Sunday, June 29, 2008

Property Tax Cuts Better Than Expected

The Louisville Courier-Journal's Lesley Stedman Weidenbener's pens a column today opining that taxpayers in many counties are experiencing tax reductions better than expected from this year's property tax reform legislation. Weidenbener writes:

There are early signs that the property-tax cuts that go into effect on this year's bills could be greater than -- or certainly at least as large as -- originally projected.

Most counties -- especially many local ones -- are still weeks and even months away from sending their bills.

But a few counties in Southern Indiana have mailed them and a few more have sent enough information to the state to get an idea about the impact of the legislature's decision to raise the sales tax to cut property taxes, a move Gov. Mitch Daniels signed into law in March.

The columnist reports homeowner reductions in Ohio County of 57%, in Jefferson County it's 34% and in Dubois County it's 22%. State officials have enough data to report on 20 counties and in all cases the taxes are going down according to Weidenbener. This news could be helpful to Gov. Mitch Daniels' re-election campaign.


Mann Law, P.C. said...

How about small businesses who employee these folks so they can own homes and about whom the parties pay such lip service but deliver nothing. Only tax relief for Honda, Colts etc. I know in Marion County my property taxes more than doubled.

artfuggins said...

True Conservative, I am with you. Who are these people who got the tax cuts....not any one I know.

Mann Law, P.C. said...

My daughter's house in downtown Indianapolis went up by $3,600 a year in an area where they are trying to encourage people to move back downtown to try to help revitalize the city. She is considering moving as soon as she can. Her mortgage payment will go up by 33% as a result. It wasn't low to begin with. If it is to help with police then it isn't working as when they are called if they show up at all it is more than an hour and when they do they don't bother to get out of the car. In one instance, the police officer had to be chanced down to give the information on a shooting.

David Myers said...

I know that there has not been much said about the but on July 4 Andy Horning is holding a tax protest at the Governors resident
on Med. street from 10 to 11:00am.

M Theory said...

My bill tripled...that's right tripled. And what do I get for it? Well, I get graduation rates lower than most places in the country, I get crumbling sewers, and I get a non-existent police station which moved in the middle of the night...thanks to Mayor Peterson.

Government services have not improved, certainly not to the point that my taxes should be tripled from my 2003 rate. Incidently my 2003 rate doubled overnight from what my taxes were when I bought my home in 1998.

I called countrywide mortgage today to let them know they are going to have a lot of angry homeowners who are not going to like their increased escrows.