Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tully Trashes Dickerson While Covering Up Carson Center Scandal

Matt Tully seems more than willing to trash the candidacy of GOP 7th District congressional candidate Eric Dickerson after learning scant details about a financial dispute his car dealership has with one of its lenders, Fifth Third Bank. Over at his blog today he compares his campaign to a "soap opera" and declares that it has imploded because he complained about lack of financial support from the party and has been sued by Fifth Third Bank. Of course, never mind that Dickerson overwhelmed the Republican-slated candidate in the May primary by more than a 2-1 margin and did so without any party backing. Or, for that matter, that Fifth Third told the IBJ that they expected the matter to be resolved soon without further litigation.

No, Tully's job is to make sure that Dickerson's campaign is finished off. One less campaign to cover this fall will mean that much less work to do. It's just too bad that Tully isn't as interested in pursuing the unfolding scandal at the Carson Government Center surrounding the illegalities and self-dealing associated with the controversial restaurant/bar being pursued by the son of one of Tully's favorite sources, Lacy Johnson. I guess Tully would rather carry water for Johnson than serve the public's well-being. Isn't that what this is all about?


Sir Hailstone said...

Spot on Gary.

This is all a non-issue.

Quoting Officer Barbrady of South Park:

"Nothing to see here. Go home"

Anonymous said...

Very, very sad reporting by Mr. Tully.

Gary you hit the nail on the head.

But, the dispute between 5/3 Bank and Mr. Dickerson is important. How Mr. Dickerosn handles this issue is indicative of how he'll handle tough issues, personal and otherwise, as a potential member of Congress.

This is not a nuisance lawsuit. It's substantial. It merits tough questions and solid answers.

Lately, those are only on blogs. Go figure.

Sir Hailstone said...

anon 11:51 I don't know what you'd draw the line as "nuisance" and "substantial" but no this not some sort of SLAPP type of suit, but it's not like Eric Dickerson has mismanaged his businesses. Far from it. He has made every payment, on time to his lenders. This is 5/3rds present Modus Operandi for businessmen of high value items (such as cars) who desire to wrap up their interests and sell the store. They sue you. You don't need a reason to be sued. This is 5/3rds way of - let's say - getting your attention. In case you'd want to take the money and run. They have a seat at the closing table and claim the proceeds from the sale of the business, in this case the dealership.


Anonymous said...

I'd still like to see the case evolve. I've been involved in similar litigation...and it is rarely as simple as you describe it, Hail.

For ED's benefit, I hope it is. Banks hate this kind of stuff. They rarely get what they have invested, and it almost always results in bad publicity.

I'd much rather hear about the candidates' views on pertinent issues of the day, instead of dueling lawsuit stories. Julia's for whatever reason in the 90s, ED's now...it's all so tired.

One thing's for sure. The state's biggest newspaper got scopped, again, big-time on this story. BY this blog and IBJ.


Sir Hailstone said...

You're acting as if Eric is trying to stiff 5/3rd. He's not. He has the money to pay it as soon as he closes on the sale of the business to Ed Martin Inc. As I just said this was a PREVENTATIVE and standard procedure lawsuit. 5/3rd will get everything they invested into Eric's dealership. 5/3rd wants to make sure of that fact. Dealerships elsewhere have sold out and subsequently stuffed the proceeds into offshore bank accounts and disappeared. Hence 5/3rd's need to protect their interests.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm . .

Eric Dickerson update from Matt Tully.


Eric Dickerson said the sale of his Buick dealership was completed Tuesday, and that he has sent Fifth Third Bank loan payments that led the bank to sue him last month.


So he closed on the sale of his dealership and gave the bank a check to pay off the loan.

Doug said...

I could've sworn I posted a comment here earlier this morning, but it's no longer showing up?

If I'm gonna hallucinate stuff that never happened, I want it to be about girls and beer; not boring blog posts about Indiana's 7th Congressional race.

Gary R. Welsh said...

You did Doug, but it was made to the post above. See Tully Eats Crow

Doug said...

Ah, thanks. It's a problem with my RSS feed which, for some reason, isn't showing the more recent posts.

Sir Hailstone said...

Doug - Nothing wrong with your RSS feed. You are in fact hallucinating. You need to lay off the Howard Dean Kool-Aid and everything will be back in focus.

Anonymous said...

If this lawsuit was filed in July, why is it an issue now?
I find it interesting that this was held back until Mr. Dickerson held his press conference in front of the Township Government Building about the bar/restaurant deal.

It was a smear campaign in the making. However, the opponents did not have all the facts when they called the press.

Julia Carson has strong opposition this time in the 7th district congressional race. Look for more dirty tricks in the future. Stay tune!

Anonymous said...

A lot of people here are pretending they know more about these matters than they really do.

First, by filing this lawsuit, Fifth Third was simply reserving a place at the table when Dickerson and Ed Martin Inc. closed the sale so they'd be assured of getting their money. It really is just that simple.

Second, there is no evidence and no truth to the notion that this was a "dirty trick" by Julia Carson's people. It was not.

Mr. Dickerson called IBJ's Chris O'Malley about the pending sale. O'Malley, a veteran of the late Great Hoosier Daily, The Indianapolis News, simply did his job of reporting the news. Accurately. Fairly. Completely. He sets an example other reporters in this town could learn from.

Anonymous said...

Very well said!

Mr. Tully knows the actions by Lacy Johnson are wrong, and now he has proven to the entire State of Indiana that you don't have to be black to be the N-word.

The behavior of Carl Drummer, Lacy Johnson, Monroe Gray, Judy-King Ro and his wife Judy Hawley-Conley, and Julia Carson is gutter behavior. Now Tully just showed us where he comes from... which is why we "never heard of him" until Eric Dickerson entered the scene...a man we've all known and liked for years.

As soon as Eric Dickerson, a formibable candidate, runs against their "Queen", (btw doesn't that sound mafia-ish?),

"Out of the gutter comes Matt Tully, along with his friends Monroe "pea-brain" Gray, Julia "Qhetto-Queen" Carson, King Ro & Company, Carl "the code-violating landlord" Drummer and Lacy "the park theft" Johnson.
This would make an excellent comic strip.

Lacy, you've gotten so low. Now you not only take opportunities from women and minority busines owners, you're taking parks away from our kids so that you can have another drinking hole. You have no class and are an embarrassment for our young aspiring lawyers and specifically black people.

The Indianapolis Star should be ashamed of Tully!!! I'm cancelling my subscription...I'll just read the trash online and keep my dime.


Anonymous said...

Tully takes a vacation...lets hope it's long term.