Friday, February 20, 2015

IMPD Officer Arrested For Attempted Murder

Ofc. Justin Beaton
Various media reports are reporting the arrest of a nine-year veteran of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Justin Beaton, who has been arrested on several serious felony charges including attempted murder. According to the online public court record system, Beaton faces felony charges of attempted murder, domestic battery in the presence of a child under the age of 16, obstruction of justice and pointing a firearm at another person. Officer Beaton was assigned to IMPD's East District. He has been suspended without pay pending termination proceedings.

Today's arrest stems from an incident that happened nearly six months ago on August 30, 2014 according to WRTV. Police were called after a neighbor noticed a trail of blood leading from Officer Beaton's police car to his home. Nobody was at home, but police later learned that Officer Beaton had taken his live-in girlfriend to Community Hospital South where she was being treated for serious injuries to her face and neck. A probable cause affidavit said the victim had significant trauma to her mouth, including several missing teeth. Beaton told hospital staff he was carrying a steel bed frame when it went through a window and struck his girlfriend in the face. His girlfriend initially agreed with his version of events, but she contacted police on Monday and wanted to recant her story. According to her later story, Beaton shot at her with a gun through a glass window in the door of her home, which caused her injuries. Forensics determined her injuries were caused by a gunshot and not blunt force trauma.

According to WRTV. Beaton is a third generation police officer with the department. He was accused of using excessive force on a suspect, Marcus Jackson, just last year. In addition, Beaton's home was heavily damaged by fire in 2010, which fire investigators determined was intentionally set. No arrests were ever made in that case.


Anonymous said...

That'll work on covering up the incidents with the officers gun that discharged and was covered up and the Captain that was driving while intoxicated. That's the ticket. Don't need to call Mr. Obvious on this one. Not condoning what this officer did at all. IMPD, be fair with our disciplinary actions across the board. I'm sure it wasn't hard for anyone to get the needed cad or report information, unlike the others. I'm just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:23 has a point! Isn't it grand that they will do a press release on this matter, yet they do not release the records of the reckless firearm discharge by a "protected" employee, of which disciplinary action was ordered not to be given by the highest authority...or how about the calls to a "protected" deputy chief's home? -Are those available for public inspection as required by law?

Oh, would that the be same deputy chief who is involved in "taking care" of that Captain you mention?

Fair is fair. One cannot uphold integrity or even lead when discipline and media releases are selective based on who has "connections" in high places...

Anonymous said...

I was appalled that Officer Perry was gunned down by a mad man and want to support my police, however, when I hear these chilling stories of abuse and cover up I can't help but wonder where we are headed.

Anonymous said...

The statement: " Beaton is a third generation police officer with the department" was in the original post.

Can you look into the rumors that each generation had a "less than honorable" past?

Anonymous said...

Officer Perry was a very honorable officer of 22 years. No disciplinary actions ever against him. Its just idiots like Beaton that ruin it for the rest. We are headed as a society as far as we let the media wrongly lead us. They will say everything is a cover up and add intensity to small subjects. Beaton has given his coworkers the black eye too and needs to go. The police don't want him anymore because of it and neither do I as a tax paying citizen. These officers deal with a lot. I still support the majority as long as they righteous.

Anonymous said...

My experience with the police (which is very limited) is the older the cop is the better off you are when dealing with them. The older officers with a lot of experience have the "coolest" demeanor in most cases. The "new era" cops with their shaved heads and dark shades, frankly, scare the sh-t out of me. I have no respect for them since they "demand it" instead of earning it.

Anonymous said...

This guy was a bully as a teen, pretended to be in a gang and sold/smoked marijuana.

His "dad" isn't even his biological father, so that negates the whole "third generation" thing.

A relative of mine lives in his housing addition -- there are rumors that his house fire in 2010 was set by him or someone associated with him intentionally for insurance money.

Probably a sociopath, no idea how he passed psychological evaluations to join IMPD.