Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Blogs Played Important Role In Zoeller's Win

There are several good reasons Greg Zoeller beat Jon Costas for the Republican Attorney General's nomination at yesterday's state convention, but I think some of the political blogs played a key role in Zoeller's victory. Let's face it. The blogs weren't friendly to Costas for the most part. Scott Fluhr's Hoosier Pundit, the several bloggers who make up Hoosier Access and Mitch Harper's Fort Wayne Observed, to name just a few, did a great job of comparing and contrasting the two candidates. The analysis offered up on the blogs weighed heavily against Costas and for Zoeller. While the reach of blogs to the general voting population is limited, their penetration is deep within the party faithful who are active participants in the process and who voted as delegates at yesterdays convention. Hats off to my fellow bloggers for making a difference in this important race.

UPDATE: Scott Fluhr managed to get a county-by-county breakdown of the vote in the Attorney General's race which is quite interesting. Click here to see.


Unknown said...

I personally like Zoeller. My opposition on this blog is because he's in a leadership position in a terribly run office. So I felt he deserved some of the blame that Carter roundly deserves. Nonetheless, I will say this. Just because Zoeller is a Lietenant of Carter doesn't mean he can't push for reform and change in the operations of the AG's office.

Scott said...

A good candidate sells himself.

What this convention has probably proven, however, is that the day of the strong arm and the smoke-filled backroom is dead and gone (at least in Indiana).

Scott said...

Oh, and thanks for the kudos.

Credit on this is due to many blogs from across the state (and I'd be remiss if Fort Wayne News didn't get mentioned somewhere). The blogs (from both sides) brought news, information, and informed debate to the race in a way that has never happened in a convention race before.