Thursday, June 12, 2008

Glenn Murphy, Jr. Pleads Guilty In Sex Assault Case

Ending a once-promising political career, former National YR President and Clark County GOP Chairman Glenn Murphy, Jr. has pleaded guilty to criminal deviate conduct, a Class B felony carrying with it a sentence of at least one year in prison. A fellow Young Republican accused Murphy of performing unwanted oral sex on him while he slept after the two attended a party together and were sharing a room at the victim's sister's home. The News & Tribune's Matt Thwacker writes:

According to the terms of the agreement, Murphy will be sentenced to two years in prison and four years of probation. The prison sentence will likely be reduced to one year for good behavior. Murphy will also have to register as a sex offender. Clark County Superior Court 1 Judge Vicki Carmichael said the court has not accepted the plea yet. Murphy had faced six to 20 years in prison if convicted.

A sentencing hearing is scheduled for June 30 at 1:30 p.m.

“About a month ago, we had our last deposition, and the defense approached me about it,” Special Prosecutor Stan Levco said in a press conference after the hearing. “I really hadn’t anticipated pleading this. I thought we’d be going to trial.”Levco said the victim, 21 at the time of the incident, will testify in the June 30 sentencing. He was prepared to testify Thursday, Levco said, but the judge told him the appropriate time to do so is at sentencing.

Levco said he is pleased with the agreement because his three goals were met — that Murphy admit what he did, be charged with a felony and spend time in prison. He added that the decision to allow into evidence the statements of three men who claim Murphy sexually assaulted them was a big factor in reaching the agreement.

Bloggers on the Left are celebrating the downfall of an obviously hypocritical man who both supported and promoted candidates with anti-gay platforms. The story was first broken by Democratic blogger Jen Wagner. This blog prominently reported on it as well, notwithstanding Murphy's party affiliation. I have always been outspoken against the religious right wing of the Republican Party, which constantly rubs their so-called "family values" views in our faces and which seeks to relegate some of our citizens to second-class status. These people hijacked the Republican Party--the party of Abraham Lincoln--after migrating over from the Democratic Party--the party of Jim Crow.

Prominent among the religious right leaders here in Indiana is Curt Smith, Director of the Indiana Family Institute. In that role, he has lobbied steadfastly in support of discrimination against gays and lesbians at the state and local level. Smith is employed by the law firm of Taft Stettinius and Hollister, LLP. It is worth noting that the presumptive Democratic nominee for Attorny General, Linda Pence, is a partner at the same firm which employs Smith. Will these same Democratic bloggers bludgeon Pence the way they did Jon Elrod simply because a consultant he hired to run his campaign used the services of an Internet company which also did work for Eric Miller? For what it's worth, I e-mailed Linda Pence after Smith testified at a public hearing against Indianapolis' HRO a few years ago to ask her how she felt about a representative of her then-law firm, Sommer Barnard, advocating discrimination in a public forum against a class of citizens. I never heard back from her. What is it they say? "The bottom line is the bottom line."


stAllio! said...

so what if pence has a homophobic co-worker? that's hardly comparable to using actual campaign funds to pay homophobes for campaign work.

you're really stretching here.

Chris Worden said...

It's bad enough some peopel attribute Obama's minister's beliefs to him when there's no evidence he feels the same, but now we're going to hold everbody responsible for everbody with whom they work? Somebody help me draw the line because this is going to get exhausting.

If I were to find out the receptionist for my building made a racist comment (she never would, but I need an example), do I need to leave the building since I don't have the authority to fire her?

If I learn my pizza delivery boy went to a rally with Tony Zirkle, do I need to boycott Papa John's?

How far does this go? There are a LOT of people who have beliefs I don't follow, including members of my extended family. If I go to the family reunion, are people going to subscribe those views to me?

Where does it end? That's all I want to know.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Well, if you are a capital partner of a law firm, Mr. Berg, it means you are an owner of the business. He's on her payroll.

stAllio! said...

so what is she supposed to do, fire him and face the inevitable lawsuit when he claims he was unjustly fired for his "religious beliefs"? give me a break.

Gary R. Welsh said...

So are you now acknowledging the absurdity of your earlier attack on Jon Elrod, Mr. Berg?

stAllio! said...

no, as i said, the two are not comparable. one involves simply knowing a homophobe in one's daily life; the other involves a conscious decision to pay a homophobe for campaign work. you're the only one who's being absurd here.

Gary R. Welsh said...

And again, since you insist on lying about the facts, Elrod never hired the Internet company. He hired a consultant which, in turn, utilized the services of the third party. Pence hasn't been just a co-worker of Smith's as you suggest. She is a partner. He is an employee. Do you not understand the difference, Mr. Berg?

Jiminak said...

It's interesting that none of you commented on the main story here about the hypocrite who did everything he could to destroy the civil liberties of a segment of society while hiding the fact that he was one of the most insidious of that group. I wonder how he feels knowing that he's going to spend a couple of years with guys who won't need to go to sleep.
It's the country that's going under folks and it's the Bush people and policies that are doing it and all you can seem to do is defend and accept this. As long as the Republican Party is at the top of the mast during the sinking you seem to be okay.