Monday, February 09, 2015

Former Whitley County Auditor Receives 5 1/2 Year Sentence For Theft And Official Misconduct

Judge James Heuer sentenced former Whitley Co. Auditor Jennifer McGuire to five and a half years with eighteen months of her sentence suspended after she agreed to plead guilty go felony theft and official misconduct charges for stealing more than $100,000 from the county and about $25,000 from the Indiana County Auditors Association according to the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. Her attorney wants her placed in a work release program within the county so she can begin repaying the money from what she earns working in a local factory. Judge Heuer ordered her confined to the county jail and agreed to allow her to enter the work release program if there is room for her in the program. She will likely be a free woman after serving just two years of her sentence. McGuire has already repaid most of the money she stole.

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