Saturday, January 24, 2015

Another Colts Player Arrested

Colts linebacker Andrew Jackson, a rookie this past season, was arrested early Friday morning in Bowling Green, Kentucky for driving while under the influence of alcohol and driving carelessly. According to a Daily News report, the arrest took place at 4:15 a.m. after a police officer observed a car driven by Jackson swerving from one side of the street to another. The arresting police officer wrote in his report that Jackson had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and the odor of alcohol on his breath. A breathalyzer test showed his alcohol level to be .088.

Last May, Jackson was arrested in Muncie for driving while under the influence. As a high school student, he was arrested for attempted burglary. During his senior year at Western Kentucky University he was suspended for not complying with team rules. The Daily News, citing court records, says Jackson has already pleaded guilty to the charges and been sentenced to 14 days of home detention and had his driver's license suspended for one year. That seems like awfully swift justice.


Anonymous said...

Colts, Pacers, Indianapolis is sick and tired of subsidizing CRIMINALS!

It is time both of you pack your bags and move your teams to more appropriate locations: Oakland, Detroit, New Orleans, Gary all come to mind.

Anonymous said...

I suggest we toss the Democrat and Republican politicians/politicos who created these subsidies into that mix. Can you think of any other group that transfers so much confiscated taxpayer wealth to their campaign donors and their special interest cronies than this coalition of criminals?

Who never enjoys a real place at the table to have a voice worth any real weight when criminal politicians award money? THE TAXPAYERS... we who are forced to cover these tabs every time.

Anonymous said...

yup, we need to kick every business out of Indy that has ever had an employee convicted of DUI. It's an embarrassment to our tee totaling city.

Anonymous said...

Stupidity is expensive.

Where is the rational or logical relationship between the solid fact that our local millionaire/billionaire sports team owners are subsidized by Democrats and Republicans with our tax dollars and that an habitual offender now nabbed for DWI who also boasts "...a string of prior traffic arrests for speeding, failure to wear a seat belt and operating a vehicle while her driver's license was suspended..."?

I suppose the other hate comment about our allegedly "tee totalling city" was a dig with a bullet head against morals and ethics. Another logical linkage failure but spot on as a hate remark.

And regarding the gal above, if this dame is the best any of Indiana's GOP can do, this out gay commenter gives no support to its leadership nor to its agenda.

Anonymous said...

He wasn't even legally drunk a few years ago. The legal limit used to be .15%.

If they get that limit any lower, cleaning a cut with alcohol will get you a DUI.

Do the police actually go after anyone who commits crimes to other people any more, or do they just arrest people on crimes the police make up?

Anonymous said...

It seems that The Colts have problems with substance abuse, including their owner.

A relocation to a "more appropriate site" is definitely in order. Detroit and Gary are the best contenders. Others that come to mind are St. Louis, Roxie, Oakland, and Foxborough....