Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Feds Nab Three IMPD Officers In Drug Investigation

The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Indiana and the FBI are holding a press conference later today to announce sealed indictments against three Indianapolis Metropolitan Police officers. A Star news report doesn't say what the charges against the officers are, but a WXNT news report suggests the three are narcotics officer charged with drug dealing. This might explain why IMPD officer Noble Duke earned no jail time during his sentencing in federal court earlier this month for his role in tipping off suspected drug dealers involved in the Haughville cocaine syndicate, who were indicted last year.

UPDATE: The Star's Vic Ryckaert is reporting that the arrests of the three officers is based on charges they were dealing marijuana. He confirms they are narcotics officers. He says their activities are unrelated to the arrest of IMPD officer Noble Duke and members of the Haughville syndicate last year.


Concerned Taxpayer said...

Here we have another instance of Spears' incompetence to lead this department.

An officer who already stole property, committed forgery, and took the money, is allowed to continue in a job that has too many temptations.

Now, the same officer is accused of selling drugs.

What is it going to take to replace the chief?

SW Lane said...

Once again, the fact that these 3, and Noble Duke, are black, will explain why their department pictures will never be shown on TV or in the paper, or on the blogs.

Why is that?

SW Lane said...

I'll be damned...they actually do have Edwards' picture posted on the Star. However, I wont retract my previous statement unless the other 2 have their photos displayed.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

Well, actually it's because of security for officers and their families, plus maintaining an "undercover" status.

Once the officer is arrested and booked, however, their pictures are public.

You know...like Valerie Plane.

Anonymous said...

Once the officer is arrested and booked, however, their pictures are public.

That didn't stop IMPD from refusing to release a booking photo of an undercover detective who was busted for drunk driving while in his police -owned car.

SW Lane said...

"Well, actually it's because of security for officers and their families..."

You arent a police officer, are you?
The Star, this blog, and various TV media didnt have a problem posting Shannon McComas's pic time and again. Try again.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

"A former police officer was charged Wednesday with assisting a criminal -- not murder, a charge on which authorities preliminarily held him -- in a shooting that killed a security guard and wounded four other people outside a pub early New Year's Day.

The charge accuses Shannon McComas -- an off-duty Indianapolis police officer at the time -- of lying to investigators about the actions of Sunungura Rusununguko, a man police believe fatally shot Ronnie Croom Jr. and wounded the other four at Durty Nelly's Pub and Eatery on Indianapolis' east side."

SW Lane said...

I see you did not answer my question. While McComas's charges, since dropped for a complete rush to judgement on very flimsy evidence were serious, as I believe your point was, it doesnt change the fact that your 'security for the families of the officers' position is valid, unless for some reason you believe McComas' family is less deserving of that security than these 3 idiots.

By the way, regarding McComas: While incarcerated, then D/C of Operations (uniformed patrol) Clifford Myers visited him in his cell with a pre-typed letter of resignation, sans counsel, sans a chance to discuss any options regarding resigning with his family. Because of that duress, and lack of evidence, McComas stands a good chance to regain his position. Myers has a history himself of shady personal conduct, I invite you to do some research. Finally, the Lieutenant who initially tried to bring McComas up on charges of failing to respond (while off-duty) was himself arrested and accused of rape. The case was found not guilty, however, the LT pleaded guilty to consensual sex while on duty (with a tampon having been jammed so severely that surgery was necessary-'consensual'?), was demopted, and has since regained his rank. And HIS picture wasnt displayed in any media form during his ordeal. He is black.

MY point, hasnt changed. If ANY officer besmirches his or her uniform and badge, then as public employees, we have a right to know who they are and what they look like. Any officer who does his or her job daily in an honorable fashion..well, I challenge anyone to ask and see if they dont agree with that.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

What I was saying was, the pictures weren't broadcast until the officer was arrested. Once an officer is arrested, the picture is public record. It's too bad the families may suffer for that, but mayhaps the officer shouldn't have violated their sacred oath.

I certainly AGREE that EVERYONE has the right to know what the person looks like.

As to Weeby, there will always be a double standard in this country, thanks to weeping, hand-wringing liberals, "Concerned Clergy" (who are only concerned about certain things), ICLU, ACLU, bleeding-heart liberals, etc.

The goal is to limit this double standard as much as we can.

As to Cliff Myers, he sold his soul for rank. As did his boss. Don't forget the missing tape from the officer assaulted case in the parking garage Downtown.

Politics is an ugly business. It just keeps getting worse.