Friday, January 16, 2015

Another IMPD Cover Up?

Advance Indiana hears an interesting story the boys at IMPD may be trying to keep under wraps. On December 20, 2014, we hear that a police officer telephones IMPD dispatch on his cell phone, identifies himself by name as a different police officer to complain that he was being closely tailed by a white BMW and requested an officer be dispatched within the district he was located at the time to make a traffic stop of the person driving the white BMW.

Later, a source says the driver of the white BMW makes a report to a police officer in the downtown district that he observed a person driving erratically and disregarding traffic lights in his IMPD squad car. When the police officer arrived for roll call at the downtown district, a police sergeant and lieutenant failed to perform a BAC test on the police officer pursuant to a recently-enacted IMPD policy. A police commander and another high-ranking police officer pay a visit to the home of the officer in question later that night and test him. The officer tests 0.04 on a portable breathalyzer. The officer blames cough syrup he had taken all day because he was sick with a cold for the presence of alcohol.

When the top brass at IMPD was notified of the officer's alcohol test result, an order came down to suspend the police officer on the spot--at least when the top brass thought the identity of the officer was the one falsely identified in the first report made by the officer in question. Upon learning the true identity of the officer, a person of a different race, the top brass reversed the suspension order.

Some officers are not too happy about the outcome of this case. An attempt to retrieve the incident report by CAD number was met with a response that the record did not exist. Yet the person who responded to the request knew of the incident of December 20, 2014. As she explained, it was not entered into the system. A case of vanishing records?


Anonymous said...

Destroying police records is a conspiracy to deny civil rights, bringing the matter under the U.S. Attorney's jurisdiction.

I hope the U.S. Attorney brings charges against whoever made the records vanish.

Gary R. Welsh said...

And how many indictments resulted from the admitted destruction of ROC documents? Terry Curry said there was nothing to see here, move along.

Anonymous said...

Did David Bisard have any relatives on IMPD???

Anonymous said...

There appears to be a clear schism within the IMPD minority members. This divide between some minority officers clinging to outmoded race-based models - fear, unity, command authority, individual loyalty versus oath, community commitment, integrity, a team trying to do the right thing for the right reasons must be put to an end.

The IMPD needs to review this matter, discipline the executives who betrayed their duty on the basis of race, discipline and replace them.

This dynamic was also discovered by Altegrity consultants in it's study paid for by The City.

Anonymous said...

This police officer of significant rank not only violated policy by driving his department-issued car while intoxicated, he committed the crime of false reporting and impersonating another police officer and lied to his superiors, who then covered up the entire incident. Heads should roll all the way up to the chief if this department is serious about enforcing code of conduct rules applicable to all police officers.

Anonymous said...

The police continually say it is the mayor, head of public safety, everyone-elses fault that the cops have the problems they do. I am going to believe the driver of the white BMW and suspect the local media is happy to close their eyes to event.

I would like to believe the police are there to help, but when I have called about suspicious activity I can hear the sighs and eye rolling on the other end of the phone by dispatch.

Anonymous said...

What if it's not true? What if that's not what happened? What accountability does a blog have to get it right? Can you not go to the Chief's office and ask about this incident? Name everyone involved if you're sure what happened. They won't sue because the truth will be exposed in court. Use names and put it out there or shut up with the he-said she-said rumor.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:55: It happened. It's documented. What is not documented is the nod, wink, and pat on the back saying "we'll take care of this."

Their policy is violated. The mere fact that an immediate suspension was ordered until the race of the person was known says it all.

Anonymous said...

12:55 Remember Myron Powell? The corrupt guy with multiple disciplinary actions that went into the Chief's drawer with no action?

-Old School Racial-Based Policing wherein the minorities take care of their own, even if it means disregarding their oath.