Sunday, June 15, 2008

Flood Damage Update

The Star provides a good summary of flood damage assessed to date. The only bright spot in the report is the relatively small human toll of three deaths and five injuries, although the stress placed on so many flood victims is a little bit harder to calculate as noted in a separate story. Other parts of the report indicate just how costly the flooding is going to be, including the following:

» Bridges: At least 63 bridges were closed or destroyed, including a 122-year-old covered bridge in Rush County.

» Dams, levees: 36 culverts damaged; a levee in Daviess County broke; a levee in Jasonville (Greene County) failed; a dam burst at Prince's Lakes in Johnson County. On Friday, Army Corps Dam Assessment Teams had completed 27 dam assessments out of a requested 106.

» Homes: Total county estimates show more than 3,000 homes were affected.

» Businesses: In Columbus, Cummins closed and dozens of smaller businesses were damaged. Columbus Regional Hospital also was closed. At least 70 businesses sustained flood damage.

Farmers have been hit hard. The USDA has already lowered the nation's crop estimate by 10% as a result of the recent flooding. Ball State earlier pegged the crop loss in Indiana at just $17 million, which I think is way off the mark.


Sir Hailstone said...

I rode through Martinsville today and east of SR 37 the damage is really something.

All of the auto dealerships sustained flood damage. John Walton Ford (formerly Larry Bird Ford) had yellow "crime scene" tape around most of their vehicles. I assume that is cordoning off the ones written off to insurance companies as "flood damaged". A recently re-opened from remodeling Dairy Queen is closed due to flooding. A Circle K is closed. Several apartment complexes were flooded out. One looked like there was more in the courtyard piled up than there were actually inside the apartments. Sure looks like the makings of one huge bonfire. The median of SR37 has debris all though Martinsville.

Southbound SR37 just north of Martinsville is one lane only because the roadbed is washed out. A huge field west of SR37 is just sand and silt.

Sir Hailstone said...

Wanted to Add my Compulsory Slam Against the Star:

If they would check their own archives of a couple weeks ago,

"...including a 122-year-old covered bridge in Rush County."

That bridge was in Moscow, and was turned over in a tornado and not due to flooding. Then again it doesn't seem to matter it's gone and likely cost prohibitive for a small town or the township to replace.

M Theory said...

Did anyone happen to notice Bayh or Lugar anywhere this past week?

Our state is suffering and they are no where to be found. I don't recall so much as a statement issued by them.

That should tell you what they really think of the people of Indiana.

But then, it is not an election year for Senators is it? If it was, they would be everywhere. That probably explains why the Governor is out and about.

They should be ashamed.