Wednesday, August 30, 2006

House GOP Wants BMV Run Like Dominos

Political campaigns have a knack for generating bad ideas. Political consultants sit around the table and pull ideas straight out of their asses, getting paid handsomely in the process. The House GOP's latest idea for improving the operations of the BMV falls into that category. Their proposal apes a business gimmick successfully employed by Domino's Pizza: "hot pizza in 30 minutes or less, or it's free." WISH-TV reports:

"It is our hope that we put into place a policy that if they have to wait more than 30 minutes for that first contact with a BMV employee that the state will do what Domino's does, give it to them free," said House Speaker Brian Bosma.

In most cases that would mean a savings of a transaction fee, less than $20. Democrats rejected the idea by saying the wait should be even shorter.
The House GOP also wants to privatize BMV services. This is not a new idea. Illinois, for example, has long allowed banks and automobile dealerships to issue license plates, register automobiles and process title transfers. None of these proposals, however, address the BMV's current problem with its disastrous new computer system, which the BMV failed to properly test before it rolled it out earlier this summer. But I guess these politicians figure Hoosier voters are too stupid to figure that out. As long as the catchy sound bite makes the local news broadcasts, that's all that matters.

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LMAO Excellent Domino's throw-back

Kinda cheesy tho