Monday, June 23, 2008

Not McNeil-Minton's First Arrest

City-County Councilor Doris Minton-McNeil's arrest yesterday evening for battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest is not the first time she's had a brush with the law. WTHR reports that she had a 1992 arrest for conversion. Mainstream news coverage of Minton-McNeil's arrest has been highly sanitized based upon the contents of the IMPD police incident report filed in the case. Blogger Chris Spangle offers this raw and uncensored narrative of its contents. To listen to Minton-McNeil's bizarre 911 call, click here.

Marion Co. Democratic Chairman Mike O'Connor is not prepared to join Marion Co. GOP Chairman Tom John's call for Minton-McNeil's resignation. "It is important that the process be allowed to work without any outside interference or partisan distractions. Councillor Minton-McNeill deserves the same consideration as anyone facing a similar situation," O'Conner said in a statement released to the media today.

O'Connor's days as the county chairman appear to be numbered. Advance Indiana has learned more about the effort to return former Democratic Chairman Ed Treacy to power. An informed source says the Mahern family has been upset with O'Connor over Dane Mahern's loss at the slating convention for the 97the House District seat to Mary Ann Sullivan, who O'Connor backed. Once Treacy is returned to the chairmanship with the support of the Mahern clan, Dane Mahern is rumored to be in line to replace John Riordan as the Democratic member of the voter registration board, a full-time job paying $60,000 a year. State Rep. Vanessa Sommers is rumored to be in line to take the vice-chair position, replacing Billie Breaux.


7th CD guy said...

Wahh! The police took law enforcement action against me!
Mayor Bart, Please help!
Oh, Bart is no longer the mayor!

HA HA HA!!!!!

Jon E. Easter said...

I tend to agree with the party chair. The judicial process needs to take its course. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Certainly, if she is guilty, then she will be forced to resign as this is a felony for which she is accused.

I believe Councillors in the past on both sides of the political spectrum have been given this courtesy.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

Mayhern might as well get another political hack job.

I guaran-damn-tee you, he has NOT done SQUAT for the people he suckered into electing him to the council.

Unknown said...

So the pants-pissing is true. The local media glossed over some of the finer details, didn't they?

Bart Lies said...

"I tend to agree with the party chair. The judicial process needs to take its course. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty."

But those 3 cops the other day... Should we have let THAT take its course, too?

mr. jackson said...

Why do the Mahern's feel entitled to any and every political position?

indyernie said...

What I find amazing is that all of the officers who responded were “racists“.
Not only “racists” but were “MFing Racists“.
I would bet that all of these officers have served under the leadership of Sheriff Frank Anderson. Kerry Forestall had command of these officers with the approval of Sheriff Anderson.
I would bet a pay check that some of these officers were hired and trained by Anderson and Forestall.
My question is, why did Anderson and Forestall hire someone who was having intercourse with their Mothers in the first place?
Why didn’t Anderson and Forestall weed out these “racists” when they had the opportunity?
Is McNeal insinuating that our Democrat Sheriff, Frank Anderson is a “MFing racists“? Anderson led by example, didn’t he?
Is the democrat candidate for Sheriff Kerry Forestall a “MFing racists” also? Forestall was the boss and set policy.
I can’t believe that the Democrat County Chairman is allowing this to happen.
An appointed democrat CCC member with just a little over a month on the job publicly accused an elected democrat sitting Sheriff and his successor of being “MFing racists“. Imagine that.

MissouriDemocrat said...

Yes we are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. On the other hand in the court of public opinion when we can read the officers report and hear the garbled 911 call we know this lady was "cocktailed" and most likely was abusive to the law enforcement officers on the scene. Why is it that everytime an Black politician gets caught doing anything inappropriate the charge of racism rears its ugly head. And, did no one in Mr. O'Connor's democratic party leadership team run a criminal history report on this lady? That alone shows we need a change in command at the top level of the party.