Monday, August 14, 2006

Kennedy Blames Brizzi For Hamilton Ave. Murders

It was just a matter of time before it happened. Democrat prosecutor candidate Melina Kennedy blames Marion Co. Prosecutor Carl Brizzi (R) for the Hamilton Avenue murders earlier this summer because he failed to prosecute one of those charged in the killings as a habitual offender. She says that would have added up to 8 years to the sentence James Stewart received instead of the 180-day jail sentence he received in 2004 for dealing marijuana. And Stewart wouldn't have been on the streets and able to participate in the alleged killing of 7 family members. No response yet from Brizzi's office.

Brizzi had earlier charged that one of those charged in the Hamilton Avenue murders had been let out of jail early because of the jail-overcrowding problem and would not have been on the street at the time of the killings if the county had adequate jail space for its inmates.


Mark W. Rutherford said...

Let's see - you can file the charges - but you have to prove them - and habitual charges often lead to more trials - which means longer waits in jail - which means more jail overcrowding. Also, judges sentence, not prosecutors, so Kennedy, if she was prosecutor, could not have added 8 years by fiat.

My my - it's interesting to see two "tough on crime" politicians contribute to the problem of jail overcrowding. Perhaps an evaluation of society's priorities is in order - if you put everyone in jail - who will pay for it?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that pesky "who wil pay" argument was ignored by Republicans for 35 years on this subject, and others: combined sewer overflow, street repairs, and the list goes on.

These expensive problems were ignored at the mantle of "no new taxes."

The result? A far-right Republican federal judge issued an order almost ten years ago, that indicates the Marion County Jail, when overcrowded, violates detainees' civil rights.

Read that paragraph again and tell me we shouldn't blame Hudnut and Goldsmith for the jail mess. And Cottey and his grubby (bad) hairpiece-wearing red Camaro-drivin ilk.

I don't much care who wins the prosecutor's race--really--but the holier-than-thou attitude of some, with short memories, is frightening.

Anonymous said...

All of us should be concerned who wins the race for prosecutor this November. That person has the prosecutorial say over the Governor, and all other elected officials who sit in Marion county.

With Republicans in total control, it's rife for abuse.

Anonymous said...

Oh and the power won't be abused if Democrats get the seat? Do you have any idea how many nonsense investigations Kennedy would bring up on state government?

Like him or not, Brizzi has investigated things pretty evenly when on both sides of the aisle when Gov. O'Bannon, Gov. Kernan, and Gov. Daniels have been in office. Feel free to check the newspaper archives.