Friday, August 25, 2006

Jim Shella And HIs Pathetic Indiana Week In Review Clan

Indiana Week In Review has been a pathetic excuse for public affairs programming for many years and tonight's broadcast was no different. The show's host, Jim Shella, opened up tonight's panel discussion on the subject of Fifth Third Bank suing 7th District GOP candidate Eric Dickerson for money his dealership owed it and his announcement that he had sold his dealership to Ed Martin. So how will this effect Dickerson's campaign Shella asks his panelists? The responses from Shella's lame panelists was predictable.

Republican Mike McDaniel leads off with a disclaimer that the law firm for which he works as a lobbyist, Krieg DeVault, represented Fifth Third in its lawsuit against Dickerson's dealership, and so he was constrained from commenting on the lawsuit. Krieg DeVault has a long history in banking. McDaniel's lobbying colleague at the firm is Kip Tew, former Marion Co. Democratic Chairman, who I'm sure had no role in getting the lawsuit into the public realm. McDaniels offered only that the lawsuit was just a part of a process, and that it would not have a big effect on Dickerson's campaign.

Democrat Ann DeLaney, not surpisingly, urged that Dickerson's business woes hurt his credibility. "It's game, set, match," she says. If you're going to run on your business experience, then this week's development was conclusive of that as far as she was concerned.

John Ketzenberer, who has been an extremely disappointing business columnist for the Indianapolis Star, spoke dismissively of Dickerson's campaign. Ketzenberger begins by commenting that Dickerson's campaign only has $350 in the bank. Ketzenberger cut no slack for Dickerson, even though he acknowledged that GM is in fact rolling up a lot of its dealerships as part of its consolidation efforts. The public perception, which has been totally driven by the local news media which has hyped this issue, Ketzenberger says is that Dickerson has been a failure in his business. His campaign, which was already uphill, "had to hit on all cylinders" and this was a "bad miss" from which he can't recover according to Ketzengerger. Ketzenberger previously worked for the Indianapolis Business Journal, which scooped the Star on this story.

Jon Schwantes, a former member of the Indianapolis Star staff whose professional career as a journalist has been fading for years, echoes Ketzenberger. He had an opportunity to capitalize on the restaurant/bar scandal at the Julia Carson Government Center Schwantes says, but everything in his campaign had to go right. When Dickerson says the lawsuit is too complicated to understand, that's not what the public is hearing according to Schwantes. They hear that a bank sued Dickerson for $2 million and that he's selling his car dealership he urges. The public perception is bad for Dickerson according to Schwantes.

A good house cleaning is in order at Indiana Week In Review. In finding replacements, host Jim Shella needs to follow rule number one: do not put people on the panel who are constrained from expressing their opinions because of professional considerations. That means no lobbyists and no attorneys who are frequently asked to comment on matters which clearly pose a conflict of interest. That means both McDaniels and DeLaney have to go. McDaniels is a wonderful guy, but there is just so much he can't say because he's a lobbyist. DeLaney is such a partisan firebrand that she lacks any credibility. Let's also add voices from the media who aren't so distant from Indiana politics. I'm sorry, but Ketzenberger and Schwantes are completely out of touch with Indiana politics. Their opinions add so little to the discussion.

I would suggest folks like Brian Howey, Abdul Hakim-Shabazz or Nuvo's Laura McPhee. They would add some street-smartness, which the show is sorely lacking. Also, since it is a public affairs program, get the public involved. To accomplish this the show should allow viewers to recommend topics for the panel to discuss each week, at least one of which should be thrown into the mix for discussion. If the show followed my suggestions, they would be talking about issues we really care about. An informed panel would have been discussing the Julia Carson Government Center scandal and not some non-story about Eric Dickerson's personal business affairs as this pathetic panel devoted to its first topic of conversation this week.


Wilson46201 said...

A township zoning issue is exactly what the GOP Congressional candidate would want to talk about instead of Bush's failures in Iraq, on Katrina and the incredible looming deficits racked up by the GOP rubber-stamp Congress. ED has done the honorable thing by taking gay-marriage off the usual GOP playlist so what's he to campaign on? God, motherhood and apple pie?

Anonymous said...

I usually like Shella's show but agree with you on a housecleaning. Ann McDaniels drives me round the bend -- she's always on defense even when she could hit back. She's just so strident and partisan -- never willing to discuss an issue when she can bash a republican instead. OTOH, even though I'd love to see Carson out -- she's a disgrace -- sadly, Dickerson isn't going to be able to do it. And no one seems to be talking about the lack of GOP support on this one. Their attitude? Why throw good money at a race that was over before it began.

Anonymous said...

You must not be familiar with Eric's position in support of equality for gays and lesbians Wilson. He's not like the other anti-gay Republican crowd. I suppose you don't want people to know that fact.

Wilson46201 said...

au contraire, I specifically gave ED credit for not being the usual GOP hatemonger on gay and lesbian equality issues. Good for him! so what's he running for Congress? Federal control of township zoning issues?

Wilson46201 said...

for years I watched Week in Review religiously but recently its been sooo boring. Tonight's discussion sounds interesting to me - I shall have to watch a rerun.

That show is a good presentation of "received wisdom" by the Indiana powers-that-be.

Anonymous said...

Braingirl, if so many people like yourself thing "I'd love to see Carson out" then why not Dickerson? The Republican party will come around, mark my words.

I do agree with you, there is no "discussion" on Shella's show, it is very predictable as to what DeLaney is going to say as well as the rest. *yawn*

I don't agree with all my friends on subjects, but we discuss them, respect eachothers opinion and still walk away friends. We certainly don't sit there and yell at eachother.

Anonymous said...

re: Dickerson -- hey, I voted for him in the primary while all my other mainline party GOP friends thought I was a heretic. I'd love it if he can pull it off, but I'm not sure he's got the juice. Sadly, even though they have no other candidate, the GOP is *still* not giving him any money. And we all know campaigns are a money game. Carson has a warchest which she'll use, her party base will defend to the death her ability to serve (which is less certain every day), and Dickerson will mortgage everything he has and end up working in a Starbuck's. Probably the one at College and Fall Creek where people get shot.

D-7 is exactly about national issues in D-7 which is why he can't bring them up. Dickerson is still Republican -- and D-7, even north of 38th St., is still pretty liberal territory. So, as much as some folks want Carson personally out, they'll still choose her over someone who might support Bush in Congress.

As much as I'd love to see Carson out, I'm still in the minority in D-7. I'll be there voting for Dickerson with everyone else. It will go like it goes every year -- he'll do well in early returns (because Republicans get up and vote before work in the a.m.), then Carson will pull ahead late in the day as her 38tth St. corridor machine gets the vote out.

Anonymous said...

If a candidate who spent $30,000 with no REP Party support and with ZERO Name recognition runs against Julia and gets 90,000 + Votes against her what would a candidate do with 80+ name recognition in the city and as much of his own money he wants to spend will do. He has already spent 2 Million dollars over the last 5-6 years in the city. Julia holds a SLIM 54% margin of victory over the past few elections. That is not a lot to work with. Only Eric knows how much profit he made from the sale of the dealership that he can spend on the election as he sees fit.

If both people walked down any street together I would bet that more would recognize him than her. I think most would come out in public and say the are going to vote for him that come out and say the same for her.

Anonymous said...

8:07 has a number of flaws in their argument. IF Dickerson had 80+% name ID, then his dealership would've been more successful. He'd have grown his dealership with more car brands and it'd still be on Keystone. For Dickerson to win, in a strong Demo year, in a dem-majority district, we has to win a majority of independents, get all GOP votes in a strong turnout, and make some inroads among Black voters. Even in areas of town where Carson is not liked, she'd be recognized before Dickerson.
Granted Carson's opponent in 2004 got 97,000 votes, in a presidential year, with strong turnout from both sides. Yet Carson won by nearly 30k votes. This year's election will be lower turnout, but with dems more motivated than reps.
And about the restaurant/park issue the web keeps trying to make into Watergate. Among Carson's base it is not an issue. Period. It's only those who have never liked Carson and never will who are bringing it up. Zoning isn't the issue. Iraq, Crime, Bush's poor governance, education cuts, tax cuts for the rich and tax crackdowns on working people, health care, and other Federal issues are. And voting for a Bush-like, Bush-like Dickerson isn't representative of what CD 7 voters really want.

Anonymous said...

AI, this was a great post and that show has needed a thorough housecleaning for some time. It's Shella and his hacky friends.

McDaniel and DeLaney are such old time hacks, the only reason people halfway remember them is because of this show. They are both on the outside looking in, and really have no inside knowledge.

What's worse, is when they are on vacation or whatever, Shella brings in even worse hacks like Robin Winston, Peter Rustoven, Mike O'Connor, etc. Lobbyists are quite frankly the worse breed on earth and should be banned before pit bulls. These guys are in it for themselves and the almighty dollar, and could give two shits about public policy.

That being said, I don't have too many recommendations on who Shella might replace Mike/Ann with, but here's agreeing with AI that it needs to happen STAT!

I personally don't mind the journalists, John K., Leslie from the Courier Journal, etc. I think the problem with the show is the two political hacks being shrill and completely uninsightful.

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, I don't like the idea of Howey or Abdul. Howey isn't even a journalist and if you check on his "predictions" he's invaribly wrong. Plus he's kind of slow. Abdul is more interesting and intelligent, but given his clear persuasions you couldn't put him in a journalist seat, but only to replace McDaniel. And please nobody say Matt Tully.

Anonymous said...

Kip Tew was the Democratic Party's Chairman when they illegally elected Carl Drummer to office in the 1996 special election.

It was the same election where Wilson Allen and Tony Duncan switched the ballots and ballot boxes to insure Drummer's victory against Jocelyn-Tandy Adande.

She sued the Democratic Party in Circuit Court January 2, 1996 over the election.

Kip Tew did not have the election results certified by Marion County Clerk Sarah Taylor until the morning of the his appearance in Court to answer questions regarding the conduct of this election on January 7, 1997, 1:00 p.m., prior to Carl Drummer being sworn in on January 1, 1997.

This was the same day (1/7/97) that Carson was to be sworn in as a Congresswomen in Washington, D.C. at 12:00 p.m. Ms. Carson had a timely visit to Methodist Hospital, the day after the lawsuit was filed.

This whole Center Township connection was rigged from the beginning, and it continues to be covered up.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember Wilson46201 -
Drinking in the Trustee's office?
Liquor purchased at B & B's Liquor Store at 22nd and Central by Carson herself on the way to the office daily?

How often were cocktails served during the day in the Trustee's Office when you worked there? How many times was Carson intoxicated on the job? Do you remember? Channel 6 TV News showed her drunk in the office, slurring her words while her head was bobbing up and down during the interview.

Remember when Carson was nominated Woman of the Year in the Indianapolis Star? How many post cards did you address for her to win the nomination? She used certain staff members to flood the Star with her name so she could win. Do you remember?

Do you remember when she had certain staff members call in on radio talk shows from the office and attempt to harass and intimidate opponents on the air?
Do you remember?

Do you remember when she had Prosecutor Modisett coming to her office regularly and Police Chief Toler for meetings and how their presence was intimidating to employees not to tell? She even had them listen in on telephone conversations while she was talking to other politicians.
"Do you remember?

The bar/restaurant in the 300 Building would make it very convenient for cocktails to flow throughout the day for the alcoholics on staff.

Security can monitor and control who has access to the building while they are partying on the clock.

No, this bar in the building is a bad idea and you know it. Carson has always taken privileges as a State Senator, Trustee and now Congresswoman. Carl Drummer does not make a decision without her input, nor does Tony Duncan (ex-boyfriend). Each of you have been used to perform services for her.
That is why they call her the Queen Bee! Ha! Ha!

Remember when Carl Drummer was a deputy constable for Tony Duncan?
they paid Carson kick-backs for getting them their jobs.

They smeared Taylor Seath, former Constable to get the job for Tony Duncan when they discovered the Constable earns over $100,000.00 per year from docket fees in the Small Claims Court. That was one sweet deal.

Now Carson earns $165,000.00 a year as a Congresswoman, Tony Duncan earns $100,000.00 plus a year as constable, and Carl Drummer earns $90,000.00 a year as Trustee and controls $11 million dollars of taxpayer money. They are living quite well off the taxpayers. Not bad incomes to have in your back pocket. The authority to grant lucrative contracts are given to their friends and associates who are loyal to them.

Do you remember when you and Tony Duncan switched the ballots and the ballot boxes at the special election for Trustee in 1996
to insure Drummer's victory?

You guys really fooled everybody in that crowded room? Chairman Kip Tew couldn't have the election results certified because of the lawsuit filed by Ms. Tandy. I know what you did! You helped to steal the election for Trustee for Drummer, and what was your reward?
Do you remember?

"Street tactics", arm-twisting, intimidation as well as dirty tricks are used to keep everyone in line and you know it.

Ironically, none are college educated, and yet they are making decisions which effect the lives of every citizen in Center Township.

These people will do whatever it takes to protect their jobs. What else could they do to earn this kind of salary?

How much did they pay you Wilson46201 Allen for your services as the Clerk for Center Township? Are you a consultant for this group now?

What goes around, comes around!

Anonymous said...

Wilson was also caught stealing yard signs of Julia's last primary opponent.
Class act isn't he?

Wilson46201 said...

poor Jocelyn Tandy is posting here again --- still whining about losing yet another election ten years ago. That harridan could never get elected to anything, ever. Now she's reduced to muttering about Sodom and Gomorrah at human rights hearings for lesbians and gays. How low can she go? Homophobia is the last refuge of scoundrels...

P.S. ED doesnt play that gaybashing GOP game...

Unknown said...

Brian Howey would be an excellent addition. Talk about someone that has his hand on the pulse of Indiana politics.

Anonymous said...

Brian Howey would be good, as would Abdul. And placing Abdul on the panel would rile Amos Brown, which is worth the price of admission right there.

But, don't forget, this show is on public TV...we pay nothing to get it, and lately, unfortunately, it's been worth the price we've paid. If I have to listen to Ann D. scream any more, I swear I'LL scream! And Mike M. just looks silly...I disagree, AI, he rarely has anything intellegent to say, and I gotta watch his chins all the time. Ugh.

Uh, regarding the earlier post: Carl Drummer STILL carries a DepConstable badge, and has recently used it to get out of speeidng tickets. Fact.

Anonymous said...

"Uh, regarding the earlier post: Carl Drummer STILL carries a DepConstable badge, and has recently used it to get out of speeidng tickets. Fact."

This is why everyone with a brain should evac the People's Republic of Marion Co. asap. The only reason to stay is....well I can't think of a reason. OH! If you are a city/county employee and get a take home car!!

Why is Marion Co. the only county with the constables running around. Government has been corrupt from the start. This just proves it. It is time for the constables to go bye bye.

Anonymous said...

Why not start at the top with Shella? The entire show needs a makeover.

Anonymous said...

FACT: Eric Dickerson won the ticket with 55%, next closest, which happened to be the 'chosen' candidate came in with 25%.

FACT: You would buy a car from Dickerson if you wanted a Buick, not everyone wants a Buick.

Variety is the spice of life, which is why there are Chevys, Fords AND Buicks. That is why there are Democrats and Republicans.

For that variety, that spice, that thing that brings progress you have to look at all the candidates. Don't just look at their party affiliation LOOK AT WHAT THEY SAY.

Anonymous said...

none of these folks has said anything fresh in five years

they rehash what's already been talked about for a wweke or so in political circles. and they do it with a lot of undeserved "attitude."

wait a minute, i've just described matt tully.

Anonymous said...

Wilson46201 - Ms. Adande is not the only one who knows about that election. What's up with you? You appear to be hating on her.

Can you respond to Anonymous' comments? There are court records you know for public viewing.

There seems to be a credability problem with these elected officials.

Anonymous said...


Schwantes hasn't been a Star staffer for a decade or so.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:49 - You make it sound like all he had to do was ask for more marques and GM would bestow them. No. GM tightly controls which marques you sell. Eric bought Ogle-Tucker and sold Buick. GM has cut Buick to 3 cars.

Wilson - if it weren't for all the welfare recipients and the corrupt DEMOCRATIC government in Louisiana we wouldn't have such looming deficits now would we? Oh right you're such a leftist that you make Hugo Chavez look moderate. Ray "Chocolate City" Nagin has nobody but himself to blame.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Sorry RiShawn--corrected to note former--my mistake.

Anonymous said...

Gary and RiShawn,

Not to correct the correction, but Jon worked at the paper when I did, which was five years ago. He did a really nice job coordinating the WTHR newsgathering partnership, a.k.a. "Letting The World Know There Really Is A Reason Some People Choose Print While Others Choose Broadcast Media." Some people were cut out for that; I was not one of those people, but Jon made it much easier to bear.

That being said, I've never figured out why he drives all the way from Ohio each week to tape Shella's show.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Schwantes joined Dispatch Broadcasting in Columbus, OH as director of news convergence in 2002 according to their website.

Anonymous said...

Wilson46201-We will see election
night how many votes Carson receives this election now that the county has computer voting machines and voter I.D.

Going to be really difficult to vote deceased voters and voters who don't live in their respective precincts.

Dickerson has a better chance to win this one over all of her other opponents!

He will not be underfunded, I guarantee you!

Anonymous said...

Gary, check back on your posts...none has recived more comments than the Carson Center and the Dickerson posts. That should tell you something--people are paying attention.

And, for the last time, ED's business dealings, in this respect, ARE fodder for the public gristmill. He has trumpeted his business abilities, and unless someone is hiding some pertinent facts, he was sued for not paying a loan. By a ridiculously lazy and unaggressive bank.

Shella and crew can disect Eric or not disect him. I don't really care.

But please stop saying the Dickerson loan lawsuit is not a pertinent matter. It is. If you refuse to admit it, your posters are proving you wrong. To most, it matters. And to those who consider such things, I'd guess they're about 50-50 on this, because what we've read from the (lazy) mainstream media is not very thorough on this issue.

And I haven't yet made my mind up on the 7th dist. race, so don't go lumping me into the lemming category.

Anonymous said...

People ARE paying attention to the Carson Center because it is a prime, in your face, example of the gross abuse of power! The pathetic local media shys away because it is all about the Democrats.

On the other hand, they have done everything possible to smear a man who has served his country, worked hard, had his own business and chooses to serve his district.

Voters around the country have already stood up to the conventional wisdom and said they are tired of the current politicians who use their office to line their pockets and the pockets of their friends.

Anonymous said...

The average voter could careless on how Dickerson ran his dealership as long as he did not rob anybody. Now that it is sold, and the bank has been paid its loan, what is there to talk about.

Compare the business dealings of Dickerson to Carson's bankrupt clothing store in Claypool Courts, if this is going to be the detetmining factor in the 7th District.

The real facts have not been published about Carson's underhanded dealings for years.

All she has done is held the rest of the African-American community back and most of the time, sold us out. Take a real good look at the lack of progress in Center Township for her people. They are tired of the cons and want a change in leadership.

In this election the truth about Carson will be told! When it happens, I dare her to play the "race card" again!

When all of the facts are in, Dickerson will win by a majority!

Queen916 said...

Wilson46201 - You love to call my name. There has been a great deal of wrong-doing in that office for years ever since Carson took over.

You can't deny any of the facts that have been stated on this site.

If you wont' tell the truth, others will. Your job is to make me controversial, and I don't mind.

I fight back! Now for the real issues at hand. All issues are relevant relating to taxpayer funds, how they are spent and property owned regardless of the office being sought.

The U.S. Constitution does not allow for dictatorships in our government. That is what it has been for too long. Now, it is time for a change in Center Township and the 7th Congressional District.

The fight is on Eric Dickerson v Carson, Linda Ivey v Carl Drummer, and Kent Smith v Tony Duncan!

Queen916 said...

Wilson46201-when you steal elections, you don't steal from the candidate, you steal from the voters and the taxpayers!

You appear to have a problem with the language written in the U.S. Constitution

This is a government of and for the People, not a select few!

Anonymous said...

Note to "Anonymous:" Howey invariably gets it wrong, eh? Please check out my coverage at and hit the "Revolution in the Indiana Senate" button. You can see how "wrong" I was on the last Borst and Garton primary races. The entire coverage is there. And, I must admit, I have no respect people who make their comments under the cloak of anonymity and cowardice. =hwy=

Anonymous said...

I like the show. I always have. I enjoy the back and forth between Ann and Mike. They've been at the "top of the class" in each of their parties. Who better to comment?

As for Julie Carson's health... how many other's WALKED the parade route for the Circle City Classic parade? The main reason I like Carson is because I SEE her all around town. She's here, she's visible, and I like how she votes on the issues.