.

The Mega-Media has as it's Prime Directive the protection of the Status Quo, including the 1%.

Gary R. Welsh said...

One of the most chilling parts of that documentary is the interview with former CIA Director William Colby. His friend and former aide, State Sen. John DeCamp of Nebraska, spear-headed the investigation in Nebraska. Colby says during the documentary that he had warned his friend of the grave danger of his work but helped him press the case with the Justice Department. Here's the transcript of that part of the documentary:

In the face of mysterious threats, John has turned for advice to his friend and onetime boss, former head of the CIA, Bill Colby.

DeCamp: “Bill Colby told me, better than anything, the one thing that the bad people can’t afford is publicity, and knocking you off right now or doing something obvious to one of your kids would bring them more trouble than it’s worth.”

Bill Colby: “I said you have to consider the possibility of some danger to not only your reputation, but to your person. I mean, people do react rather violently to some kinds of charges, or particularly if they’re true, there is more apt to be a negative reaction than if they’re false. If they’re false charges, than they can be reacted to in a normal way, by a libel suit or whatever. But if there’s truth in it, there can be a danger in that situation. We’ve seen that happen in other cases.”

John DeCamp has arranged to meet Troy Boner, the young man he sees as the key to the cover-up.

DeCamp: “He is in great danger. The reason is he carries the secret, so to speak. He served his purpose for the FBI and others by committing the lies that put the seal on the cover-up. His greatest safety probably lies in doing exactly what he knows he should do—that is exposing the whole thing, taking one final last chance and telling the truth.

Troy: “My fears are that, you know, I am not going to be believed again. It is just going to be a whole other kind of exploitation like it was last time, you know. And afraid that that’s going to happen, or that I might end up dead or a loved one might end up dead again. I want this to go forward and have something done so that all those other kids who a lot more worse things have happened to can come forward and see that action can be taken because there are a lot of other kids out there that things happen to them, a lot worse that happened to me.”

Less than two years later, Colby was found dead in the Potomac River after he supposedly got up from the dinner table, left his uneaten food on the table and the TV on and decided to go for a ride on his boat when he supposedly suffered a heart attack and fell into the water and drowned. The lead investigator for the legislative investigative committee died, Gary Caradori, died when his private plane exploded during a return trip from Chicago after he told others of explosive new evidence he had uncovered in the case that would blow it wide open. Troy Boner, one of the victims who had been badgered and threatened by the FBI to change his testimony later walked into a New Mexico hospital screaming. He died in the hospital a day later allegedly from a drug overdose.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the downtown condo of Joe Miller was wired up with a sophisticated system of hidden cameras. I wonder what the Barnes & Thornburg attorney who found his body knew about all of his video recordings. Who were the people seen removing the evidence from his condo? What happened to that evidence?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Barnes & Thornburg's Larry Mackey the federal prosecutor who hid the Oklahoma City snuff videos which proved Timothy McVey wasn't the mastermind behind the bombing of the Murrah Building? I then read where he, David Gergen's bitch boy Jason Barclay and Bo Dietl rush to help the Lauren Spierer family? Wake up.

Anonymous said...

The Franklin pedophile ring and the Johnny Gosch newspaper kidnapping story reminds me of a child abuse victim here in Indianapolis. I can't recall his name, but he was one of the Indianapolis Star's best newspaper delivery boys when he was a kid. Very cute kid as I recall. He started having problems getting jobs later on because of an unproven allegation he made against our city's mayor at that time. This former mayor used to be a prosecutor, and the guy claimed he had been raped by the mayor when he was a boy before the mayor got into politics. To make a long story short, this guy got stopped by a couple of Indianapolis cops one day, who he says planted a marijuana butt on him which they claimed they found on his car. They used that as an excuse to raid his home during which they claimed they seized a bunch of drugs, which was really nothing more than birdseed. This guy knew he was being routed and started losing it. Before he went to court, he told his family he was going to be killed. He had his court appearance and begged the judge to help him because he was going to be murdered. His public defender was trying to get him declared mentally incompetent over his objection. The next thing you know a bunch of sheriff's deputies jump on this guy and tackle him. He's taken back to the county jail where he was strangled to death. The drunk who worked as a coroner claimed he died of natural causes. The family hired a well-respected pathologist down in Louisville, who said his examination revealed the man's body covered in bruises and determined he died from being strangled to death from a chokehold. After this expert rendered his opinion, he got scared by some people. When he went before the grand jury to testify, he retracted his professional opinion of the cause of death. History has a way of repeating itself.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Anon. 1:25, One of my readers sent me a booklet that had been written about the man's death while in the custody of the Marion Co. Sheriff's Department at the time to draw attention to his case. I tried to do some research on it. Not surprisingly, the file for his case in the archives in the basement of the city-county building had been destroyed. The old Indianapolis Star stories I found were pretty pathetic. They made no mention of the man's background working as a newspaper delivery boy for the newspaper. If you or anyone else has information about that case you would like to share, I would be happy to get it and take a look at it.

Gary R. Welsh said...

I meant to address that to anon. 1:12, not 1:25.

Anonymous said...

Larry Mackey. Hmmm. This is a familiar name which keeps reappearing in strange places. The obscure federal prosecutor tapped to prosecute Timothy McVeigh. I would like to ask him about an elite group of Freemasons headquartered in Indianapolis--The Royal Order of Jesters. Wasn't his able counsel critical in protecting the order from a sex-trafficking investigation involving prominent businessman, politicians, judges and law enforcement who took fishing boat excursions up the Amazon River in Brazil, a cover for being gratified by underage sex slaves? What did Oklahoma Gov. Frank Keating, a former FBI agent, know about the Royal Order of Jesters which required him to go along with Mackey's false narrative about Timothy McVeigh? And just how did Gov. Keating's brother, Martin, just happen to pen a novel two years before the OKC bombing, The Final Jihad, wherein a Thomas McVeigh blew up a federal building. Learn more about the twisted Royal Order of Jesters here: