Thursday, August 31, 2006

Perry To The Rescue For DeLay Seat

House Republicans' efforts to maintain their 15-seat margin in the House of Representatives faced a major setback when courts ruled that Republicans could not fill the vacancy on the ballot created when former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay dropped his re-election bid just weeks after winning a hotly contested primary in his Houston area district. Gov. Rick Perry (R) is attempting to ease the uphill battle of Republican Shelley Sekula-Gibbs to hold the seat as the consensus write-in candidate. He has declared a special election to fill DeLay's seat for the remaining weeks of his term following the November election. This will allow Sekula-Gibbs' name to appear on the ballot as the Republican candidate in the special election. Voters will still have to write in her name if they want her to serve a full two-year term.


Anonymous said...

ick Perry hasn't yet figured out that the Congressional office belongs to the people of that district, not him and the GOP.

Texas's governor is, by statute, one of the weakest Govs in the country. Not a lot of power. And evidently wayyyyyy too muich time on his hands.

It was, after all, W's training ground. That, and the excellent investment he made in a baseball team.

Wilson46201 said...

Gov. Perry has great hair and a simply fabulous Secretary of State!

Jeff Cox said...

So Rick Perry attempts to thwart the Texas Dems' thus far sucessful efforts at denying the voters of DeLay's old district a choice this November, and the Dems complain. "Heads we win, tails you lose" is the motto in liberaland.

Anonymous said...

Procynic, I'm all for reporting news, but let's not revise history.

The Texas Constitution is quite clear about these things.

And, if the US House held strong feelings about it, they culd intervene. After all, by their own rules, for 200- plus years, they are the sole determinor of their members in disputes.

Delay's chronincally hateful ass is twisting in the wind and no one wants to save him, most especially the Republican establishment. Can you imagine how strong the Dems' national message would be this year, if they had Delay to kick around?

Sodrel could start packing now.

Jeff Cox said...

New Jersey law was pretty explicit, too. Didn't matter to New Jersey Dems who managed to get Frank Lautenberg's name put on the ballot for US Senate mere weeks before the election. Like I said, to libs it's heads I win, tails you lose.