Saturday, November 03, 2007

Mike O'Connor Calls Greg Ballard A Jarhead

Don't you just love it when people who never served their country go around disrespecting the men and women who put their lives on the line in military service so the rest of us can enjoy freedom. Marion County Democrats, according to the IndyUndercover blog site, refer to Greg Ballard as a "fake marine" and mock Ballard's military service during the first Gulf War as a "pencil pushing pussy." "It's time to rip the lid off that jarhead!", the blog quotes Mike O'Connor as saying to fellow Democratic workers at the party's headquarters. O'Connor was apparently ticked off at the glowing biographical piece the Star's Mary Beth Schneider did on Ballard, entitled "The Marine Who Would Be Mayor." "Greg Ballard was so good at running things at a Saudi Arabian seaport at the end of the Gulf War that one of the generals nicknamed him the 'Mayor of Jubai'," Schneider wrote. "I would trust my son to him in war time," Schneider quoted Lt. Col. David Kirkwood, another of Ballard's COs as saying.

Of course, Mayor Bart Peterson didn't serve in the military. His wealthy upbringing allowed him to avoid any military service. Ruth Holladay reports that some military veterans aren't taking to kindly to Bart's sidekick's derogatory comments about a fellow veteran and the suggestion Ballard's distinguished 23-year career in the USMC doesn't qualify him to be mayor. "What sounds good in a bite may not play well in podunk," Holladay write. "Now, it seems, the Dems have pissed off many of the veterans in Marion County." She continues, "Here's the latest from Don Myers, a decorated Marine vet and a powerhouse with Marines and other veterans in the area:

"Mayor Bart Peterson's most recent salvo at opposition candidate Greg Ballard, by saying Ballard doesn't have the professional background to run for mayor because he only served in the United States Marine Corps, speaks volumes of the ethical standard and knowledge of his honor.

"I say that because Peterson has never served his country in uniform that he is the one that does not hold the professional credentials of leadership. That standard is earned when you are responsible for the lives of men and women that are in harms way. This is called leadership above and beyond the standard of duty. Peterson obviously doesn't know this.

"Every veteran, man and woman, that ever wore the military uniform, including those currently on active duty and in the Guard and Reserve forces, is owed an apology by Mayor Peterson. He not only insulted Greg Ballard, he also insulted all Hoosier veterans.

"Donald F. Myers

Colonel, Indiana National Guard Reserve Retired

Oh what a mess the Peterson campaign has created for itself in its desperate attempt to pull out all the stops to hang on to power. Dumping on veterans is never a great idea, particularly when the country is engaged in a war.


Anonymous said...

Jarhead isn't in any way, shape or form a derogatory term.

Anonymous said...

Link doesn't work to IndyU Gary. Or it does, but there is no story. ?? I saw Ruth's btw. Just thought you should know.

Wilson46201 said...

Could you please post a detailed history of Gary Welsh's own illustrious military career? Don't forget to list all the combat ribbons and other medals and honors you received!

If nobody asked, would you tell?

Anonymous said...

Ignore the dumpster diver.

Anonymous said...

Aah, nevermind you have to scroll way down on their site to an earlier post. It actually says they have an unnamed "inside source" at MCDP headquarters who claimed that those terms were used by also unnamed people in the MCDP HQ. Which would make it a 4th hand (person at HQ- inside source- IndyU- AI) report without any way of verifying.

Gary R. Welsh said...

No, I didn't serve in the military, but I wish I had. I think we should all give some service back to our country. But I can assure you I don't go around denigrating the men and women who do serve our country.

As to the jarhead comment, anon. 3:22, I think it depends on who the comment is coming from. It is viewed as pejorative term when spoken to a USMC by someone who is not a USMC and has never served in the military.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Erin, Newspaper stories and books are full of of quotes similarly sourced. IndyU takes a lot of knocks, but generally speaking, whether you like their style of reporting, they normally have it right on these things. I know for a fact that is read daily by most local journalists covering the local political and city beat. They got knocked when they reported Deputy Mayor Eugene Anderson had a prior arrest for domestic violence, but sure enough, a few days later he resigned. The other mayoral aide they recently had a conversation about has dropped from sight, although the media remains mum. Their track record is pretty good when it comes to these things.

Gary R. Welsh said...

BTW, Wilson, I'm glad you're spending your weekend trolling the blogs instead of working your precinct for the Democratic ticket. Brian Mahern needs all the help he can get to win that seat, but then again, he might be better off if you just stay home in front of your computer. Let's see, how many votes did Karen Horseman lose that distict by 4 years ago?

Wilson46201 said...

At my age, walking many blocks door-to-door is getting kinda arduous, Gary, but thanks for your sincere concern...

I have nevertheless been spending time this afternoon laying out some last-minute election day material for printing.

Anonymous said...

O'Connor doesn't seem to be denying he said it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wilson we saw you dancing to the "MONROE MASH" this morning at Dem HQ. You aren't so worn out that you can't walk a few blocks.

Anonymous said...

I wish O'Connor would call me a "Pussy" to my face.

About three seconds later he would be staring up at the stars circling his head.
Funny how he will only open his mouth while in the safety of Dem HQ.

What a tool.

Peterson isn't any better.

Anonymous said...

Monroe was introduced this morning at the rally as Monroe "sweetpea" Gray.
I was driving past and heard him announced over the PA system.
I didn't know that the democrats called him "sweetpea" also.

Anonymous said...

I was at the rally.

Monroe was NOT introduced as Sweetpea.

The jarhead comment was NOT used in a derogatory manner...I have five Marines in my family, and we all use the term with affection. And sometimes in a joking manner. But never an an effort to insult.

I am no fan of O'Connor, but he rightly pointed out, whilst talking to a small group of folks as the rally concluded, that Ballard's military service alone was not a qualifier for mayor. I couldn't agree more.

I have read every piece of literaure, blog material or printed matter on Ballard I can find. He wears the Marine mantle proudly. I'm happy for him in that regard.

But as an evaluative tool, it's one piece to use, and one piece alone. It is not sufficient for me to consider him for mayor, without other experience. Because:

If Pentagon mantality ruled the nation, we'd be in trouble.

Without other experience to balance out the military mindset, for the most part, we'd be sunk. The military generally throws more money on the ground than they know how to spend wisely. That does not make it right for anyone to slam a veteran's military service.

But Mike O'Connor did not do that today. Attempts to indicate otherwise, are outrageous and a far reach for a non-issue at the end of an odd campaign.

And your review of IndyU's accuracy, Gary, is overly generous. The cases you point out, they were correct. Care to look at the entire record, over a year or so?

It's generally a disgusting rantfest over there, with facts few and far between. Think Melinda Kennedy/Prosecutor Brizzi. Think the hand-wringing recently, when an overwhelming majority of reserves were redirected for special duty in a crime-ridden eastside if that effort was used solely to beef up Bart's pre-election stature. Ridiculous. Or their outrageous claims regarding the Republican county clerk candidate last year. Or their 100% inaccurate observations regarding Lawrence politicians. (They might get a pass on that one..many folks can't figure out Lawrence).I could go on and on.

You risk serious discrediting, if you give IndyU much credence. By any fair measure, they're out of touch with reality.

The best evaluative tools are plural: life experiences, family, friends, work excperience, education. On all those counts, for me, this election isn't even close.

Bart has not had military service. I have no doubt he'd be a better candidate with it. Most people would.

But it does not solely define "good candidate." Ever.

Anonymous said...


i didn't serve in the military, but i served my city in a para-military orginization called IFD for 35 years... please don't mess with the people who will lay down their life to serve.
we do what we do for our country and the citizens we serve in Indianapolis.

Wilson, don't cross the line on this issue...........flipper

Gary R. Welsh said...

anon 7:00, Thanks for your well-stated comments. IndyU is far from perfect, but from my observation, I continually read some item there, and low and behold, a few days later it pops up in the mainstream media. Sometimes the facts are a little off, but the main gist of what was stated is confirmed by the MSM reporting. Everyone has an axe to grind. Their's is clearly from the standpoint of disaffected LEOs. It is obvious to me, though, that Peterson has a mole within his own ranks who feeds plenty of good information to IndyU.

indyernie said...

"Monroe was NOT introduced as Sweetpea"


He was clearly announced as he was walking past the front doors. Orange tee shirt, ball cap with his hands raised in the air.

It could be heard for blocks it was so loud.

Anonymous said...

Wilson @ 512
"I have nevertheless been spending time this afternoon laying out some last-minute election day material for printing."
So your organizing all the 'Bart Lies' bs?????

Anonymous said...

What about your military career, Wilson?
Oh, you were too old to join when Clinton started his "don't ask, don't tell" policy.

I have nevertheless been spending time this afternoon laying out some last-minute election day material for printing.
New voter Registration cards for people who live in vacant lots, abandoned houses and 12 different group homes?

Maybe Gray is taking the term "sweet pee" as a term of endearment.

Anonymous said...

I was there also and he was NOT introduced as Sweetpea.....this is just more of the GOP name calling and baseless gossip!!

Anonymous said...

So Gary, if I look back in time, I'm sure you were outraged by the despicable attacks on Senator Kerry and Max Cleland by people who never served?

indyernie said...

Off topic but interesting.
Check out the Black Caddy at
Isn't this the very same Caddy that is parked at Julia Carson's home on a regular basis?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:00pm,
Did you really write all that by yourself or did some nutcake from TDW give you a little help? For someone who claims not to like Mike O'Connor you sure do listen to what he has to say. The insult that he used was disrespectful and I haven't heard him deny it. I seriously doubt that you have read anything about Greg Ballard, much less given any real serious thought as to who to vote for in this election. If you did know anything about Ballard you'd know that he has more than just Military in his background. The man has a degree in Economics and a Masters Degree in Military Science. On top of the fact that he graduated from Officer Candidate School in the Marine Corps which is no easy cake walk. Bart on the other hand has a Law Degree and lives off the shirttail of his daddy who is a successful businessman. I liked your quote about the best evaluative tools are plural. Life experiences, any veteran will tell you that the military will give you one thing most college kids don't get with their degree and that is life experiences. Ballard has both, Bart well lets just say it shows when it comes to the way he deals with problems. Bart plays the " blame game " . In other words its always someone elses fault. I doubt lack of responsibility is in the character of Greg Ballard. As for your doubts about the info that comes from IndyU. Well most libs such as yourself don't understand the LEO world and hate the fact that the site exists. The birth of IndyU came about because of Bart Peterson. His mistreatment of LEOs and lack of leadership has come back to bite him and its bit him hard. On election day provided that the polls are open and I'm not disenfranchised by Beth White (another 1 of Bart's bright ideas ) I will be voting for the candidate who has not only the education but the leadership and life experiences that are needed to pull this city out of the tailspin that its been in for the past 8 years.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same O'Connor who worked for Goldsmith?

As I recall Goldsmith had a "dick" named O'Connor on his staff.

If so he hasn't changed much.

Anonymous said...

So, If jarhead isn't a derogatory term, why is coon or lynch a derogatory term? both single out a group of people........
The proplem is. Jarhead singles out a group of people who served their country for freedom.

Zappatista said...

Lets not push it! Just because you have a wealthy up bringing does not mean that you skirt serving, this is not 1970, where you didn't have a choice! C'mon Gary...... keep your hands on the wheel! While agree that Peterson has totally f#$%%^ this up, lets not dip to his level of semantics.

Anonymous said...

So, If jarhead isn't a derogatory term, why is coon or lynch a derogatory term? both single out a group of people........
The proplem is. Jarhead singles out a group of people who served their country for freedom.

If you or Gary knew anyone who had actually served in the Corps, you'd know that no one is offended by being called a jarhead.

indyernie said...

"I was there also and he was NOT introduced as Sweetpea.....this is just more of the GOP name calling and baseless gossip!!"

8:07 you better get your ears checked.

I was across the street and clearly heard Gray announced as "Monroe Sweetpea Gray".
During the intro Gray was walking past the front doors. During the intro he raised his hands over his head in recognition of the intro.
I don't know where you were but hundreds of other heard it.
Then again if you are Wilson how would you know? Wilson arrived late well after the intro.

Anonymous said...

Ernie...if you wanted to attend the rally so much, you could easily have walked across the street, and we would've welcomed you. Well, maybe not everyone, but I would've. The donuts were good. The orange juice and coffee were so-so.

And at NO time from the podium were those words used to describe Monroe Gray. Ever. Nada.

If you heard them in another manner, or from someone else, so be it. But please don't ascribe words to our party's rally which were not officially spoken.

We have enough trouble keeping track of the silly words that ARE spoken, without adding to the mix.

Oh yeah--the "jarhead" remark was not heard, either. If so, it is not a perjorative term. Unless the listener decides it's mallicious.

Take deep breaths,'ll be over in about 56 hours. You're hyper-ventilating, so much so that your brain is deprived of oxygen and you're hearing things.

Anonymous said...

I must admit that I am confused by this jarhead controversy....if it was even said...My father was a "jarhead" and when he would talk about someone and mention that they were a "jarhead" it was always with pride and a compliment. I will admit that I did not serve so I dont know personally. I wish my father were alive so I could quiz him on the origin and if it is derogatory to call someone that.

indyernie said...

"Ernie...if you wanted to attend the rally so much, you could easily have walked across the street, and we would've welcomed you. Well, maybe not everyone, but I would've. The donuts were good. The orange juice and coffee were so-so."

I must honestly admit that I didn't think I would be welcome.
Of course I'm referring to the line of kids carrying Peterson signs while flipping me off from across the street while heavy traffic drove by. I understand that this is representative of the “New Democrat Party in Indianapolis”. I know that we can thank O'Connor for all of his good work, it shows, one finger at a time.
Not only does he draw into question the military records of those who have served honorably but also he on behalf of Mayor Peterson results to defamatory comments directed at the US Marine Corps.
Oh by the way, never did I say that Monroe's intro came from the podium, I merely stated that I heard it while he was walking past the front doors.
The only thing I heard from the podium were the crude remarks of O'Connor defaming US military veterans on behalf of Mayor Peterson again.
Thanks for the opportunity to explain my comments.
I think we know how we US Veterans will be voting Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Ernie. Check your story. It's changing as the day goes on.
You certainly implied that the defaming of veterans came from the podium, as if officially sanctioned.

You know, the politics of division don't work any more. Reagan taught you guys well, and W has perfected it.

You can have your own opinions, but you can't have your own facts. Nobody defamed veterans yesterday, nor did the mayor's remarks the other day do that.

Inventing issues won't change facts.

indyernie said...

"Nobody defamed veterans yesterday, nor did the mayor's remarks the other day do that.

I don't know what your definition of “defamed” is, but when I hear negative comments regarding Veterans my ears perk up.

For someone who didn’t serve to call a US Marine a “Jarhead” is insulting. Saying that a Veteran Marine Officer with twenty-three years experience and the rank of Col. isn't qualified to lead a city is insulting.
This is a country where anyone can grow up and be President and that person can start as a Mayor.
What are you saying only rich spoiled kids with a degree are qualified to be leaders?
The “O’Connor show” yesterday was third rate at best and yes he did insult the Veterans.
And by the way my story hasn’t changed from my first comment. Yours has.

Anonymous said...

Anon 718,
You're right when you said the politics of division don't work anymore. That is exactly what has happened to Bart. He divided himself from the taxpayers when he packed the CCC meeting with city employees to ask for a 65% tax increase. He divided himself from LEO's over bad faith negotiating and a failed merger. He's divided himself from some in his own party that he couldnt get his fantasy works plan passed in a Dem controlled statehouse. The coverups, corruption and all around bad management by Bart's administration has certainly divided a lot of people.

Anonymous said...

Bart Peterson, Evan Bayh, Joe Andrews, Joe Hogsett, Jeff Modisett, not one of them ever served in the military nor had any experience prior to being elected to office.

How dare the little Nazi, Mike O'Connor talk about anybody. He should be cleaning out his own Party's incompotent officeholders.

In fact Bart Peterson was chief of staff for 3 months when Bayh realize he didn't have what it would take to run the governor's office. Say it isn't so!

Wilson46201 said...

So Jocelyn Tandy is calling the Democratic County Chair a Nazi now? That's a new low for even her!!!