Saturday, February 21, 2015

Federal Prosecutors Claim Rev. Jeremiah Wright's Daughter Stole From Franklin Plastics Company

There's a peculiar story in today's Chicago Sun-Times about efforts by federal prosecutors in Springfield, Illinois to revoke bail for Jeri L. Wright, daughter of President Barack Obama's infamous former minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who is currently awaiting sentencing after she was found guilty in a money laundering scheme last year involving federal grant money misapplied by the former chief of police of County Club Hills, Illinois. Wright's federal probation officer claims she received paychecks totaling $8,192 for work she never performed for Berry Plastics in Franklin, Indiana.

According to the affidavit of probation officer Eric W. Fox, Elwood Staffing placed Wright to work at Berry Plastics to perform quality database work from February 12, 2014 to May 28, 2014. Berry Plastics paid Elwood Staffing $10,560 for work performed by Wright, and Elwood Staffing issued 13 paychecks to Wright totaling $8,192. According to Fox's affidavit, the Franklin Police Department was contacted by Berry Plastic's human resources manager concerning a complaint against a former plant manager, Brent A. Odom. The human resources manager complained that Odom had made fraudulent credit card purchases and hired several people for temporary work at Berry Plastics that was never performed, including Wright.

Wright received her paychecks through direct deposit at a Chase Bank account and an Express Centurion Bank account. Fox's affidavits said Wright listed her address as 9074 Winslow Way in Fishers, Indiana. According to Hamilton Co. property tax records, that's a condominium owned by Denise M. Mathews. A search of Odom's desk at Berry Plastics found items belonging to Wright, including a letter from the Polsinelli Law Firm in Chicago enclosing an invoice for more than $39,000 in charges for "defense of federal charges" and a letter from I-Pass, Illinois Tollway concerning replacement of Wright's vehicle transponder.

Fox's affidavit states that the investigation of Wright's theft was "currently ongoing and no formal charges have been filed at this time." Indiana court records show Odom has been stopped numerous times for various traffic offenses, including operating a vehicle without a license and operating a vehicle with expired license plate tags. Court records associate Odom with the address of a home owned by Robert O. Walls and Anita V. Odom Walls at 8366 Misty Drive in Lawrence. Walls is associated with several nonprofit organizations in Indianapolis according to his Linkedin page, including Center for Civic Education, Winning Experiences and Community at the Center Multi-Service Center.

In Wright's federal money laundering case last year, she was found guilty of helping her childhood friend, former County Club Hills Police Chief Regina Evans, convert fake paychecks from a nonprofit organization run by Evans for Evans' personal use. The federal grant money was supposed to be used to train minority and female workers in the building trades. Evans was also police chief when Christoper Kelly was found in his Cadillac Escalade at a warehouse in Country Club Hills in September 2009 after he supposedly took an overdose of drugs to commit suicide. Kelly was scheduled to begin serving an 8-year prison sentence on federal mail fraud charges for his role in an $8.5 million kickback scheme on construction work at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago. Kelly was supposedly under intense pressure at the time to cooperate with federal investigators in their ongoing investigation of corruption tied to former Gov. Rod Blagojevich and political fixer Tony Rezko, a close pal of President Obama who is now serving a lengthy federal prison sentence for public corruption charges, along with Blagojevich. Some believe Kelly was actually murdered by poisoning to silence him.
Kelly's Cadillac Escalade
Regina Evans in front of Christoper Kelly's impounded Escalade 
Advance Indiana understands that Rev. Jeremiah Wright plans to be in Indianapolis all of next week and will appear on Amos Brown's WTLC-AM "Afternoons With Amos" program. Perhaps Amos can ask Rev. Wright why it is that terrible things are happening to the lives of every African-American in Chicago with dirt on President Obama. One by one, federal charges are being brought against all of them. Rev. Jesse Jackson's son, former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. got sent to federal prison. Michelle Obama's former co-worker at her no-work, no show job at the University of Chicago Hospital, Quinshaunta Golden, got nailed for the kickback scheme at the Illinois Department of Health agency run by Obama pal, Dr. Eric Whitaker, who also worked with Michelle at the University of Chicago Hospital, along with their pal, Leon Dingle, also convicted as part of the federal probe. Orlando Jones supposedly committed suicide after he was tied to Rezko's scheme to a government kickback scheme involving Cook County government. Rezko was the last known man to see Jones alive, even though he was supposed to be on home detention at the time. Chicago School Board President Michael Scott supposedly committed suicide shortly after he returned from Denmark on a trip with President Obama and then-Chicago Mayor Richard Daley to help the city land the 2016 Olympics. The choir director at Rev. Wright's Church, Donald Young, was mysteriously murdered on the eve of the 2008 presidential election. Young, whose murder remains unsolved, supposedly claimed to have had a homosexual relationship with Obama. The list goes on.

UPDATE: A federal judge isn't going to wait for Indiana officials to get around to charging Wright for collecting pay for a job she never performed. Judge Sue Myerscough revoked Wright's bond and ordered her to jail. Wright tried to offer e-mails to prove she did some work for Berry Plastics in Franklin, Indiana, but the judge didn't buy it. The company's comptroller easily beat down her claims when she testified she never was a legitimate employee and had never been seen working at the plant.


Anonymous said...

"Perhaps Amos can ask Rev. Wright why it is that terrible things are happening to the lives of every African-American in Chicago with dirt on President Obama. One by one, federal charges are being brought against all of them...". And while I agree I also know that if dreams were horses we'd all riding.

How sad it is that so many people are willing to completely ignore the facts about Barak Obama- a made up persona with a fabricated background and a proved phony certificate of birth; a man who daily demonstrates he has no love for the America founded on constitutional republicanism and inalienable rights.

And I absolutely believe Donald Young was Barak Obama's boyfriend/male lover. Anyone who lived or regularly visited Chicago during that era will find the details of Obama's movements within that city's gar bars and "gyms" like Man's Country
ring completely true.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe much about the history. I do wonder about wars, killed presidents, pay to players, deaths by CIA and other snipers, banks, savings and loan, train derailments with oil, health and hospital in Indy, pay to players for every inch of this town. Focus on the dirt there too.

Anonymous said...

I see a trend in Democrats...

The Jeremiah Wright daughter...

The Joe Simpson daughter....

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:59, Remember that 'The Acorn doesn't fall far from The Tree!'

Anonymous said...

Don't forget State Rep. Gregory Porter's daughter Carmen Batts-Porter, Anon 5:59am.