Friday, February 27, 2015

Former State Senator Sue Landske Dies

Just saw this note from Suzy Barnhart on Facebook on the passing of former State Sen. Sue Landske (R-Cedar Lake):
It's been a very sad morning to learn of the home going of former Sen Sue Landske. She was kind, helpful yet strong, smart and a TRUE public servant. Her home community of Cedar Lake had a nice, well attended Appreciation Dinner for her last year attended by Republicans and Democrats alike. 
She was a good political friend to my son & I early on. In the years my son paged for Sen Brandt Hershman, she would come & ask how I was doing. She would then pull a Indiana flag pin out and place it on his shirt or suit jacket. 
Many visits at the State House I would bring her a jar of my homemade jam and we would sit in her office and talk politics for a little bit. It became a tradition of ours. Her favorite was my homemade strawberry or pear honey jam. I don't know if I looked forward to the visit more or if she looked forward to my homemade jam more. 
She will be sorely missed!
The Northwest Indiana Times has more here.

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