Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ray Irvin To Seek 7th District GOP Nod

A former Indianapolis city councilor and the father of sorts of the City's Monon Trail, Ray Irvin, tells Brian Howey that he plans to ask GOP committeepersons to pick him to fill the 7th District congressional candidate vacancy created by the departure of Jon Elrod from the race. Irvin served one term on the Indianapolis city-county council before joining the administration of Mayor Steve Goldsmith. He is best known for authoring the ordinance creating the Indianapolis Greenways and most notably, the Monon Trail. Irvin continued on in the administration of Mayor Bart Peterson before joining the Indiana Department of Administration under Gov. Mitch Daniels. Irvin, a veteran of the Vietnam War, served in the Air Force as a pilot. A caucus will take place in early July. The only other candidate publicly expressing an interest in the race is Gabrielle Campo, who lost to Elrod at the 7th District slating earlier this year.

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