Monday, August 28, 2006

Shella Responds To IWIR Criticism

Indiana Week In Review host Jim Shella responds to criticism AI directed at the IWIR panel following this past week's show and the need to enliven the program with new panelists. Shella writes at his blog over WISH-TV's website:

A couple of political blogs invited comments on Indiana Week in Review over the weekend and the traffic has been heavy. Some people criticize the show and some applaud it. I'm heartened mostly that people watch and care enough to comment.

If you have serious suggestions, however, you can always e-mail me directly at If there are things you don't like you won't hurt my feelings. As I like to say around the newsroom, "A thin skin is better than none."

Taking Down Words also invited its readers to comment on AI's post, which similarly generated a lot of interest from readers. I would encourage readers to take Shella up on his offer and e-mail your suggestions to him. The issue has certainly piqued the interest of our readers.

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