Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Another Colts Player Arrested

How many times will I get to use that headline? Colts linebacker D'Qwell Jackson, the player whose interception during the Colts loss to the Patriots in the AFC championship game sparked the investigation of deflated footballs used in the game by the Patriots, has been arrested in Washington, D.C. for assaulting a pizza delivery employee. Jackson allegedly struck the man in the face and the back of the head after getting into a verbal altercation with him over a parking space.


Anonymous said...

What a class act- from Jim Irsay on down.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious what the percentage of Colts players/management that have been to jail is?

-What an embarrassment to the city!

Jeff Cox said...

Gary, it's D'Qwell Jackson.

Anonymous said...

The Framegate scandal is growing, and things are looking pretty bad for the Colts, the Ravens, Pagano and particularly Grigson.

The NFL needs to impose strong penalties on the Colts for the Framegate farce and the disgusting attempt to distract a team from their ability to prepare for a game.

On the news side of things Kravitz looks like he's lost any last bit of national credibility he may have had. The Star should do the right thing and show Kravitz the door, right away. The Star is supposed to be a newspaper, not the Colts' fan club and press agency.

On the blogs, Ogden isn't looking too good.

A good suggestion is that the draft picks the Colts should lose for Framegate should go to the Patriots.

Anonymous said...

Jackson can reduce his upcoming league suspension by coming clean to the NFL front office about Framegate.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Get over the deflategate. It was nothing but a concocted scandal from the get-go to drive ratings for the Super Bowl--as if the billionaire NFL team owners needed to find a way to earn even more money.

Anonymous said...

No, Gary, this issue is so emblematic of Indianapolis' raging inferiority complex, so any fraud or scam perpetrated by the Colts is so easy to believe and makes so much sense.

Until Indy grows up and appreciates greatness and accomplishment, this town will always be a backwater with a laughable, bitter, small-minded hick population.

ESPN ran a poll right after the Super Bowl. It asked:

Which statement better reflects how you feel about Super Bowl XLIX?

Patriots won it

Seahawks lost it

The poll has a map showing each state's votes. The New England states voted most heavily for the Patriots being the winners, and the State of Washington voted most heavily for the Seahawks losing the game.

These results are to be expected as the sentiments of each home team's fans.

Nationally, the results were

39% Patriots won it

61% Seahawks lost it

The State of Washington voted 21% Pats, 79% Seahawks.

Do you know which state was second in voting for the Seahawks losing the game? 43 states to choose from, plus the rest of the world.

Drum roll..... Indiana, at 30% Pats, 70% Seahawks. Indianapolis is 940 miles from Boston, but Hoosiers hold such a grudge against that city and its team? It's irrational. Indy is embarrassing and pathetic, and they went after Grigson's Framegate like a dog on a bone.

For the betterment of everyone living in Indianapolis, this city needs to change its mentality and embrace and accept more worldly attitudes and respect true success and accomplishment. Indy takes every sporting event so personally that it's creepy and embarrassing, as if the city, itself, is at risk of humiliation because of the performance of a sports team. This is the city that killed a Bears fan during the 2006/7 Super Bowl and gave a Jets fan brain damage during a playoff game.

This Framegate is a perfect moment to force Indianapolis to realize that it needs to change. Indianapolis is sick. Indy is frail. Indy is weak. Indy is bitter. Indy is so terrified and angry that it's dangerous. Such hyper hostility is irrational and unhealthy. Instead of hating Boston, be more like Boston. Don't hate the winner; be the winner, a real winner. When people visit America, they want to see Boston. Indianapolis? Not so much.

The best thing Indianapolis could do for itself would be to throw a vistory parade for the Patriots and force the entire town to attend.