Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Lake County Vote Shenanigans

Why would Illinois residents be showing up at polling places in Lake County, Indiana to vote in the state's May primary election? That's what Bill Dolan of the Northwest Indiana Times is reporting today. Here's what he says:

Lake County election officials heard allegations Tuesday a number of Illinois residents attempted to vote in last month's Indiana primary election.

Raymond Lopez, chairman of the East Chicago and Whiting Republican organization, told the Lake County elections board, busloads of Illinois residents and downstate Indiana students who weren't registered to vote in East Chicago or Whiting appeared at those communities' polls, according to Republican election workers to whom he spoke.

"It was quite a few. They showed us Illinois driver's licenses. We asked them why they were here and they said 'We were told to vote here."

Lopez said none of them was admitted into voting booths. He didn't indicate whether he was able to ascertain from where the individuals came or whom may have sent them. Elections Supervisor Michelle Fajman asked Lopez to put his complaints and others he made, in writing, so her staff can investigate.

Gee, I wonder which presidential campaign would bring busloads of people from Illinois and college students from downstate? Lopez also alleges in Dolan's story that poll workers did not complete provisional ballots for some voters whose names didn't match voting list records because they were overwhelmed by the large turnout of voters.


Anonymous said...

Was it ever discovered who "told" them to vote there? Are you sure it was directly associated with a Presidential campaign, or are you just making assumptions and stiring the pot as usual?

Concerned Taxpayer said...

Now let me see...busloads of "voters" taken to polling sites. They are from another state.

I wonder if they were Republican or Democrat?

Chris Worden said...

The headline says "Lake County" shenanigans, but what we learned was that (1) they weren't FROM Lake County; and (2) they weren't allowed to vote. I agree that Lake County has been embarrassingly corrupt, but can you at least wait until you have SOME connection TO Lake County or Obama before you start making assumptions? Generally, you at least have ONE fact to connect a story to somebody. I don't see it.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

In other words, ipopa, they would have had to vote before anything could be said?

Doesn't the fact that someone set that up mean anything?

Some might even call it Conspiracy to Commit Voter Fraud.

artfuggins said...

I am confused...are you assuming they were Obama voters or were they definitely Obama voters.....this sounds more like an urban legend.......probably no one will put it in writing or file a comlaint and all we have then is another baseless claim.

Russell said...

If you want conspiracy to commit voter fraud, look no further than Rush Limbaugh. His 'Operation Chaos" idea would easily qualify as conspiracy to commit voter fraud. It's nearly impossible to prosecute those who switched over to vote Democrat for Operation Chaos, but Rush could easily be charged, he was very out in the open about his plan and intentions.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Artfuggins - baseless innuendo that it was one party or campaign over another without any proof of anything.

I also agree with Russel about Rush's conspiracy to commit voter fraud. I wonder, could it have ben Rush that bused the people? - Likely the same amount of truth to that story as what everyone is trying to imply without any facts.