Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pence Tells CPAC We Need Dramatic Increase In Defense Spending

Addressing the Conservative Political Action Committee in Washington last night, Pence told the crowd we need to dramatically increase defense spending according to our Gannett newspaper's Washington correspondent. "Weakness arouses evil," Pence said. Other memes included: "put[ting] the promise of federalism and state-based reform back at the center of the conservative agenda . . . empower[ing] the states with renewed flexibility to develop positive, substantive alternatives grounded in our conservative principles . . . and fight[ing] to make it more possible for the next person leading my state to govern with more freedom and flexibility."

Only a tool of the military/industrial complex would be calling for a dramatic increase in defense spending after we've just spent trillions of dollars on wars in the Middle East totally concocted by the most evil forces brought about by our nation's massive spending on defense following 9/11. You can't embrace freedom in the same breath as you claim you want more spending on the very industries that are holding hands to erect the largest, most intrusive military-run government known to mankind that is squeezing the life out of the middle class of this country, and that is setting fire to what little remains of the Bill of Rights. And what does Pence want more freedom and flexibility as a governor to do? The ability to take more of our tax dollars and direct them to his political cronies and campaign contributors. No thanks, Mr. Pence. You don't know the meaning of conservatism.

Check out Ben Swann's latest video on the origins of ISIS, the latest faux enemy created by this military/industrial complex Gov. Pence wants to feed more of our tax dollars as the American middle class teeters on extinction.


Anonymous said...

We need the increase in Defense because Barack Hussein O'Bama has diminished our Department of Defense, and all but stuck his tail between his legs.

Eric Morris said...

Gary, regarding your last line. I'd love for one of these chickenhawks to follow-up the call for more military spending with a resounding we need to raise taxes to fight this "enemy"! Oh wait, they'll do that about the same time they and their kids go fight that enemy hiding under their beds. These hypocrites are deranged.

Flogger said...

The facts at least according to Jane's Defence Budgets is in 2014 the U.S. military expenditures of $581 billion. The next nine countries on the list spend $588 billion.

Pence needs to cement his credentials with the Wall Street-Security-Military-Industrial Complex.

Anonymous said...

True, Barak Obama eviscerates America's defense strength at every opportunity. What else would we expect of someone who proves daily by his actions he despises America and Her people?

But a wholesale increase in Defense spending to enrich the corporatists is not at all good policy and that's what would occur under a Mike Pence in DC.

Mike Pence is not a real Conservative but rather a RINO establishment corporate-owned politician who could never have achieved his wealth and status as it is if Pence had to do it in the private sector. Almost ever Democrat and Republican politico falls squarely in that category.

For the life of me, I cannot believe I ever cast a vote for the guy. Pence will never see my vote again.

Eric Morris said...

Anon 303, all these Repugs (and Demons) support this crap. Accept that you are the RINO. Flogger, right on! USA, USA: Number 1 in military spending and incarceration rates!

I thought this goober Pence was going to be singularly focused on IN leg session. This is the second time he has been spouting his garbage from Sodom on the Potomac in a week. Does he have tax provided security tagging along for these junkets?

Anonymous said...

Obama ended wars. Found 350 contracts under CIA and more that were funneling money to illegit. contractors and sources under Gates terms w Bush and Obama. Banks nailed. DOJ is transparent and making arrests on all fronts. And on and on it goes. War is business for republicans and some dem's..and some libs too. Alliance and party no longer matter. It's all about money.

Pence approved a contractor down south that makes ammunition that blows up our side... and is part of the Koch machine.