Sunday, February 08, 2015

ROC Investigating Committee Still Can't Get Any Answers

If such a large amount of our taxpayer dollars hadn't been pilfered, it would be easy to laugh it off. The Indianapolis City-County Council's ROC Investigating Committee met again this past week where we learned very little since the last meeting in December. The council's attorney, Fred Biesecker, reported to committee members that the Ballard administration has still not turned over documentation showing how much money the City spent on the build-out of the Regional Operations Center and detailed expenditures of what it has cost to operate it to date, making it necessary to seek yet another court order compelling the production of documents.

The Republicans on the committee continued to run distraction for the administration no matter how corrupt and silly they look. Councilor Marilyn Pfisterer demanded the committee chairman, Joe Simpson, resign from the committee because he has a pending lawsuit against IMPD for allegedly violating his constitutional rights, while her colleague Ben Hunter, a chief co-conspirator behind this scheme to defraud taxpayers out of nearly $20 million, did his best to keep throwing stink bombs into the deliberations as a distraction from the real issues before the committee.

The committee heard testimony from three individuals, including Tom Peacock of Peacock Financial, Inc., homeland security director Gary Coons and former DPS general counsel Jonathan Mayes. Peacock was the person responsible for concocting the idea of using the credit-tenant financing arrangement that benefited only the building's owner, Alex Carroll, and royally screwed over taxpayers. He told committee members he was sitting around talking to his neighbor one day, a fellow who used to be the City's chief information officer, and asked him if he had any ideas how to get some good government consulting work. His neighbor introduced him to Mike Huber and the rest is history. He cashed a nearly $200,000 check for a few hours work. Gary Coons' lengthy testimony shed little light on how this train wreck went down. Jonathan Mayes said, well, very little. I could show you video clips of their testimony, but these three short clips probably better summarize their testimony.

Tom Peacock:

Gary Coons:

Jonathan Mayes:


Flogger said...

One other Movie Clip you could add 2001 Space Odyssey scene -Open the Pod Bay Doors Hal. In this case Open the Pod Bay Doors Ballard.

Anonymous said...

Funny! Yet so sad. Where does it end for these low lifes? Jail?

Can't a good lawyer get terms of a contract, if not the whole contract, tossed out when language is so one-sided and out of line with the norm?? And why the hell doesn't a contract this size have termination clauses written into it?

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I am mistaken but doesn't Republican 5th Congressional District Rep. Susan Brooks, attorney wife of GOP political operative attorney David Brooks, enjoy a friendship with Alex Carroll? And correct me if I am mistaken but didn't GOP establishment insider David Brooks intentionally write the incredibly one-sided lease to enrich his client Alex Carroll and which raped the taxpayers of this City for years to come?

I have to wonder which persons GOP hatchman David Brooks leaned on hard to get this stinkin' deal through. No wonder the Council Republicans are stonewalling.

And then there was that Goofy Greg Ballard who whined that he wanted the ROC at Eastgate because "everyone" wanted the ROC at Eastgate.

Greg, if David Brooks, Susan Brooks, and Bob Grand wanted you to jump of a bridge, would you?

Anonymous said...

"Greg, if David Brooks, Susan Brooks, and Bob Grand wanted you to jump of a bridge, would you?"

No, they would fit him with concrete shoes and toss him over the side.