Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Former Washington Township Small Claims Court Clerk Arrested For Embezzlement

WTHR is reporting this evening on the arrest of a former Washington Township Small Claims Court clerk on charges of embezzlement. Raven Harvell, daughter of Indianapolis City-County Councilor Joe Simpson, was taken into police custody today at his home on charges of theft and official misconduct. The report doesn't mention the amount of money allegedly stolen.

Councilor Simpson told WTHR he had no knowledge of the charges and had no part in the investigation of his daughter. A Madison County prosecutor has been appointed as special prosecutor to handle the case according to WTHR. WTHR says Harvell is also scheduled for a court hearing in March on unrelated charges for possession of marijuana.

UPDATE: Fox 59 News says the amount embezzled topped $58,000--apparently to feed a cocaine addiction. Sad.


Anonymous said...

Joe Simpson's daughter accused of corruption?

The acorn didn't fall far from the tree!

Anonymous said...

Was this "Judge" Brown's clerk?

Anonymous said...

how much $$$?

Anonymous said...

Can we demand that City-Council members go to drug testing before meetings? -I'd like to know how Joe Simpson would come out. After all, elected officials shouldn't be under the influence when voting on public matters.

Anonymous said...

Trustee Frank Short is more to blame for the mess than anyone other than the embezzler. The former Small Claims Court Judge was Judge Kimberly Brown, who was reported by neighborhood leaders to be very lax in her records and general running of the court. Ms. Brown left behind a mess that, unfortunately, could not be cleaned up by Steve Poore. He has a good reputation. Frank short knew what was going on in that clerk office.