Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Unbelievable Response Ballard Gave To IURC Rejection Of Electric Car Sharing Plan

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When it comes to crony capitalism, there's no other politician wallowing in the pig slop more than Mayor Greg Ballard. His latest hair-brained idea to force Indianapolis' IPL ratepayers to subsidize an electric car sharing business owned by some French company he came across during one of the many foreign junkets he's taken courtesy of his pay-to-play pals was fortunately turned down by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission. Incredibly, Mayor Ballard told WISH-TV's Eric Halvorson that the IURC's rejection of his idea of making ratepayers put money in the pocket of Bollore to run their private car sharing business sent a signal that Indiana is not a good place to do business.

"It doesn’t send a good signal to the rest of the multi-national, multi-billionaire companies around the world that Indianapolis or Indiana is a good place to do business, does it," Ballard told 24-Hour News 8. He continued, "This is huge," he said. "This is in Paris, in London, and we’re the North American entry point. If you do something like Blue Indy, that is so innovative and so ahead of everybody else in the country, you get a lot of reputation for that. I mean you get a lot of publicity. Good publicity — like, hey, that city’s really out there. They understand the future," Ballard said.

Spoken like the politician on the take he is doing the bidding of the people stuffing money in his pockets. If he were a big city mayor in any other state in this country. he would have long ago been indicted, convicted and sent a way to a federal prison where he belongs. The man and his top administration officials commit the crimes every day that Rod Blagojevich only talked about doing on tape. One of the worst mistakes I've ever made was to support this phony turncoat for mayor.


Anonymous said...

Oh Gosh... just when I thought it was again safe to venture into the water the great white whale makes another foolish appearance saying the most outlandish things.

As a Cathedral High School alum, I am embarrassed to know this tool was graduated by the same institution. As a Marion County voter, I shall never recover from my voter regret [one time, 2007] for this charlatan, as a Marion County elected PC I am utterly ashamed of this thorough idiot elevated to the mayor's chair.

This buffoon actually believes the tripe that falls from his jowls even though what he spits out makes absolutely no sense to clear thinking individuals. I say he may be in need of psychotropic medication.

Everything in this Advance Indiana article gives me a reason to again celebrate Jocelyn-Tandy Adande and her run for Mayor of Indianapolis against the corrupt Marion County GOP machine. A life-long Indianapolis candidate for mayor, Jocelyn has more accomplishment and class in her little finger than Ballard hosts in his entire flesh. A run for mayor may be a kamikaze mission but if a complete boob like Ballard could win a Primary in 2007 and go on to become mayor, why do we suppose Jocelyn cannot? The Marion County GOP did not lift a finger- or a dollar- to elect Greg in 2007 and we must believe Jocelyn-Tandy Adande has no chance?

Anonymous said...

The guy is a complete Jack @$$. Taxpayers are tired of how Ballard and his goons ran Indy like a Third World Banana Republic...

Cricket Fields
50 year parking meter scam
CIB apparent financial difficulty
Bike lanes instead of potholes filled
Keystone Parking Garage Defalcation
Unnecessary and unaffordable Billion $ Jail

Gary R. Welsh said...

It is absolutely incredible how he has for the past 7 years conducted a non-stop public auction of government assets, and yet our useless local news media has not had one single news story discussing the connection between his government actions and the people who have contributed $10 million to his campaign committee. They don't question his practice of allowing the very people who pay to send him and his wife on all of these overseas junkets who are receiving government handouts by the millions and tens of millions of dollars. Yet it's front-page news when some no-name politician in Forgotonia gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar. There is no sense of proportion or comprehension of right and wrong when it comes to public corruption. In the minds of this useless local news media, if the action has the appearance of being good for downtown Indianapolis based on the talking points of the downtown mafia, then only positive things will be reported about that government action. Everyone who speaks against it is just a naysayer, malcontent who must be ignored or marginalized. Collectively, the media in this town should be ashamed of their journalistic malpractice, but they aren't. They are very proud of their work.

Anonymous said...

His give-away of public assets has been enabled by a core group of Republican City Councilors.

Eric Morris said...

Broken gold record here. With debased money, you get debased actions. People rationally turn city hall into the chamber of commerce because they need to be close to the money printing spigot. Boss Tweed was bad, but even his critics admit he showered the lower classes with gold flakes and built actual stuff while not necessarily becoming a complete potentate himself. Plus, he died in jail. With a gold backed currency and honest price discovery based on risk, Boss Tweed is more the legend than the everyday occurrence at most of these city halls.

Anonymous said...

Had enough?

Anonymous said...

Wish tv is going to televise soccer. They will surely be in support of a new stadium and are no longer in a position to question this idiot Mayor and his gang of thieves.

Flogger said...

What a Doofus our Mayor is. Yes, Mister Mayor, I am certain all those Londoners, Parisians, and Berliners that planned their trips to Indianapolis have cancelled their Reservations over this decision by the IURC.

Londoners were probably also enticed to come here to see Cricket Played in our New Cricket Stadium.

Josh said...

American oligarchs are thriving.