Sunday, August 27, 2006

Tully Can't Manage A Mea Culpa

First, Matt Tully is caught red-handed covering up the role of one of his political sources, Lacy Johnson, in the illegalities and self-dealing surrounding the construction of the restaurant/bar in the Julia Carson Government Center.

Then he hypes a story about a financial dispute 7th District GOP congressional candidate Eric Dickerson had with his lender and compares his campaign to a soap opera, which was later proven to be much ado about nothing.

Now, he writes a column which its title ("No joke -- Dickerson is intriguing candidate") leads us to believe is telling us that Dickerson's campaign is not a joke, but which devotes most of its space to trying to convince us that his campaign is a joke. Don't be fooled by the title. Tully's closing comments say it all. "Still, it's hard to decide whether to take his campaign seriously," Tully concludes.

Mr. Tully, a lot of your readers are now thinking that it is hard to take you seriously as a credible political writer for the Star.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I second your A-men!! That was BEAUTIFULLY said.

Anonymous said...

Tully Who? Until recently I didn't know who he was and I have known of Mr. Dickerson for years. But I guess my joke of an opinion doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

Very well said!

Mr. Tully knows the actions by Lacy Johnson are wrong, and now he has proven to the entire State of Indiana that you don't have to be black to be the N-word.

The behavior of Carl Drummer, Lacy Johnson, Monroe Gray, Judy-King Ro and his wife Judy Hawley-Conley, and Julia Carson is gutter behavior. Now Tully just showed us where he comes from... which is why we "never heard of him" until Eric Dickerson entered the scene...a man we've all known and liked for years.

As soon as Eric Dickerson, a formibable candidate, runs against their "Queen", (btw doesn't that sound mafia-ish?),

"Out of the gutter comes Matt Tully, along with his friends Monroe "pea-brain" Gray, Julia "Qhetto-Queen" Carson, King Ro & Company, Carl "the code-violating landlord" Drummer and Lacy "the park theft" Johnson.
This would make an excellent comic strip.

Lacy, you've gotten so low. Now you not only take opportunities from women and minority busines owners, you're taking parks away from our kids so that you can have another drinking hole. You have no class and are an embarrassment for our young aspiring lawyers and specifically black people.

The Indianapolis Star should be ashamed of Tully!!! I'm cancelling my subscription...I'll just read the trash online and keep my dime.


Wilson46201 said...

the last AnonyMouse at least indicated it might be an Attorney-at-Law. Could that be Darla Williams who was with ED on his courageous Congressional campaign kick-off on a township zoning issue? Ms. Williams is running for Small Claims Judge --- accent on the "small claims" it seems.

This blog certainly seems to have lots of anonymice in the comments...

Anonymous said...

WHY do bloggers spend so much time trying to figure out who is writing? Give it up already...why does it make a difference?

Anonymous said...

Wilson46201 aka "Watchdog" Allen for Carson, Duncan and Drumnmer.
why don't you comment on what you really know.

An "attack dog" is what you are!

You have blogged in numerous times only to crticize individuals who do not support your group of corrupt politicians.

For once, why dont' you talk about the real issues at hand.

Sweetheart deals made by this group while using taxpayers' money.

By the way, Mr. Dickerson will be our next representative in Congress. Like it or not!

Wilson46201 said...

I'm glad Blankenbaker, Hoffmeister, Scott, McVeigh and Hornung didn't hold their breath waiting for their election. Don't hold your breath waiting for EDs !

Anonymous said...

The average voter could careless on how Dickerson ran his dealership as long as he did not rob anybody. Now that it is sold, and the bank has been paid its loan, what is there to talk about.

Compare the business dealings of Dickerson to Carson's bankrupt clothing store in Claypool Courts, if this is going to be the determining factor in the 7th District.

The real facts have not been published about Carson's underhanded dealings for years.

All she has done is held the rest of the African-American comunity back and most of the time, sold us out. Take a real good look at the lack of progress in Center Township for her people. They are tired of the cons and want a change in leadership.

In this election the truth about Carson will be told! When it happens, I dare her to play the "race card" again!

When all of the facts are in, Dickerson will win by a majority!

Anonymous said...

Wilson46201 - Your candidate needs a complete make-over! Tell her to dress up for her next TV interview, she looks awful! Wipe the slobber from her mouth.

She is an embarassment to African
American women!

Wilson46201 said...

Col. Eli Lilly took bankruptcy twice but eventually landed on his feet again. Some folk have trouble with student loans but that doesn't make them deadbeats...

Anonymous said...

Wilson - spell it right.



Wilson46201 said...

Andrew Horning --- how quickly we forget! Sorry about that error in spelling... despite his politics, he seemed like a nice guy...

Anonymous said...

Allow me to luxuriate in the freedom of using my name and speaking my piece at the same time.
I know Matt, and I know he is a damn good reporter. I can't figure out why he has become Matt Lite of Late. The Dickerson column was an embarrassment in this sense: Julia Carson is not immune -- nobody is --- and Eric Dickerson is exactly the guy who could upset the applecart. He is sincere and credible. He's not some upstart. He is running a clean campaign. His problems with the dealership are no different from what any businessman experiences. His explanations made perfect sense. As he said, case closed.
So why does the Star's poltical columnist think he needs to downsize Mr. D? I don't know the answer, but even posing the question raises a spectre of troubling issues.
I have no problem with a column that reports on whatever Dickerson's bonafide problems are with the Rs, or goes into how entrenched Carson is with voters, or how well-oiled her machine is. Those are legit concerns. But to simply dismiss Eric Dickerson as a joke -- which is in effect what Matt did -- is an insult to the process.
Makes me wonder if Matt has a ghostwriter out there. Where does this nonsense come from? Why isn't Matt's head in the game????

Anonymous said...

In most of these political threads in blogs I do not think one side will convince the other side to change thier stance.

Just like when Eric Dickerson was at the Festical of Lanterns he was warned "You know what kind of crowd this is . . . ". Even with that warning he had vendors and attendees alike come up to him and they were not afraid to tell him they were going to vote for him. Even an 18 year old first time voter told him that. She wanted voter registration forms so she can give them to her friends at school so those of age can vote how they like.

Even when he went up to the Julia Carson booth and extended his hand in friendship one of the volunteers refused to shake his hand. All of Eric's volunteers and the rest of the Julia Carson's volunteers did shake hands together.

It is entrenched attitudes like that one volunteer that both sides have to over come.

Wilson46201 said...

Last poll I saw had Bush at 20% approval among young folk. Good luck registering loads of college kids to vote GOP! ED might be charming but he's running as a Republican with all the baggage of a failed War, failed Katrina, failed budgets, etc...

Of course I could be wrong ... maybe a local township zoning kerfuffle will be the cataclysmic issue for a Federal Congressional Campaign ... it sure wont be the sorry DC GOP track record !

Anonymous said...

Wilson6201 - You seem to be the only one on this blog who blindly supports Carson's re-election.

Can't you see the "wind for change" is in the air"!

Sir Hailstone said...

Wilson probably thinks he can schmooze with the precinct committeepersons once Julia keels over and get appointed to her House seat.

Oh where was Julia during the Coleman school back-to-school carnival? Eric was out working the crowd, talked to hundreds of people. In fact his voice was getting raspy from talking to so many people. Where was Julia? Inside. In an air-conditioned room. Holding court - probably charging "political contributions" for the chance to address the Queen of the Ghetto.
Seeing her with her entourage is about like Weekend At Bernie's [or is that Weekend at Fidel's?]

Anonymous said...

Hailstone, precinct committeepersons don't elect a replacement for a member of Congress.

We'd all best pay attention to this procedure, because I suspect, sooner rather than later, we're going to be using it:

By law, the Governor appoints a temp replacement, and within a short timeframe, I think 90-120 days, a special election must be held to fill out the unexpired term.

And Ruth, gotta luv ya darlin, but Matt has really never been much more than a good writer. He hasn't worked hard since he got here. Doesn't return calls, doesn't attend many meetings, doesn't like to perspire.

Good columnists and reporters work hard. You know that. Sadly, not many at The Star put in a good day's work lately. Maybe they're demoralized. I'd understand if that were the case.

Sir Hailstone said...

Hmmm ... thanks for the correction. I thought that one just held out in California was just because of California law.

stAllio! said...

on friday, tully posted this question to his blog: "What should I write about in my column?"

only one commenter mentioned the bar in carson's building. this doesn't appear to be an issue that hoosiers care about.

Anonymous said...

The bar has been mentioned to Matt several times. What he has written and posted about it just scratched the surface. We need the REAL reporters to look into it - not a Political HACK writer.

Anonymous said...

Damn the web is wet on the near-northside...slow and plodding. Kinda like Matt.

Any reporter/columnist who asks for column ideas on Friday afternoon, presumably hours before deadline, is pathetic. Beyond pathetic.

People do care about the Carson Center bar. It is not going to influence votes for the 7th CD, tho.

Now, Satllios, go back and tell Carl and Lacy you made your daily attempt to distract us with shiny objects.

Wilson46201 said...

whats the speed of the web up in Sheridan, I wonder ?

Anonymous said...

Wilson - what's so failed about Katrina? It seems Mississippi and Alabama are recovering or have recovered nicely.

Louisiana is recovering slowly because the corrupt Democrat mayor Ray "Chocolate City" Nagin wants it to go slowly so he can keep his face in the news, so he can spew his racist filth. Like "Chocolate City" and running off at the mouth about holes in the ground in New York.

Anonymous said...

What's failed about Katrina? Let's see...

The governor asked for buses from the feds, on Monday morning, and they were available, about 65 miles away, in a FEMA staging area. They sat there for three more days.

The mayor, while goofy, isn't corrupt. But he does share blame.

The president flies over the city enroute home from his month-long vacation. A pitiful site and horrid lack of sensitivity.

The rebuilding is slower than molasses.

The most corrupt public works project in the history of the nation...except the public works going on under Haliburton's nose in Iraq/Afghanistan.

Plenty went wrong. Let's just hope it doesn't go wrong again.

Anonymous said...

Matt Tully thinks he's clever ... and isn't. Matt Tully thinks he's hard-hitting ... and isn't. Matt Tully has no 'nads, or else he would be making journalistic mincemeat of the sad, pathetic congresswoman from Indianapolis. Methinks he's afraid to take her on because she's African American and The Star is loathe to rile that community.

Sir Hailstone said...

"The governor asked for buses from the feds, on Monday morning, and they were available, about 65 miles away, in a FEMA staging area. They sat there for three more days."

AND HOW MANY BUSSES WERE RIGHT THERE IN N.O. POTENTIALLY READY TO LEAVE TOWN BEFORE KATRINA HIT??? HUH??? Don't go there with the busses we knew where the busses were.
Sitting in water that's what. Because Nagin & Co. are complete morons.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wilson46201 you sez "it sure wont be the sorry DC GOP track record"

Don't you mean the track record when Julia actually bothers to vote?

Wilson46201 said...

Congresswoman Carson has a better attendance record 92.85% than Steve Buyer (just under 92%)

Anonymous said...

So does that make her just the 2nd worst attendee among our 9 representatives ?

That is the goal I want to shoot for !

Wilson46201 said...

this year Ms. Carson is up to 95.45% attendance

As Eric Dickerson so eloquently put it on Saturday: "Be nice!" Do you think he's going around making erroneous cracks about her attendance? Didn't think so!

Anonymous said...

If you can figure out a Congresspersons's voting or attendance record based on the way this House leadership skews roll calls, be my guest.

Dennis Hastert and his fat rear should be ashamed of the way they manage the House calendar. Meaningless roll call votes meant to trap members into voting one way or another to use against them in the next election. Scores of those kinds of roll calls.

I hope when the Dems regain power they rise above this childish, Armey-Gingrich-Delay tactic. I have high hopes.

Anonymous said...

Dear Wilson,

I received a telephone call today that you mentioned my name on this blog.

My suggestion to you? Ask Julia if she'd like for me to speak publicly about the meeting I attended at her house shortly after the last election? You weren't there, but she'll recall the meeting.

Ask here if she'd like for me to speak about who was in attendance at that meeting?

If she like for me to speak about the topic of discussion along with all the comments made?

I don't think she'd want me to go public about that's front page material, and though the star news probably won't cover it since they seem to support her, the TV stations would eat it up just like they jumped on the "Tavern in the Julia Carson Building" scheme. Actually, it was very bold of her to have called such a meeting (to be polite) and I was shocked, horrified and stunned that she was actually a congresswoman or a public servant of "any" capacity. Which is another reason I'm in support of Eric Dickerson.

Now, since you are working as her consultant to smear Mr. Dickerson and his supporters so that she can claim to run a "clean campaign", and you have decided to call me out publicly, I'd recommend you consult with her on this matter.

So Wilson Allen, just so the record is straight. Since you are working on Julia Carson's behalf, let me advise you publicly right now "If you EVER, EVER call me out again on behalf of your employer Julia Carson, I "will" speak with the media about that meeting at her house. I will not let her "hide" behind you.

Wilson, one thing you'll find out about Attorney Darla Williams is that I don't bother others, but I don't let others bother me.

Wilson46201 said...

Blackmail, Darla, blackmail? Threats? Oh my goodness!

As Eric D said : "Be nice!" Try real hard now, hear?

I'm sure the media checks out this column ... Eric's supporters sure have had such wonderful things to say about Ms. Carson -- real positive stuff, eh?

Sir Hailstone said...

Wilson it's not blackmail unless you have something to hide.

Darla - Go get 'em!!

Wilson46201 said...

... lots of whispering, lying, scheming AnonyMice on this Blog it seems. I believe the Administrator of this Blog gets IP addresses of all comments, anonymous and named. Twould be interesting for Gary to do some comparing.

If only the AnonyMice would adhere to Eric's clarion call: "Be nice!"

Queen916 said...

Wilson46201-Throughout this website you have written nothing but negative comments for anyone
you deemed against "The Center Township Gang", and they do operate like a gang!

No one has to threaten to blackmail these people. There is a public paper trail that will eventually catch up with them.
No one left the trail behind but them!

The public has the right to know about their money.
So name-calling is not going to prevent me from publishing the truth.

You have called me out on this blog because you were involved in
many of the illegal activities against me and others.

Name-calling, harassment, dirty tricks, smear campaigns, rumors,
setting people up are the common practices of "The Center Township Gang!

Scandal: There was a homeless shelter on the Westside involving this group.
Taxpayer money appropriated for beds that were not slept in by homeless people. Who got paid!

The director was threatened, harassed and left town for fear of her life. Nothing was ever done about it!

Julia Carson, Tony Duncan, Carl Drummer and Wilson Allen.
Not to mention a few judges and lawyers to finish the job.

No this is not blackmail; it is the truth with more to come!

Will The Indianapolis Star touch it, maybe!

Wilson46201 said...

poor Jocelyn Tandy aka Queen916 aka hateful homophobe. Remember sputtering about 'Sodom and Gomorrah' at the CityCouncil meeting where GLBT folk were voted basic rights? You certainly exposed your true politics that night!

But as Eric so sagely said: "Be nice"

Queen916 said...

Wilson46201-Rumors and name-calling is what you do best for Julia Carson and company.

Working overtime monitoring the web aren't you?

The only reason anonymous bloggers bother you is, "The Gang" can not threaten, harass, or intimidate the person when you don't know his/her identity.

You should move to Sodom, and self-destruct!

Queen916 said...

Wilson46201-By the way, my name is Torkwase means Queen; Adande means
the Challenger.

I am not anonymous! You should learn the meaning of African names.

And,I do live up to the name!

Anonymous said...

Wilson, we were advised of the Dem/GOP ratio prior to attending the Festival of Lanterns.

“Ratios” have never prevented Eric Dickerson from attending a community event. Eric is running to represent “The People” in the 7th district. “All of them.” Naturally, he wants to “meet” all of them. We wish we could have stayed longer, but we heard about this event as we were leaving one event on the way to another event. We made a quick detour to attend.

We were there for about 1 1/2 hours and enjoyed every minute of it! Eric met, shook hands and conversed with most of the vendors; he purchased some books, and his six volunteers mingled and made purchases from the vendors.

By attending what you call a “lopsided event”, we demonstrated and solved an “Issue” that day… “The People.”

You see, “The People” were outside, not inside an air-conditioned room where Julia Carson was escorted by her entourage. “The People” were outside with Eric Dickerson and his volunteers and we really enjoyed it, and “The People” seemed to enjoy it as well.

We all look forward to next year’s event.

Anonymous said...

"Mr. Tully, a lot of your readers are now thinking that it is hard to take you seriously as a credible political writer for the Star."


Anonymous said...

Darla Williams specialty lies in the threat category. She has plenty to be afraid about when it comes to exposer.