Saturday, August 19, 2006

Democrats Reject Rule Expanding GLBT Representation

The Democratic National Committee rejected a proposed rule that would have ensured increased representation of GLBT members at the party's national convention. Instead, the party adopted a watered down rule to encourage party leaders to include under-represented groups such as persons with disabilities and members of the GLBT community. State parties are specifically prohibited from imposing quotas ensuring greater representation from members of these groups.

The DNC's rules impose quotas for other minority groups, including African-Americans, Native Americans, Asians, Hispanics and women. African-Americans within the party opposed adding GLBTs to the list because they believed it would dilute their own representation within the party. Donald Hitchcock, the DNC's former gay outreach director who was fired by DNC Chairman Howard Dean after his partner questioned Dean's commitment to the GLBT community, is disappointed by the outcome. “This is not even separate but equal,” said Hitchcock. “It’s separate and unequal.” He says the DNC rules change is no different than language the party has adopted in the past. The Stonewall Democrats, by contrast, are pleased with the outcome. “The language is strong enough that we can live with it,” said John Marble of the Stonewall Democrats.

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Anonymous said...

It's my party, and I read the change today...sent to me by a DNC friend. It's really too awkward and couched to make much sense.

But you're onto something here, AI.
It doesn't dillute the GLBT representation because no quotas existed formally. There were strong informal agreements amogn candidates for the 2004 nomination, and DNC officials, during that campaign, to work hard to increase GLBT representation.

I wish they hadn't passed the latest nonsense. But it isn't the end of the world. All major candidates for the 2008 nomination have reached out to our community and will continue to do so.

Woulda coulda shoulda...