Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hatfill Collects $5.8 Million From Government For Botched Investigation

The Justice Department denies it did anything wrong in its investigation of former U.S. Army scientist Steven Hatfill in connection with the 2001 anthrax attacks following the 9/11 attacks, but it has agreed to pay him $5.8 million to settle a lawsuit he brought against the government alleging his privacy rights were violated when government investigators identified him to the news media. "Our government failed us, not only by failing to catch the anthrax mailers but by seeking to conceal that failure," Hatfill's lawyers said in a statement. "Our government did this by leaking gossip, speculation, and misinformation to a handful of credulous reporters." "The United States does not admit to any violation of the Privacy Act and continues to deny all liability in connection with Dr. Hatfill's claims," Justice Department spokesman Brian Roehrkasse said in response to the settlement.


Unknown said...

This isn't a settlement of $10,000 or less, which is generally what they pay for nuisance suits. When they pay someone $5.8 million it is because they've done something wrong.

Mann Law, P.C. said...

Yes, they deny it 5,800,000 times. Of course, they do not really care because it is our money not theirs. Did they violate his civil rights? If so this is a federal crime. Are they investigating that? Of course not. Your tax dollars at work. Every one of them should have been fired, sued individually and prosecuted. They intentionally tried to destroy this man.

Anonymous said...

They intentionally tried to destroy this man.

For $5.8 million, I wish they would wrongfully and intentionally destroy me!

Mann Law, P.C. said...


I hope they do as well. Spend the next 7 years and probably your life having the federal government going after you and your family and then see if you think it is worth it. You sound like an adjuster who once offered to a client $300 for 3 broken ribs. She was in pain every time she took a breath. His response was tell her to stop breathing. I offered him $600 to break his ribs and he wouldn't take me up on it.