Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Carson's Financial Disclosure Statement Revealed

The Star's Maureen Groppe describes U.S. Rep. Andre Carson, the newest member of the Indiana delegation, as "one of the delegation's poorest." She writes:

Rep. Andre Carson, D-Indianapolis, who won a special election in March to succeed his grandmother, reported assets worth from $19,005 to $110,000 and student loan debts worth from $50,001 to $100,000.

Carson, the delegation's youngest member at 33, got a pay increase by coming to Congress. Carson reported earning $58,400 last year from the state, the City-County Council and Cripe Architects and Engineers.

Before Carson joined Cripe Archietects and Engineers after becoming a member of the Indianapolis City-County Council last year, he was earning $47,648 as a state excise police officer. If you consider that Carson left his job with the state at the beginning of October, it appears he earned about $20,000 from Cripe and as a City-County Councilor, indicating his annual rate of pay from the government contractor for less than three months' work and as a city councilor for five months was close to $80,000. Carson and his wife own a newer home in the redeveloped Fall Creek Place. Groppe's report only notes student loan debt of between $50,001 to $100,000 and assets of less than $110,000. Groppe's report says nothing about a home mortgage. Carson now earns $169,300 as a member of Congress.


artfuggins said...

I am sure you will correct me if I am wrong but I think personal homes are exempt from the financial report. You may even correct me if I am right!!!

Gary R. Welsh said...

In light of the Countrywide scandal involving two key members of the Senate (Sen. Conrad (D) and Sen. Dodd (D) receiving sweetheart mortgage deals, it would seem pointless to have a meaningful financial disclosure statement without the primary debt most people owe--a home mortgage. Donnelly's disclosure notes two outstanding mortgages on his vacation home. Maybe they aren't required to disclose it. If so, then it proves just how worthless these reports are. Many members provide more disclosure than the law technically requires. Because of the Countrywide scandal, I think Members of Congress should detail their home mortgages, including the name of their lender, the amount of the debt, the rate of interest and the period of repayment. Doesn't Carson sit on the committee which oversees the financial services industry?

Sir Hailstone said...

"Doesn't Carson sit on the committee which oversees the financial services industry?"

Yes he does. In fact it's the ONLY committee he is a member.

Jacob Perry said...

Not all that shocking considering that he's never had a real job (hanging out at Brad's Gold Club while claiming to be a LEO doesn't actually count) plus holding "degrees" from two mail order institutions that are notorious for charging outlandish fees in exchange for granting credit for "life experience" all adds up to his current status in life.

Just like it was for Grandma, being elected to Congress is the Carson family's equivalent to winning the lottery.

artfuggins said...

I think the financial statements are weak anyway. They give huge ranges like a debt or outside income from $10,00 to $150,000...there is a big difference.

Jacob, your comments are so false and outrageous that I find it shocking that you would put them in writing.

SW Lane said...

SO whats better Art Wilson..they lyrics to "The Jeffersons" ?

'Welllll we're moving on up! (movin on up) To the easst side! (moving on up)' et sic ad nauseum

indyernie said...

"To the easst side!"

Please keep Carson out of the East Side. We have enough problems already.

Jon E. Easter said...

Indiana Wesleyan University IS NOT a mail order institution. Please stop referring to it as such unless you are prepared to sign up for their intensive Masters' Programs. They are accredited and have a main campus.

Haley said...

My husband received his MBA from Indiana Wesleyan. While the degree couldn't possibly stand up to the rigors of, say, Kelley School of Business at IU, he DID actually have to do some work!