Thursday, June 19, 2008

Elrod Numbers In 97th District Looking Good

An American Viewpoint poll recently conducted in House District 97 provides good reason for State Rep. Jon Elrod to seek re-election to his House seat instead of running in the 7th District congressional race against U.S. Rep. Andre Carson. Widely known to voters in the 97th District, Elrod is viewed favorably among voters by a 61%-16% margin, compared to his Democratic opponent's favorability numbers of 16%-4%.

Elrod's number also stack up well against Andre Carson's 45%-40% favorable rating, Mayor Greg Ballard's 55%-16% favorable rating, Gov. Mitch Daniels' 60%-31% favorable rating and Sen. Richard Lugar's 71%-15% favorable rating. When asked if they approved of the job Elrod has done representing the district, 62% answered in the affirmative and only 15% disapproved of the job he has done. Just over half, 51%, favored Elrod's re-election compared to only 28% who want a new person.

In the all important head-to-head match up against Sullivan, Elrod holds a commanding 23-point lead of 55%-32% in this marginal district. At the same time, Sen. Barack Obama is leading Sen. John McCain in the presidential race in the 97th District by 45%-38% margin. Gov. Daniels holds a small lead of 49%-42% over Democrat Jill Long Thompson in the gubernatorial race.

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