Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ron Jeremy To Raise Funds For IYG!

Indiana Youth Group ("IYG"), a nonprofit support group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth, will be the beneficiary of a charity benefit tonight featuring porn star extraordinare Ron Jeremy. The Wicked Wednesdays event dubbed "Boogie Nights" at the Vault will feature a charity slave auction hosted by dominatrix Miss Ann's The Reformatory, along with a "Roller Girl Contest." The special $10 cover charge to get into the event will benefit IYG.

Jeremy is best known for making more porn films than virtually any other adult film star--more than 2,000. He also boasts that he's bedded more than 4,000 women. More recently, he appeared on the reality show "The Surreal Life" with Tammy Faye Baker, Vanilla Ice and Erik Estrada.

At first I thought this was a joke, but it's not. Well, I guess it's for a good cause. Right? Hmmm. So if you want Ron Jeremy's autograph, stop by the Vault tonight between 9:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m.


Doug said...

Something I wrote about Ron Jeremy about 6 years ago (May 2000):

Let us each, one and all, consider the remarkable and increasingly mainstream career of porn star Ron Jeremy. With one very notable and reliable exception, the man has no discernible talents or assets. And yet just in the past week, he has cropped up twice in more-or-less mainstream media. He was referenced in a song where the singer boasted that he was hornier than Mr. Jeremy. Then, he showed up in a completely gratuitous cameo in the latest Kid Rock video ... the video ends and then out of nowhere, they cut to Ron just standing there with a big ass gold chain on his chest. And, I think there was an American flag waving behind him. But that could've just been his aura. This is just in the past week. Let us not forget about his prominent role in the Trey Parker film "Orgazmo". All of this without any discernible talents or assets, with one very notable and reliable exception.

Anonymous said...

As a parent of a gay son I would have to think twice about entrusting him with a group which uses this kind of activity to fund their activities. Do the words "good judgment" come to mind?

Anonymous said...

this is just creepy

it (unfortunately) begs the question: since he's so well known for his, uh, manhood...

you complete the sentence

Anonymous said...

I am dumbstruck that someone at IYG-- probably one of the most respected institutions in the INDY GLBT community -- would have allowed their name to be in connection with such a tawdry event. While I am sure it appeals to a large number of people.. having IYG anywhere near it is just plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone on here go last night? How was it?

Anonymous said...

I am still hoping this was all a big misunderstanding. IYG's mission is so strong, its goals admirable...and I know they've been hurting for money.

If it is all true, someone should have his/her head examined. What's next? Falcon Studios holding an Open House?

Hold that thought...I might actually go to that one...

And, to echo Kevin: did anyone go?

Anonymous said...

I just read abou this. I'm stunned. I'm no prude, but when it comes to kids and young adults, an event like this seems entirely inappropriate for IYG.

What must Chris and Jeff, the founders, be thinking right now. (I knew them both well.)

Gary R. Welsh said...

There are pictures of the event posted on Intake's Party Crasher site.

Anonymous said...

I went to the event it was a crying shame to see the director of IYG Chris Tolzman, Bill Hendrix the president of the board and his partner Gary Brackett the president of Indy Pride at the event with people walking around in rubber, leather, dog collars on their necks. Also, the slave auction where the Mistress was slapping people on their asses. Why aren't there more people upset with this situation? Why would have an event that the kids could not go to or be showcased to the public on the good works that are being done at IYG? At this point in time I think we need a radical change in LGBT leadership in the city of Indianapolis. The Indy Pride Board and IYG Board has been in bed with each other too long. Indy Pride has done nothing but established a group for their friends and not the community. If the community really cared about IYG, it would raise money in other ways than a SEX PARTY for kids who are not of age to enter a bar. I have sat back and watched the LGBT community lack standards, integrity and character throughout the years. Where is the WORD newspaper on speaking out against this irresponsible event? Where are the so called leaders of Lambda Legal, HRC, PFLAG, IE and other organizations to call themselves the leaders of the community in speaking out against this MESS? In typical form and fashion NOWHERE at all, because the board members of these groups are all FRIENDS and they would never tell each other to do the RIGHT THING! On this particular site there have been concerns about how the community at large looks at the LGBT community concerning our actions with businesses being involved with an adult video that took place in the city. Well, at least they did not recruit or try to raise money for children with their activity. If this event had been done by anyone other person or group the organizations mention above would have completely spoke out against it and would have called on a major boycott of the event, but it is different when there friends are in charge of such disgraceful actions. WAKE UP PEOPLE it is time for a change in our community and we really need to start questioning the so called leaders in our community on their agendas, policies and attitudes towards the real issues in the community concerning our LGBT youth!

Anonymous said...

oh shut up who cares. like those kids have never seen porn or fucked before. quit trying to make us de-sexed ken dolls who assimilate into fucked-up str8 culture. i knew who ron jeremy was when i was a kid, and i have a very modest monogamous sex life.

Anonymous said...

It is not about assimilation, it's about the fact that you would not want your kids around something even though they know something about it. Also, when did morals and values become a straight quality?

Anonymous said...

I went to the event. What I witnessed that went on that night is nothing crazier than what you see in Talbott Street or The 10 on any given night. If one of these gay bars did a fundraiser for IYG, would anyone say a word?

The night at The Vault was not any crazier than a fundraiser night with The Bag Ladies on Bus Tour. Would IYG turn away funding from The Bag Ladies? The last time I saw the Bag Ladies, most of them were acting like campy outrageous sex whores and it is the secret behind their successful fundraising.

It was not a "sex party". No one was having sex that I saw. And nothing illegal happened there.

How are role play props like dog collars and leashes any more or less immoral than a drag queen in a rhinestone tiara and platform stripper shoes?

I remember not so long ago when the gay community was viciously judged for its sexual expression. Why judge other people identify with Dominance and submission? Isn't that hypocritical from a community that is supposed to embrace tolerance and diversity?

If IYG hurts for funding, why are the critics of this group not discussing alternative fundraisers that are not so morally objectionable to you? I think it is admirable that these people gave up some of their disposable income to promote tolerance and diversity in their community. They deserve thanks, not criticism.

Anonymous said...

I'm Miss Ann the former Dominatrix behind The Reformatory and former supporter of the charity fundraisers at The Vault nightclub. That night was the beginning of the end of my association with The Vault, the event's producer, and the fetish night for many reasons.

At its root D/s (Dominance/submission)is about consensual (and often non-sexual) service to another. I believe that in service, we find humankind's highest good.

I have no issue with sexual freedom. In fact, I think that our sexuality is one of the greatest gifts given to us by our maker and should be celebrated. The Erotic Arts Ball I produced in 2004 was testiment to this joyful celebration. See

It was not my idea to bring in Ron Jeremy, in fact the idea didn't sit real well with me, but I went along with it because that was what the venue owner (the REAL promoter of the event) wanted to do. My job as charity fundraiser coordinator was to bring in charities to benefit from our auctions.

Ron Jeremy was not impressive. In fact, he could have cared less about our charity or the fact that we were trying to raise money for something important to our community. He was concerned only with himself.

I saw things first hand that night that do not represent my philosophy or the evolution I wanted to see take form for that event. In short, it went from something I was proud of being a part of, to something with which I no longer wanted association.

Subsequently, I severed my ties with that event and The Vault.