Wednesday, August 30, 2006

And Now We Know Why

Earlier this week Attorney General Steve Carter reminded Indiana's political parties of a state law prohibiting automated phone calls in a letter to party leaders. AI wondered at the time why the AG is just now enforcing a law that has been on the books for 18 years. Today, Carter announces that his office has fined 6 Indiana companies more than $5 million for violating the state's automated phone call statute. A Star report reads:

The Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter on Tuesday fined six Indiana companies a total of more than $5 million for violating the state's pre-recorded message statute.

The law requires companies to use a live person to gain consent from the receiving person prior to using pre-recorded phone calls.

Facing fines are, FSL Connect, Blue Skies Inc., Weight Loss Center of South Bay Inc, Compass Care Inc., and Senior Solutions LLC.

Today's announcement seems to answer the question as to why Carter put the political parties on notice of his intent to enforce the law. But it still begs the question as to why Carter's office has taken no action against political parties and candidates which have also recently violated the law. Are the politicians being afforded a break Carter was unwilling to afford to private businesses?

It should be noted that alone was fined $5 million. The other companies received relatively small fines. The fines are said to result from investigations dating back as far as 2004.


Anonymous said...

Don't get too excited by those large fines. It's almost always the case that companies negotiate fines way down, and often they get them elimnated all together.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they could retain Rokita to represent them He seems good at getting worthless settlements